10th April Wednesday Update on Young Love


10th April Wednesday Update on Young Love

At haveli, Jagiya told everyone, he has to go to Mangalore coz ganga was arrested. Sumi stopped him n asked why he is shocked, whats the guarantee that the accusation on her is not wrong. For her only he broke his rista. Jagiya shouted she is not a thief but then toned down n said she must be very helpless, he has to go there for help. Sumi shouted he doesn’t have the duty for her for life time. She will get help like she got before too. Jagiya said he is not wrong at all. This time he didn’t do any drama. They have to trust him. He has to go to ganga n abt to leave. Sumi again stopped him holding his hand. Sumi asked rest to stop him, it’s her excuse to call him. She must be provoked jagiya to break the rista. Jagiya stunned seeing sumi’s reaction n said she will never understand ganga n left. Sumi stunned.

At Mangalore lock up, ganga was shouting that she was not wrong. Police threatened her to confess. Ganga said bala accused her wrongly. Police said how she will believe. Ganga said if she has any kid. Police said yes. Ganga said she is saying the truth on the “kasam” of her kid n a mother wont tell lie.

At KB, all were sad. Saanchi came. All got bit worried. Saanchi nonstop started saying abt her party how much she enjoyed. Seeing all so tensed, she asked them .Ira said jagiya came there last night but cudnt complete n hugged saanchi. Saanchi worried thinking anything wrong at haveli. Shiv said nothing happened there. Jagdeesh broke the rista. He didn’t want to get married. saanchi stunned. Saanchi cudnt believe n said to shiv its his very bad joke. Shiv said its not a joke, he indeed broke the rista. Saanchi shocked n said jagdeesh can’t do this to her.

At haveli, sumi was hyper thinking how jagiya broke the rista like that. Bhairon tried to calm her down but no result. Sumi continued with her irritation over jagiya n then accusation on ganga. Bhairon tried to make her understand he trusts jagiya now. He told them that he has no time to go to KB but he went there. He went there, so there must be some reason which they don’t know yet. so they have to keep patience.

At KB, saanchi froze. All worried. Saanchi was getting jagiya’s fbs. Ira tried to snap her out. saanchi smiled awkwardly. She still cudnt believe n said there must be some misunderstanding n she will clear it. She tried to call jagiya but his cell was switched off. She got hyper n said how his cell is off. Ira tried again n said he indeed broke the rista . saanchi again got hyper n started throwing things .all stopped her. She started her blabbering going to each n aaking why he did that. Shiv tried to calm her down saying she has no “kami”. Its jagdeesh who broke the rista, so that she wudnt have any problem in future. But Saanchi continued with her throwing thing n shouting that how she confessed her love n how much she loved him.ira tried to calm her down but saanchi still on her hyper mood said he has to marry her, he can’t leave her like that. All worried.

psycho Sanchi breaking things and shouting at her full volume how he can do this with me . Shekhars trying to stop her Ira stops her and emotionally says to her you will have to face this and accept this truth that Jagdish is not for you Sanchi shouts He will have to marry me He cannot leave me like this i won’t let this happen no never .I won’t let this happen Shekhars are emotional for Sanchi Anandi is shocked Alok tries to console Sanchi saying to her Sanchi listen to me Sanchi says to him Papa you make Jagdish understand Tell him not to do this to your daughter Your daughter won’t be able to tolerate this papa please talk to him he will listen to you papa how he can do this with me Alok is trying hard to make Sanchi listen to him but Sanchi is speaking on and on I love him papa i won’t be able to live without him Finally Alok shouts at Sanchi listen to me Alok shouts he won’t listen to anyone He did not listen to anyone among us You no matter how much love him he does not love you Sanchi starts crying Alok says if he would also be loving you then he would not have done this by coming here just few days before marriage Alok emotionally says to Sanchi now end this relationship right here Sanchi You will have to accept this truth your love was one sided which was not valued and now this relationship has ended for forever .

