11th July Thursday Update on Young Love

Jagya recalling about the doctor’s words for Mannu. He cries and feels bad. Sumitra says, I assures you that nothing can happen to our Mannu. He will be fine. Jagya says, we have started the treatment but it needs to to find out whether the medicines are working. Jagya says, Chemotherapy is the option left for us. If chemotherapy doesn’t work then we have to see Mannu’s sufferings. Sumitra says, nothing can happen to him. I didn’t do the penance for behaving badly with Mannu and Ganga. She asks him to be patient. Gehna and Sumitra ask Ganga to eat something. Ganga refuses. Sumitra says, Mannu is dear to everyone. Ganga says, I am really not hungry. Sumitra asks her to eat the food for Abhi as she has to feed him. Sumitra says, for a mother both her children are equal.

Anandi and Saachi come to Avanti with the NGO women. Avanti says, she got married 2 years ago and since then in laws are troubling her and asking for dowry. She says, my father is poor, can’t give them more money. My husband beats me and my condition has worsened after the birth of my daughter. My father plead with them but they didn’t listen. Today they thrown me with my children. Anandi says, is this true that they are searching a girl for their son. She asks her to come with them. Avanti says, they are very bad. Anandi says, they don’t know me and asks her to come with her.

Saachi tells Ira and Meenu about Avanti’s misery. She says, I am very impressed with Bhabhi. She connected with people within a min. She shows her membership card. Meenu thanks Anandi for bringing a change in Saachi. She says, I saw a good change in her. Anandi says, she is my responsibility now. She started a new life today. We shall make sweets. She goes to make sweets. Anandi decides to prepare kevar and thinks to ask Dadisaa about the sugar content.

She calls Dadisaa and greets her. Dadisaa says, everyone are fine. Anandi asks, what happened? Dadisaa cries and says our Mannu is suffering from a big disease, cancer. Anandi is shocked. Dadisaa says, blood cancer. Anandi says, how can it be possible? Dadisaa says, we are in pain. Devimaa have to make him well. Anandi asks about Ganga. Dadisaa says she is shattered. We make her understand to take care for the kids. Anandi says, I will talk to her and will come to Jaitsar. Dadisaa asks her to pray for Mannu. Anandi says I will pray.

Jagya says, we have to take Mannu to Jaipur for his treatment. Dadisaa says, he will get tired and asks him to call the doctors here. Jagya says, we don’t have machines here. Dadisaa asks him to buy the machines and placed in their hospital. She asks Basant and Bhairov to buy the machines and get it placed in the hospital. Jagya and Ganga are touched by her gesture. Jagya hugs her and praises her for her love for Mannu. Dadisaa says, Mannu is my grand son. Nothing is important than him. I have faith that he will be fine. She asks him to eat the food.

Ganga tells Jagya that Mannu was crying a lot after having medicines. Jagya says, Doctor asked us to give the tablets in the night. He gets angry. Ganga says, kids are happy. Jagya says, I didn’t make this medicine. Ganga gets Anandi’s call. Anandi says, Dadisaa told me about Mannu’s illness. She gives strength to Ganga. Ganga says, I am trying. Anandi asks her to have faith on Jagya. She tells about Dadisaa and says she loves you very much. Ganga remembers her promise made to Dadisaa. Ganga tells, I can’t go weak. Anandi asks her to give the call to Jagya. She says, I know your state of mind but if you need our help then don’t hesitate. Jagya thanks her and disconnects the call. Jagya says sorry to Ganga. Ganga says, I have to give the medicines to him anyways. Jagya says, I want to see him well. Ganga says, me too.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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