10th December Tuesday Update on This is Love


10th December Tuesday Update on This is Love

Raman saying Sudha has failed. Ishita says its big thing that Rohan stood against Sudha. She gets Yug’s call. Raman asks her to put call on speaker. Yug says I wanted your help, my friend Ranbir lost his job, I have a small request, if you give a small job to him, he supports his family alone. She says fine, I will talk to my husband.

Raman says I m Raman, I wanted to meet you and thank, get your friend to office, we will sort it out. She says no, you don’t come, I will call you back and sort it out, Raman has some work. Raman asks why did you stop them. Ishita says let them send CV to Shweta and HR department, why do we interfere. He says its not a big deal, fine, you manage it. He goes to office. She says I just don’t want Yug to come in front of Raman, our Adi’s

face, I don’t wish Raman to get trapped in same memories again.
Sudha says how could Rohan bahave such and insult me in front of Ishita and Raman, everyone was laughing on me, what happened to Rohan. Karan says calm down, give him some time. Manager says we were organizing a function on Jan 26th at Bhalla industries.

She says I don’t work there now, this is none of my concern, nothing is imp to me than my son, foolish, leave from here. She stops him and asks what did you say, this is great news, get Raman’s fav sweets, find it out, make sure that minister attends the function, there should be no changes in this plan. Karan asks what’s happening. Sudha says you won’t understand this Karan, this sweet will make me get my son back.

Karan asks what’s going on in your mind. Sudha says you will understand it gradually. She calls minister and says I have called you to confirm that you are coming in function, you have to come, cheque is ready for party funds. She says minister has agreed, its good if he agrees too. He asks who. She says relax, this will bring my son back, Raman Bhalla will never forget this day, if manager comes with sweets, send him to the lab. She goes.

Shagun asks Ishita what happened. Ishita says I wanted to talk about Yug, Ranbir is in need of a job, Raman spoke to Yug and called him at office, I don’t want Yug to meet him. Shagun says let them meet, Raman will be shocked but eventually understand. Ishita says I don’t want Raman to get back in that traumatic phase, Yug will come to Ranbir’s office if Ranbir works here, can you help Ranbir by getting him a job. Shagun says I will call Yug home. Ishita says but Mani can see him. Shagun says no, Mani has gone out for business work. Ishita says he shouldn’t know this.

Appa and Bala discuss the arrangements. Rohan asks shall I say something, what if we don’t do decoration this time, why don’t we try something different, we can donate the money for a good cause. Aaliya comes and looks on. He says we will request society people to donate their things at an orphanage. Appa agrees. Aaliya says I think its a great idea, I m surprised to think you have given this idea. Rohan messages in group. Bala asks them to make republic day posters. He asks Aaliya to tell Bhallas about donating things. He says we will pack things well so that none feels we are donating old things. Aaliya sees Rohan and goes. Vishal asks Ranbir to go to a gym and make his body, he can get tv serials, he is handsome. Ranbir asks are you done. Yug asks them to come. Ranbir says we will try. Shagun calls Yug. Yug asks why is she calling me. He answers and asks do you want a SIM. Shagun says no, I have called to talk about Ranbir’s job, come home, we will talk about his job. Yug says I will get Ranbir. She says no need, get his resume, we will have dinner and discuss things.

Ranbir says don’t you thinks she is weird, its my job discussion and she is calling you for dinner. Yug says yes, weird, but we just need a job. Mihika and Ishita talk about the change in Rohan. Ishita says I hope Raman believes Rohan’s change. Rohan gets an anklet and sees Aaliya. He keeps it. Bala comes and says give it back to her. Rohan gives anklet to Aaliya. She gets glad and thanks him. She says this anklet was gifted to me by my parents on my 18th birthday, its close to my heart, thanks. Rohan says you are most welcome. Raman says its good to be back, Sudha is gone. Shweta says we have missed you a lot. Raman talks to staff and is glad. Manager says health minister is coming for flag hoisting. Shweta shows the confirmation mail. Raman says that’s a great news, thank you, get back to work. He says I will share the news with family, they will be glad. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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