11th February 2019 Monday Update on This is love


11th February 2019 Monday Update on This is love

Adi coming to the hotel room. He hears Aaliya and Nikhil laughing. He goes to see. He sees them and gets angry. Nikhil says let’s dance as we used to do before. Aaliya sees Adi and goes to dance. She dances with Nikhil. Ishita calls Adi and asks how is it going. Adi says we are not having good time, Aaliya is dancing with her friend, I will make you talk to her later. Ishita says tell her I have patched up with Shagun. Adi says Aaliya’s friend is so irritating. She asks who is he. He says he is Aaliya’s senior Nikhil. She says I don’t remember. He says your bahu is not less, she is also talking like him, she is dancing with him. Ishita says I think you are jealous. She says its normal, let them bond, I have brilliant idea, get friendly with him. He says never. She
says try it, he can be your friend, maybe he becomes more close to you. He says fine, I will try.

Adi calls them out and says I m back, lets go and have some fun. Nikhil rolls on the floor and laughs. Adi talks like them. Aaliya asks what happened. Nikhil asks what was this. Adi says it looks irritating when you talk this way. Aaliya says we don’t talk this way, it was horrible. Adi starts acting and says what, its an imp meeting, I did not spend time with my wife, is it so imp, fine I will come. Aaliya asks all okay? Adi thinks now Aaliya will give me attention. Adi says sorry I have to go. Nikhil says no tension, I m free all day. Aaliya says thanks, where will we go. Nikhil says we will go and see Mumbai. Adi thinks to do something.

Teacher asks Riya how did her phone go in Pihu’s bag. Riya denies it. Ruhi says when teacher got your phone in Pihu’s bag, you should have accepted it was your phone, its wrong to frame anyone this way. Teacher says you lied and reacting this way, you are new student, you should make friends. Riya says I don’t want to make friends. Ruhi says you can’t talk to teacher this way, chewing gum is not allowed here. Teacher says I will write note to your mum, tell her to come and meet me. Students leave. Teacher apologizes to Ruhi and Pihu. Ruhi asks Pihu why did she not say Riya was troubling her.

Pihu says she said if I tell anyone, she will not leave me. Ruhi says tell me if anything happens next time. Ishita talks to Ruhi on phone. She says Ruhi you have managed Pihu well, I will meet her. Raman comes. Ishita says I convinced Shagun to for the event. He says Shagun would not refuse for the award. She says we will make toilets like a healthy project. Raman says no more social cause, I was thinking to publicize our product. She says it will be costly, social cause will be good, fine we will think anything else. He says launch party is tomorrow, don’t say about toilets. He gets a call and says no, I was thinking about you.

She says whom was he talking sweetly to, he talks bitterly to me. Adi says Aaliya forgot me since Nikhil came. Mani calls Adi. He asks how are you and Aaliya. Adi says we are happy, Aaliya’s friend Nikhil is here, do you know him. Mani says yes, he is smart and intelligent, how is he doing. Adi says good, I was asking, they look good friends, I wanted to become his friend, tell me about him. Mani says he is quite a charmer, they are crazy and talk in strange language. Adi says yes. Mani says he sings really well. Adi says no, you said you wanted fresh voice for ad jingle, you send any employee and record Nikhil’s voice for jingle. Mani says that’s a good idea. Adi says I will send his number. Adi says now Nikhil will get busy in work and I will have fun.

Ishita asks Shweta where is Raman. Shweta says he is in conference room. Ishita says whom is he talking to. Raman sees Ishita at the door and starts praising the person on call. Ishita asks whom were you talking to, Kiran? He says you were spying, Kiran is my business associate, I m going her home to discuss launch ideas. Ishita says I will come along. He says I will manage, you see petty things here. He goes. She says I don’t have petty work, I have to meet Ruhi. Riya stops Pihu and scolds her. Riya locks her in storeroom. Pihu apologizes and cries.
Adi comes and says such a Chipku, he is still here, shameless. Nikhil greets him. Adi asks where is Aaliya. Nikhil says she went to spa. Nikhil gets a call and says I guess I have to go, client wants to meet me for jingle recording. Adi thinks I got work for you to send you. He says wow, I did not know you sing. Nikhil says I sing for myself. Adi asks him to use his talent. Nikhil goes. Adi says now I will plan surprise for Aaliya.

Ishita thanks Ruhi. Ruhi says I will manage Pihu. Ishita says I wanted to give her this toy. Ruhi says her class is not dismissed. Ruhi asks what did you get for me. Ishita says I m there for you and hugs her. Ananya comes and says Pihu would be coming. Teacher says Pihu is not in class. They all try finding Pihu.

