12th February Tuesday Update On True Love


12th February Tuesday Update On True Love

Ichcha watches from upstairs as the servant chases Kanha and begs him to drink milk. Avi shows up there and sternly tells Kanha the same thing. The child obeys and goes to his room as per Avi’s instruction. Back at the Thakur house, Jogi tells Divya that there is no word of Ichcha. She tells him that he doesn’t even care where Taps may be today. Remembering the Bundelas’ taunts, he replies that Taps is not worthy to be a mother. Divya is offended and Jogi tells her that he also has filed a missing persons case for Taps.

At the Mukherjee house, Ichcha goes to meet Dadu and asks what she should make for him. She goes off to the kitchen. Avi hears all this and is worried when the doc says that Dadu is making a remarkable recovery. He goes to Ichcha in the kitchen and seeing her cook for Dadu, reminds her that she is only pretending to be the bahu and isn’t really. He gives her some white clothes he got for her which she refuses to take. She then questions him again abt Dadu’s son’s death. He answers again that it was an accident and leaves with the food for Dadu, while Ichcha is left in thoughts and remains doubtful abt Avi’s mysterious behavior.

Veer comes to the Thakur house to tell Jogi that he searched everywhere for Ichcha, but in vain. Jogi replies that Ichcha only left because Veer didn’t believe her. Veer asks Jogi to let him know if he finds Ichcha, but he will not go looking for her anymore since he is not worthy of her. Jogi taunts him for finding a convenient way of ridding of his “Ichcha” problem. Veer replies that he must learn to live w/o Ichcha.

Rathod telling to himself that why does he always loose everything that he loves while Tappu cursing herself for leaving the baby in that orphanage that night ;Rathod then gets a call from his men about no info when Tappu becomes hyper and demands her baby back on which Rathod reminds her indirectly about how she is responsible for all this today because she was the one who left the baby that night in the orphanage without thinking even once about the outcome ;

Hearing this Tappu tells Rathod about how always she is blamed for everything ; Tappu then cries her heart out saying how noone can understand her pain when Rathod comes and consoles her by telling her that this is not just her or his pain but they both r equally sharing this pain as loosing this baby is their pain but they will find their baby soon … CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2


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