15th Tuesday January Update On True Love


15th Tuesday January Update On True Love

Mr Rathod is dancing in his own sangeet ceremany ;Daijaa is very happy ;Tappu arrives when Mr.Rathod introduces his Daijaa to Tappu ;Daijaa gives a shocked expression seeing Tappu’s baby-bump but doesn’t say much when she sees that Mr.Rathod is cool about it ;Tappu gets a warm welcome and Mr.Rathod makes her comfortable on the sofa and himself serves the sharbat to her and tells her how its such a happy day today when he and his Daijaa r all so excited ;Tappu quietly listens to everything ..

After coming home Tappu remembers Veer and everything that has happened in past few days and cries her heart out ;Just then Ichha comes to her room with food for her and talks to Tappu’s baby and tells the baby that very soon she will make sure that the baby’s father comes back home ;Tappu looks at Ichha emotionally ;Both then feed each other Next morning Mr.Rathod is hving his haldi ceremany ;He takes Tappu’s photo and puts haldi on it too and then calls up Tappu and informs her about it ;Mr.Rathod also tells Tappu that tomorrow he will b coming to her house with baarat to take her forever ;Tappu is speechless …

Divya comes and asks about Jogi to Damini when Damini tells Divya that he has gone to meet the lawyers for Veer’s bail ;Damini also tells Divya about how Ichha is so worried on which Divya in frustation tells Damini that even Tappu is worried but it seems noone is bothered about her ;Divya leaves and Damini could feel that Divya is hving some issues against her .

Gunwanti and Umed see Satya at the police station and beg him to forgive their mistakes. He reminds them that a mother begged for them to let her son go long ago, and they did not forgive him then. Umed tells him that no one benefits from revenge, and Satya questions why he didn’t speak up when injustice was being done to him. He leaves. Both return home and give all the news that no progress has been made. Kasa returns home also and shows his remorse for not being able to help them. They all hear the sound of a baraat outside and find Rathod in their front courtyard with a huge procession. All are confused when he says he has come for his bride and finally announces that his bride is Tapasya.