12th September Thursday Update on Young Love


12th September Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Jagya tasting food in the kitchen. Ganga asks him about Gehna. She asks, why she didnt work being educated. Jagya says, you are right, but she is not interested. she tells him everything. She says, Basant doesn’t like her work. Jagya says, I will talk to tausa.

Daddu tells Anandi that news is not good. Anoop says, Rasikas reputation is bad. She is very cunning and bad charactered woman. Meenu says it is good for us. Daddu says, she can do anything as she is very dramatic. Anandi says, only God can show us a way out and asks shiv to take her to the temple.

Jagya asks Basant about Murli’s account. Basant shows him the accounts. jagya calculates the accounts and says it seems good. he asks Gehna to check as well. Basant calls her. Gehna comes and checks the accounts. She corrects his mistake and says Murli is saying right. His loan was paid. Basant says, he will talk to Munim ji. Dadisaa says, you didn’t let Murli speak. Basant tells Gehna that you were right. You helped the poor. Dadisaa asks him to take Gehna’s help in accounts. he agrees. Everyone smile.

Rasika is seen doing puja in the temple with her inlaws. Shiv and Anandi come there. Rasika acts as a good dutiful wife praying for her husband’s peace. She looks at them. Narendra’s father asks Shiv, why did you come here. Shiv says, we came to pray for narendra. Narendra’s mom says, he died because of you. You should have listened to him. His mom tells that Narendra used to get afraid of fire and cries. Anandi and Shiv look on shocked. narendra’s dad asks her to calm down. He says, it is not easy for me and cries. He folds his hands and asks Shiv and Anandi to leave. Anandi holds Shiv’s hands and leaves. Rasika gets tensed.

Ganga gives tea to everyone. Dadisaa says, that Ganga has gain weight. jagya says, she makes him eat heavy food. Dadisaa asks her to serve it to her as well. Just then Ratan’s parents come there. Dadisaa thinks what did they want now? She says, your son gave mannu to us and asks them to forget mannu. jagya says, they didn’t come to take mannu and tells that he treated Ratan’s father. He tells everything.

Ratan’s parents apologize to Dadisaa with folded hands. He praises Jagya and Ganga and says they saved my life forgetting everything. Ganga gave her blood and saved my life. Vimla says, ganga is great. Ratan’s Dad requests Dadisaa to forgive them. Vimla says, we thought you are our enemy. Dadisaa forgives them. Ratan’s father says today he is happy that Ratan gave mannu to this family. He says, I am hopeful that Mannu will get a good upbringing here. Dadisaa blesses Mannu.

Daddu telling that he was scared of fire and fire killed him. Vivek says it is sad, but strange that he had Arsonphobia had killed himself. Shiv says, it is not a suicide, but murder. Subhadra says, how you will prove yourself innocent. Ira comes and says I am still alive. I won’t let anything happens to my son. Shiv hugs her emotionally. Ira says, nothing can happen to you. Shiv says, you have come, there is no need for me to worry. She meets other family members. Saachi meets her and says we all missed you specially bhaiyya and bhabhi. Meenu says, Anandi is trying to prove Shiv innocent. Ira holds Anandi’s hands and says once again I am proud of you. I know you are a pillar of strength for Shiv and blesses her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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