12th June Wednesday Update on Young Love

Anandi and Shiv’s romantic conversation about the completion of one year of their marriage. Anandi says, it looks like a moment, where you gave me immense happiness. Anandi and Shiv hug each other. Shiv’s phone rings. Shiv says, I don’t know what have happened to our family. Anandi smiles and takes the call. Mahi says, I call to tell that. Anandi says, lines are busy please call tomorrow. Everyone laughs. Anandi tells Shiv that no one will disturb them now. Shiv and Anandi hug each other. Dadisaa says, it is a tough decision of Anandi and Shiv to adopt a child. Bhairov says, Amol is a good boy. Dadisaa says, Anandi has grown up since years and it wasn’t easy to take this decision. Jagya says, Anandi stands by her decision and she will prove to be a good mother for Amol. Dadisaa calls Anandi to congratulate her. Anandi asks, you didn’t call yesterday. Dadisaa congrats her for becoming mother. She says I am very happy to become granny again. Anandi says, we will get Amol custody today. You can come here. We will come to Jaitsar with Amol. Shiv asks, what is Dadisaa’s saying. Anoop comes and gives a tie to Shiv. He says, I brought it from London long ago. Shiv accepts it heartily. Anoop ties the tie round his neck. Anandi praises it. Shiv hugs him emotionally. Anoop asks Alok about their friend DK. Alok says, he is in Jaipur, taking care of his father’s business. Anoop thinks to meet their friends. Alok says, they will be very happy.

Saachi comes and says I couldn’t sleep yesterday night. I have realised that I am at fault. I behaved stupidly and was rude. I was thinking why I am like this. Why I think about myself and doesn’t care about others. I got an answer that I needs attention. I want everyone to love and pamper me. She says sorry to everyone. Anandi says, you shall not apologize to us. Saachi says sorry to Alok. She says you won’t be believing my words but now you will see a different side of Saachi. I have noticed that I would have taken the psychiatrist prescribed medicines. I will eat that and you will find a change in me. You will not believe me now. But I will wait until you all will be convinced.

Everyone are listening to her silently and doesn’t believe her. Anandi says, Saachi accepted that she was wrong. She wants to change herself. Alok says, she did this drama before but again the same thing. Ira says, I wants to believe her but….Anoop says, Saachi is still a kid. We have to give her a chance. Daddu says, we don’t have any option than to trust her and give her a chance. Anandi says, I will start giving her tablets. Anandi comes to Saachi. Anandi says, I hope you are repenting for your mistakes. Now, no one will keep an eye on you. She advices her to being true to herself. Anandi gives the medicines and asks her to eat it. Saurav calls Saachi and says I think my idea have worked. Saachi says, my plan have worked. Everyone are believing me now. Saurav says, I hope you don’t become goody goody girl. Saachi says, I will not change. Saachi opens the bottle and blows the medicines. She says, this world is a stage and we all are actors. She says, I need to give a performance so that everyone get convinced.

Dadisaa is going with Bhairov and says I can’t leave Ganga alone. Bhairov says, they need to go to registrar office now. Dadisaa asks him to hurry up. Orphanage workers give the adoption papers and says Amol is now your son. Anandi asks, where is he? Anandi is very happy to see Amol. She hugs him emotionally. She says, you will come to our home naa. Shiv smiles. Anandi, Shiv and Amol are leaving from the orphanage. Anandi says, today other kids are not around. Everyone comes with a miss you board. They ask, will you miss us. They give him best wishes and a gift. Bablu is silent. Anandi says, he will come and meet you all. This is his first home. Shiv promises to bring him.

Anandi and Shiv taking Amol home from the orphanage after getting his custody. All the orphanage kids and the employees give Amol a warm farewell. Amol looks at the orphanage kids as he is leaving in the car with his new parents. Bhairov comes to his office with Dadisaa. He asks about Munim ji. He is informed that Munim ji is having lunch. Dadisaa says, I can’t wait. I have to reach home. They hear a bhagan and wonder from where the voice is coming. Bhairov is opening the locker with the other keys. Dadisaa hears someone shouts. Bhairov says, it might be coming from the wedding home. Dadisaa says, it is coming from here. Bhairov says, there is no one in godown. Bhairov calls Hari Ram and asks, is someone there in the godown? They hear the screams and runs. They come to the godown and asks to open the door. He asks the watchman to break the door. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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