10th June Monday Update on Young Love

 Anandi requesting Sonali to keep in mind that it is Saachi’s thinking before making any decision. She says, we are waiting for the day when the new member come to our home. I even thought about bablu’s name as Amol. I managed everything. We will not give you a chance to complaint. You said that people came here to fulfill their needs and preferences. Can you reject them? Sonali says, people makes their preferences clear. Anandi asks, if one family member is against then how can you think we couldn’t take care of the child. Sonali says sorry and tells that I have to write in my report and everything is in management hand. Anandi is shocked. Sumitra tells Ganga that I am going to Anandi’s house but doesn’t want to leave you in this condition. Ganga says, go to Anandi as she will be happy and everyone is here to look after me. Anandi’s happiness will be double to see you.

Ganga gives a small box to Anandi. Sumitra asks, what is the need as Dadisaa is giving the gifts. Ganga says, I asked Jagya to get it. Dadisaa asks Sumitra to take the gift as Anandi would be very happy. Anandi is thinking about Sonali’s conversation. She gets tensed. Shiv enters, Anandi wipes her tears. Shiv asks what happened in the orphanage. Anandi says, Sonali wrote about Saachi’s remarks in her report. She thinks of losing Amol and cries. Shiv says, whatever God will do will be good for us. One year have passed successfully and everything will be good in the future too. He asks her to get ready as guests might be coming. He asks her to be ready and happy.

At the wedding anniversary Party, Alok and Anoop smile looking at the decoration. Anandi and Shiv comes. Everyone look at them with happiness. Daddu laughs with happiness. He blesses Anandi and Shiv and praises them. Anoop says, you said the same thing at our first anniversary. They take elders blessings. Ira asks them to take the blessings of Dadi. Shiv and Anandi goes to her photo and takes the blessings. Daddu says, I took your Dadiji’s photo outside for the first time. He misses her and gets tears. Everyone goes to welcome the guests.

While Ganga is sleeping, Dadisaa is searching for something. Ganga wakes up and asks, what are you searching. Dadisaa asks her to sleep. Dadisaa says, I forgot where is my jaap mala. Ganga sees it below the almara and tells her. Dadisaa gets it with difficulty and feels pain. Ganga asks her to sleep on the bed. Dadisaa is determined about her oath.

Saachi welcomes her friends. Ankita says, party is boring and looks like it is for oldies. Other friend asks Saachi to keep them happy being the host. Saachi accepts their challenge. Sumitra and Bhairov come there. Daddu and others welcome them. They greet each other. Bhairov speaks with Anoop and says, I heard about soldier but seeing a soldier for the first time. You defeated the death. Alok asks them to meet Shiv and Anandi.

Anandi and Shiv meet Bhairov and Sumitra. They bless the couple. Sumitra tells about Dadisaa. Anandi says, she can’t leave Ganga alone. Sumitra gives the gifts to Anandi. Anandi reads her letter. She asks about Ganga. Sumitra says, Jagya take care of her. And Dadisaa is taking good care of her and took an oath. Anoop speaks about Jagya and Ganga. He praises Anandi. He says, my family is very lucky to get Anandi. He gives the credit to Anandi for his memory recovery. Alok supports Anoop’s words. Saachi shows them bear bottles. Her friends get happy. They ask Saachi to drink as well. Saachi drinks it. Ankita asks about Jagya’s parents. Saachi looks at them with anger. Ankita smiles

.Dadisaa asking Gehna whether Ganga had milk. Gehna says, she have drunk little amount of milk. Basant says, I am going for work. He asks her to sleep on the bed rather than on the floor. But Dadisaa is adamant. She asks Makhan singh as Basant left his mobile. Basant leaves. Gehna says, he will be back home in sometime. Saachi looks at Sumitra and Bhairov angrily. Ankita provokes her. Saachi drinks the wine and says I am ready to meet them. Ira sees Saachi heading towards Sumitra. She tries to go to Saachi but some irritating guest keeps her busy with her talk. Ira excuses herself. Sumitra is talking about Ganga. She says, we are taking care of her as it is about mother and child lives. Saachi comes and puts her hand on her shoulder. Saachi greets her and calls her maa. Everyone are tensed. Sumitra greets her as well. Saachi asks, can I call you maa even now. She calls papa to Bhairov. She asks, how are you all? She says, you might have get news about me from Anandi bhabhi. She is taking care of me and giving lectures. She asks Sumitra to start with her lecture. Ira comes and asks her to come. Saachi says, I need to talk to them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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