15th April Monday Update on This is Love


15th April Monday Update on This is Love

Ruhi apologizing to Mr and Mrs. Bhalla. She says I want you all to meet someone. She gets Nikhil and says please don’t react, there is a reason to get him here. Nikhil apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman asks him to leave. Ruhi says I didn’t finish yet, we decided we will not stay in a live-in, we know marriage is a pure relation, we love each other, we decided we will marry soon. They get shocked. Parmeet smiles. Ishita asks are you mad. Ruhi asks why, you all had problem with live in, I want to marry Nikhil and stay legally. Raman says this marriage won’t happen.

Ruhi says I m fed up, you want to control on my life, I m an adult and I can marry, bless me if you want, else I will marry Nikhil anyway, that’s my final decision, please don’t tell me that

I m ruining family respect, now society won’t have any problem now. Nikhil says its okay Ruhi, we will marry on our own, its their wish to do their duty or not, its no use to fight with them, take care. He goes. Ruhi goes to her room. Raman gets angry. Ishita stops him. Parmeet says I will explain Nikhil, don’t worry. He goes to Nikhil and hugs him. Nikhil thanks him for explaining Ruhi, it was a brilliant idea. Parmeet says women are emotional. Nikhil says I love Ruhi a lot, but I will not forgive her parents, its good she is on my
side, this will become a torture for them.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says everything got ruined, Ruhi went out of hand. Ishita says Ruhi is sensible, she changed her live in decision, she will understand if we explain, I think we should have not sent Parmeet with Nikhil. Simmi hears her and taunts. Raman says this is not time to taunt. Simmi says Parmeet did a lot for you all, I can’t be quiet. Bala comes and asks Simmi to see Mrs. Bhalla’s health. Simmi says Raman is against me, see him. Ishita asks Raman to stop it. They leave. Simmi sits with Mrs. Bhalla.

Raman comes to room. He says Simmi is troubling. Adi comes and asks what did you think, will you get Ruhi married to Nikhil. Raman asks will she listen to me, do you listen to me, both children went out of hand. Adi asks what happened, what did I do Ishimaa. Raman says I will tell you, where do you go, you are making wrong excuses, you have no time to talk to Aaliya, I want an answer, tell me with whom do you have an affair. Adi asks what, are you joking. Raman says do you want I m joking. Adi asks how can you think so. Ishita says Shagun and Ruhi have seen Mata rani bracelet in Pooja’s house. Adi asks who is Pooja. Ishita says Riya’s mum. Adi asks how can you think so.

Raman asks what does this mean. Ishita says we are stressed out, tell us what’s happening, tell us the truth. Raman says I want the absolute truth. Adi says fine, I have taken over a small company, its going in loss, I took a loan to make things fine, everyone respects Raman, so I didn’t wish anyone to taunt Raman. Ishita says I m so proud of you. Raman says if Adi has no affair, then its Romi. Adi says it can’t be Romi, he is working with me, he is busy with clients. Raman says maybe Shagun is mistaken then, give her some work, she gets tension, sorry to doubt on you Adi. Adi says its fine, don’t take stress, whatever you guys decide about Ruhi, I m with you. Raman says spend time with Aaliya. Adi jokes and goes. Raman says I feel maybe…. nothing.

Shagun shouts Ruhi has gone mad, Raman called, he said Ruhi wants to marry Nikhil, Ishita has spoiled her, I would have locked Ruhi, I think I should go to Bhalla house, she is my daughter. Mani says I know, Ishu has right on her first, you don’t know what you are doing, I agree with Ishu, this is happening because of you and Raman, what was the need to do that pr*stitute drama. She says I did this for Ruhi’s betterment. She gets annoyed and goes.

Aaliya comes home. Adi hugs her. Aaliya says I think my husband missed me a lot. He says nothing is fine here. She says I heard about Ruhi and Nikhil. He tells about Romi. He says Raman and Ishita think someone from our family has an affair with Pooja, they thought its me, but now if its not me, who is left, Romi, I told them that Romi was working with me, I lied to them. She asks why did you lie, does Romi has an affair. He says don’t know, someone from this house has an affair, I have to keep an eye on Romi and find out trith, don’t tell this even to Shagun. She says trust me, I won’t tell anyone.

