10th September Tuesday Update on Young Love


10th September Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Nandu laughing seeing Jagya. He tells Jagya that he is laughing thinking about his wound’s treatment. Jagya asks, what do you mean. Nandu says, turmeric milk. He says, maa used to make me drink. It is my turn now. He says, Bhabisaa is bringing it. Jagya says, I won’t drink it and asks Nandu to tell her that he is not there. He hides behind the curtain and tell Nandu to say the same. Ganga comes. Nandu tells her that he is reading Bhaisaa’s book. She asks, where is your brother. Nandu says, he went 5 mins back. Ganga understands and tells him that book should be read correctly. She pulls his ears. She calls Jagya and asks him to come out. She sees Jagya’s slippers and asks him to come. She pulls the curtains to see Jagya. Jagya is about to say. They fall on the ground romantically. Milk glass breaks. Nandu says, shall I go. Ganga says, I will bring milk again. Nandu and Jagya laugh.

Nurse asks the villagers to fill the form. They refuse to fill the form and says we brought him here for humanity. They fear from Police. Jagya comes and asks, what is the matter. Nurse tells him everything. Jagya tells her to let them go and signs on the papers on his responsibility. Ganga sees the man and is shocked. Jagya too see him now. He tells her that he is Ratan’s father. He asks the ward boy to take him in.

Shiv takes the oath that he will say the truth. Lawyer asks him to say since when he knew Rasika. Shiv starts telling that his life spoiled when Rasika has been appointment as his PA. He says, she was more interested in him than work. He says, he wanted to maintain distance from her. She told him that she is having marital problems with Narendra and tried to get physical with him. Rasika gets shocked. Shiv tells in the court, how she tried to trapped him and how she slapped her. Then she torn her clothes and acts as victimised.

He says, she made me a villian infront of everyone eyes to gain sympathy. He says, she told Media that I tried to molest her, but it was wrong. Lawyer says, truth will come out. He tells the court to hear Rasika’s statement. Rasika goes to the witness box and takes the oath. She tells that she behaved formally with him and respected him. She says she promised to work faithfully, but he meant wrongly and thought she is ready to have physical relations with him. Everyone look shocked. Court asks her to continue her statement. She says, Shiv wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. She says, she felt Shiv is good and Shiv took advantage of her goodness. Shiv is shocked by her lies. She tells that Shiv told her that he isn’t happy with his wife. Anandi is shocked.

Rasika continues that his relation with Anandi wasn’t good. She says, slowly he started discussing with me about his social life. She says, Shiv told her that she was in his mind while Anandi is around him. Lawyer asks, why you didn’t stop him. Rasika says, I told him that I am not interested in his personal life and stopped meeting him. He used to call me with an excuse. Shiv says, it is all wrong. Anoop says, she is talking nonsense. Shiv don’t work overnight then why he would make her work overnight. Court asks them to behave well. Vivek asks them to sit.

Lawyer asks, what had happened that day? Rasika tells that Shiv called her to his cabin. She opened the door and started searching for the file. He came and hugged me. I tried to push him. He tried to kiss me and said he can’t bear now. She says, he told that he can’t let anyone know about their relation. She says, I pushed and slapped him. He got angry and torn my clothes. I shouted and the employees came there. I was ashamed. I doesn’t know where to go for help. She cries fakely. Shiv is shocked.

She tells that when Narendra came to know about it. he was shocked. He went to Shiv’s office and home and asked him to apologize to me, but he refused. He suspended me. Narendra called Media and we told the truth. She says, Narendra’s motive was to give me justice and he burnt himself. Narendra is dead, but Shiv didn’t accept the crime till now. She cries and says don’t know when Narendra will get justice. Court asks her to take care of herself. Rasika says, how can I take rest as my husband’s soul is not at peace. She says, I want Narendra to get justice soon. Court asks Vivek to cross examine Rasika. Vivek gets up and says definitely.

Vivek cross examining Rasika. He asks, how do you cook? Rasika says, I didn’t understand. Vivek asks, what you use to make food. Rasika says, Gas. Vivek says, it means you don’t use Kerosene. He says, your husband have used the kerosene. from where he bought it. He asks her to tell from where he got the kerosene. Had he decided to burn himself? Rasika says, he was very angry and that’s why he went to Shiv’s office. Vivek asks, how did he go?

Rasika says, his scooter was not working, so he might be working with Auto. Vivek says, didn’t you stop him from going. Rasika says, my mind didn’t work. Vivek asks, what happened at the office. She says, when I went there, he was burnt. I tried to save him. He went inside the office. Vivek asks, why he lighted himself before entering the office. Rasika says, I didn’t know. I thought to save his life anyhow. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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