Sanchi is crying Rest are emotional with her Alok says i know its very much difficult for you but you cannot live your life under false hope Forget him Ira says to Sanchi you don’t be sad you have no flaw There is no fault of you in all this He did not care for your feelings neither of the honor of this house God is seeing everything He won’t remain happy ever Anandi is angry now hearing this Sanchi crying says i changed myself completely only for Jagdish To make him happy i wore dresses of his likes , talked like him , adopted his thinking and he could not accept me How he can take such a big decision so easily? how he can do this ? Ira says it was easy for him Feelings , to understand others pain this all has finished in him long ago Anandi is feeling bad hearing Ira bad mouthing Jagya like this Ira says he never respected relations ever Finally Anandi cannot take anymore and speaks This is not true maa All are shocked and glare at Anandi Anandi says to Ira what you are saying is not at all true

Anandi then says to Sanchi ,,Sanchi you love Jagya right ? you truly love him then how did you let everyone insult him like this ? Sanchi is shocked Rest are confused Anandi says to Sanchi you are saying you changed yourself completely that too for Jagya and for his family but i ask from you Have you really changed ?or this change was a lie ? All are getting angry at Anandi now Shiv angrily asks Anandi what you want to say Anandi ? Anandi says truth Shiv i was about to talk with you about this and suddenly Jagya came and i could not talk with you You are badmouthing Jagya , blaming him making him the culprit because you all don’t know the truth All are shocked hearing it

Anandi continues Jagya knew the truth and in all this he was not at fault even little bit but still he took all the blame on himself Instead of talking anything against Sanchi he appreciated her He said he feels he is no match for Sanchi All are shocked Sanchi is fuming up in anger and shouts at Anandi what you want to say ? What would Jagdish say against me and why ?what wrong i did with him ? I changed myself for him and his family Is this my mistake ? My sin?

Ira scolds Anandi you are saying Sanchi did not change but her changing herself was a lie ? meaning she was faking all the time ?How can you put such big blame on my daughter ?
Anandi says because like Jagya i also know what is truth ?All are shocked Anandi tells everyone yesterday when Jagya came here i met him before he came here All are shocked hearing it

Anandi then tells everyone in FB’s how she met Jagya on road , How they went for a coffee in a restaurant Shiv interrupts angrily asking Anandi your meeting with Jagdish and went for coffee with him what it has to do with breaking of this alliance ? How it is linked with it? Sanchi says only this you have poisoned Jagdish’s heart against me You filled his ears against this alliance Anandi says no Sanchi i did not poison his heart against you I didn’t say anything to him Poison you have spit against Jagya and Badi Haveli’s people in front of Payal and your other friends ? Sanchi is shocked black and white hearing it Others are shocked too Anandi says yes Sanchi i and Jagya went to same coffee corner where you went your friends and we were sitting right next to your table Sanchi is shocked black and white Anandi says to Sanchi whatever you said against maa , Bapusaa , Dadisaa and Badi Haveli Jagya heard all that Sanchi is about to receive a heart attack Rest are shocked and look at Sanchi


Ira asks from Sanchi what Anandi is saying ?what you said against Jagdish and his family ?what you said? Sanchi is speechless Ira asks from Anandi you tell what she said ?

Anandi tells everyone all of Sanchi’s conversation with her friends that she and Jagya heard Sanchi saying i keep thinking what these women do in the kitchen whole day if you don’t have money then its understandable but if you can afford maids and cooks then why you have to do their work ?I am doing all this to impress them otherwise me and this backward village clothes never just once let me to go to Jaitser after getting married i will get back to my trademark style i cannot do this after waking up every morning Dadisaa , Bapusaa, Maasaa O God don’t know how many saas i am scared i don’t develop a habit of using saas with every word pizza saa , burger saa If sasumaa thinks i will do oil massage of her feet daily like she does of her sasumaa then please i am not like these girls After marriage my first work will be to convince Jagdish to settle in Mumbai or US

Shekhars are angry hearing all this and look at Sanchi Sanchi is caught in between their angry glares Don’t know what to say now Sanchi starts her drama now yes i said all this Shekhars are more angry at Sanchi now Sanchi says whatever Bhabhi said i said all that but it was not truth but it was all a drama Anandi is shocked hearing it Sanchi says it was all a drama which i was forced to do in front of my friends After my engagement my all friends were making fun of me because they also think about a village just like once i used to think They think people living villages are backward , illiterates and as compared to city people their standard is very low i did not want to lose my friends and thats why i … CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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