Ishita hugs her. Pihu cries. Ishita and Ruhi ask what happened. The lady says I heard her crying and got her out, someone locked her. They ask who locked her. Pihu sees Riya and gets worried. She shows Riya. Ruhi gets angry and scolds Riya. She asks how can you lock Pihu in storeroom. Ishita calms down Ruhi. She asks Riya why did she lock Pihu, does she not like her. She holds Riya and checks her fever. She asks do you have fever. Riya says yes, so what, leave me. Ruhi says such an ill mannered girl. Ishita gets thinking.

Aaliya comes and says sorry I got late. She sees the decorations. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays….. She smiles and sees Adi. Adi holds her and says you made me wait a lot, I got more impatient. She says not now. He
says we are on honeymoon, no but, only love. They get close. Nikhil comes and says Aaliya, our college group is live on friendbook. He asks the friends to see Aaliya’s romantic husband. Adi runs. Aaliya asks Nikhil to stop it.

Ishita asks Neelu to remember, tell Mrs. Bhalla that none should talk anything bad in front of Pihu, I have some work. She says Raavan Kumar is praising Kiran, I will not leave him, he is enjoying coffee date, I will see. She takes a belan and goes. Neelu says I think she is going to play someone’s band today. Ishita goes to Kiran and shows belan. She enters the house and looks for Raman. Raman asks you here. Ishita asks is the coffee really good here. She runs to beat him. He asks her to sit and talk. She says you have no time to talk to me, you don’t deserve even my beating, I m not jealous, I m angry. He asks why. She says I want to tell you about Pihu. He asks what happened. She says I m with her, she is fine, you have to spend time with your multi talented friend, you sleep here, I will go.

Kiran says there is nothing between us, I like Bala. Ishita asks Bala. Kiran says Vandu and I were good friends, I did not know about her death, she told me about Bala, I know he got alone after her death, I m also divorced, I fell in love with Bala, I spoke to Bala about marriage, he refused, Raman is trying to help me, you please help me. Raman says I did not tell you as I wanted to know what is in Bala’s heart, Ishita is like his sister, if she talks to him, he will agree. He asks Ishita will she help.

Kiran asks her will she talk to Bala. Raman says yes, she will talk. Ishita says no, I can’t help you in this, none can take Vandu’s place, I m sorry. Raman and Ishita come home. He asks why did you refuse to Kiran, we all loved Vandu, but Bala is alone now, what’s wrong if she cares for Bala. She says fine, what about kids, is she ready to accept them, is she ready to give them mother’s love, love changes when children are of someone else, she does not know all this, when Vandu went, children got alone, Bala gave them mum and dad’s love, can a strange woman take care of them, I agree she wants to marry Bala, is she ready to become children’s mum, its not easy, we married for Ruhi, our relation started with a child, but Kiran is not thinking of children, if she wants to become wife, she has to be ready to become mum first.

Aaliya asks Nikhil will Adi agree if I do this. Adi comes and looks on. Nikhil says don’t ask me about your husband. She sees Adi. She tries to romance. She says Nikhil, he is not even seeing me. Nikhil asks her to add some attitude, charm and oomph. She says right, I will try again. Adi asks Aaliya to stop it, you became a kid when you got a college friend, did I come on honeymoon to hear this stories, when he made fun of me, you were laughing, can’t you see he is entering our personal space, you are my wife. He asks her to remember, he won’t dance for her. He leaves.

Ishita gets tea. Raman says sorry, you were right, I was just thinking for Bala. She says yes, you concentrate on launch, we have an imp work, talk to Pihu. He says I should have spoke to her before she left for school. She says Ruhi is with her, talk to her. Pihu gets scared. Ruhi asks what happened, you are very strong, where did my Pihu go, I m with you, don’t take tension, we will not leave Riya, cheer up. Ishita calls her. Raman talks to Pihu and encourages her. He asks Ruhi to be with Pihu. Ishita says I spoke to teacher, she said she will talk to Riya’s mum, Ruhi will keep us updated, get ready for launch. Ruhi asks teacher when are Riya’s parents coming, can I meet them. Teacher says Riya did not come, servant called and informed, her parents are not coming, they are so irresponsible. Ruhi says how can anyone do this, Riya had fever yesterday, I think I should go to her house and talk to her parents. Aaliya cries and tells Nikhil that Adi is angry. Adi comes back and sees Aaliya complaining to Nikhil. He says well done, complain to your friend, carry on.