14th August Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Raman saying I should pamper Ishita, how shall I give this dress. He asks Neelu to iron the dress and come. He gets earrings. He keeps the dress and earrings on the bed. Ishita comes having a bath. She sees the dress and asks what’s this. He says its your first day at work, so I thought to give you a surprise, have this. She smiles and says you think so much for me, you got this dress and earrings for me. She gets ready. He sings Tenu hasta dekh….. He hugs her. They dance and romance. She asks what was all this. He says romance. She asks why suddenly. He says you will get busy managing clinic, come I will drop you and then go office. She says I can’t believe it, you are most romantic person in the world, I m so lucky. He says me too, love you. They leave.

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Aaliya gets food dish to Amma and says Dadi asked me to give this to you, Mr. Bhalla explained that its not your mistake. Amma says Mrs. Bhalla has sent this, I will say thanks to her. Aaliya goes in to keep the dish. Shravan asks did Adi gift the phone. She says no, I asked Adi, he said he didn’t buy any phone for me. She goes. He recalls and says but there was Adi’s name written, why did he lie, I m sure he didn’t buy phone for himself. Roshni gets ready for office. She gets a call and says I m leaving for office, what, I shouldn’t come, you were happy with my performance. The man says its decision of the management, I can’t help. She says I shifted to Delhi from London for this job, you are firing me. He says we have to maintain relations, when Abhimanyu Raghav got to know about you, he advised me to terminate you, sorry. She says I get it. She cries. Ruhi hears Parmeet talking to someone on call with love. She says whom was he talking… I love you baby? Simmi is at home, I have to find out.

Roshni asks what will I do now. The recruitment agent says I have helped you, what can I do now. Roshni says I need work urgently. Ishita comes there. The man says you will get a call when you get any suitable offer. Roshni says I got fired without any mistake, how will I live without the job, please help. The man asks her to leave. Ishita hears this. Roshni goes. Ishita goes to her and says I heard you, you didn’t share this with me, I have a solution, you know Raman gifted me clinic space, I will need an assistant, we have worked together before. Roshni says I will think about it and let you know. Ishita asks her to answer soon. She goes. Parmeet is at a cafe. Ruhi looks on. A girl comes and scolds Parmeet.

Ruhi smiles and says wow, what an idea…. Raman tries to start his laptop. Ishita comes to him and asks can’t I meet you, I thought to have lunch with you. He says my laptop isn’t starting. She asks him to call any IT guy. He calls engineer. He says engineer is on leave. She says I will call Ruhi, she is an expert in this, she will make this fine. Ruhi says Parmeet likes to make profile on dating site, I will not leave him. She searches for his profile. She says I will trap him, I will create a fake Id. She calls Smriti and asks for her help. She goes. Ishita comes there and sees dating site open on Ruhi’s computer. She says it means Ruhi is finding someone, she is ready to have a new life. She goes. Ruhi comes back and says wow, its a sure shot way to catch Parmeet red handed.

Roshni says Ishita asked me to work with her, I m so confused, I respect her a lot, I couldn’t say her yes, I need this job, I can’t say yes, I don’t want to be with you, I came to return this phone, don’t give me any gift, what shall I tell Ishita, take this phone back, don’t talk to me, he asks her to listen. He says keep this phone, Ishita will respect your decision, please accept this job, don’t think much, else you will put yourself in trouble. She says we have just friendship. He says whatever. She says we have already complicated things, we should better stop this, keep this phone back. He says you lost your phone so I got this, that’s it, this is a big opportunity for you, you have cleared my limits, I promise you won’t fall in any problem.

She says I will message Ishita. He thanks her and goes. Ruhi says I don’t believe this, Parmeet accepted my request and agreed to meet tonight, I have to give an outfit to Smriti and tell her what to do, Parmeet none can save you from me, I will find out why you are blackmailing Ishimaa. Raman asks are you sure, dating site on Ruhi’s laptop. Ishita says yes, she was registering on it, thankfully she is out of that phase, Sohail, Nikhil…. her relationships were so bad, I was afraid if she will get married, I m happy she wants a change in her life. He says its a good thing, I hope everything goes fine, keep a watch on it. She says this time she should get a right guy.

Shravan asking the shopkeeper to show phone covers. He checks a file and clicks pic of Adi’s bill. He says whose address is given here. Ruhi waits for Smriti. Smriti comes and shows her pics with Parmeet. Ruhi says its good, send me the pics, thanks a lot. She says I will do anything to know the truth, I will blackmail Parmeet. Parmeet comes. Ruhi asks him why is he upset, was his date not good. He asks what nonsense. She says you don’t lose courage, shall I remind you, dating site, single status, I know your date got spoiled. She says its good pics, see, I m sure Simmi will like this, your relation will also get over, Simmi will leave you, she will know your affairs, you are characterless. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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