Shagun asks how can you let Ruhi do this. Ishita says she is not listening, we are afraid she can run from home. They hear Riya and go out. Shagun says what’s Riya doing here. Riya gives a gift to Ruhi. Ruhi sees best mom’s coffee cup. She recalls giving a best mom trophy to Ishita.

Riya says Pihu told me you are marrying my dad, you will become my mumma now. Ruhi goes to Ishita and asks do you remember. Ishita says yes. Ruhi says you forgot me, you forgot a lot, my happiness doesn’t matter to you now, Riya needs me, I can’t break her heart. Shagun asks her to shut up, have you lost it. She asks everyone to say something to Ruhi, did she go mad. She says you won’t do this marriage. Ruhi says I thought just Ishita was my mum, why is anyone else deciding for my life, maybe Ishita joined hands with others. She goes. Riya stops Ishita and asks why is this aunty shouting on Ruhi. Ishita stops Shagun. She asks Riya to go in. Ishita asks Shagun not to get angry on Ruhi. Shagun asks shall we see her drama. Ruhi gets her bag and says I m leaving the house, you all don’t want me to marry Nikhil.

Mrs. Bhalla saying Ruhi won’t go anywhere, I have to do her marriage arrangements, I will get her married to Nikhil. Raman asks what are you saying. Mrs. Bhalla says I decided this, you and Ishita won’t say in between. Shagun says its about Ruhi’s life, you are taking a wrong decision, let her go if she wants, she is emotionally blackmailing. She asks Ruhi to get out. Mrs. Bhalla says we will decide about her, who are you, I don’t understand why do you come here always. Shagun says fine, Nikhil will ruin her life, remember this. She goes.

Nikhil talks to Ruhi on call. Parmeet says food is ready, congrats, now Mrs. Bhalla also agreed. Parmeet says Ruhi said Puhi has told Riya about our marriage, whats the need to involve kids. Parmeet says now Riya’s

emotions are also involved, Ishita will think ten times now, they can force Ruhi to change decision, leave it, we will have a drink, you are marrying Ruhi. Nikhil says I don’t want Riya to get involved in this. Parmeet thinks he is my biggest weapon to ruin Ishita and Raman, he can flop my plan. Ishita says Riya believes Ruhi is her mum, her emotions are also involved now. Raman asks what, a 20 year old girl is mum to ten year old kid. She says I know it doesn’t sound right, atleast Ruhi changed decision. He says mummy is supporting her. Ishita says Ruhi won’t take rash decision, she can run away from home and marry. He asks shall we just stand and see. She says I will talk to mummy ji, I know its not fine. He says I hope she listens to you. Neelu says Bala came to talk.
Bala says Amma is not fine, I asked her to come back, she is saying she will do puja and come, who will take care of her, else I would have gone. Romi says Mihika will decide, she will go Chennai, I will drop her. Ishita says it will be good. Ishita asks Raman to maintain peace and have patience, their love can make Ruhi change her decision.

Romi comes to his room and gets relaxed. Adi comes. Romi asks what happened, did you not sleep. Adi says something happened. Romi says you are taking work tension again. Adi says you will tell me truth, its not about work, its about you, how can you do this, did you not think of Mihika. Romi asks what did I do. Adi says you have an affair with Pooja right. Romi gets shocked. Adi says you are hiding this. Romi asks did you go mad. Adi says Papa and Ishita thought its me, but I m not, I lied to them that you were with me. Romi asks who told him. Adi asks where is the bracelet which Dadi gave. Romi says that doesn’t prove anything. He shows his bracelet. Adi says you didn’t wear this, so I thought…. Romi says I love my wife a lot, I was having rashes, so I didn’t wear this, its enough now, go and sleep. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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