16th August Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Mannu asking about Dadisaa. Gehna hugs him and says she will be back soon. Basant says, no one can separate us from Maa saa. She didn’t do anything wrong. Bhairov says, Maa saa wants us to have strength and deal everything patiently. He says, we will meet the lawyer and try to find a solution. Gehna tells them that anandi called, but she didn’t tell her anything. Bhairov says, we shall not trouble her. Amol tells everyone about his basketball practice. Shiv recalls Anandi’s words. He gets tensed. She serves him kerala dish. Ira says, Shiv don’t eat it. Anandi is about to put the veggie dish back in the bowl. Buaji stops her. Anandi goes to bring chapatis.

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Jagya looks at Dadisaa’s bed and recalls his sweet moments with his Dadisaa. He gets emotional. Ganga comes and consoles him. He asks, how did it happen so suddenly. He says, I don’t have any interest in the elections. I don’t want to contest, but Dadisaa is asking me to fight. Ganga asks him to do whatever Dadisaa says. She asks him to have faith. Jagya nods.

Amol tells Daddu that Shiv and Anandi are not talking to each other. Daddu says, Anandi is angry for the first time being a mother. He says, Shiv is always busy and did a mistake. Amol says I have to do something. Alok and Anoop come there. Daddu tells them about Anandi and Shiv’s cold war. He tells them to share an idea. Daddu says, we shall keep them alone for sometime and discusses his plan with everyone. Amol says it is a good idea.

Dadisaa is sitting in the police station lock up and recalls the incident which led her to shoot at Sooraj. She looks at her hands and sees blood coming out. She gets shocked and turns her face. She washes her hands and sees no color. She apologizes to Devimaa.

Amol tells Anandi that her teacher is taking them for picnic. He asks them to come at 11 am. Anandi asks, why they are calling the parents. Amol says, so that we can spend some good time. Anandi agrees. Daddu comes to Shiv and says my friend called me. I am going there and asks him to pick him from there at 11 am. Shiv agrees.

Everyone get ready. Buaji gets to know about their plan. She sees Anandi and Shiv coming down and says did they agree for your planning. Everyone are shocked. Shiv asks, what is the plan? Daddu says, Amol planned to have fun with his friends. Anoop says, we have to go to the temple after dropping Papaji at his friends’ place.

They reached the place. Buaji says, we shall sit somewhere. Ira says, Anandi and Shiv will come soon. Buaji says, it is a drama. Anandi didn’t understand Shiv’s helplessness. Daddu says, Shiv will be reaching soon. Amol says, mom said she will come at 11 am. Amol gets worried for his plan. Alok says, Anandi will forget everything and forgive Shiv.

Daddu tells them to hide as the car is coming. Shiv comes to there and calls Daddu. Anandi comes in another car. She asks, where is Amol. Did he asked you to come here. Shiv says, no. I came to pick Daddu from here. Anandi says, Amol came here for his school picnic. Shiv says, I don’t know. Anandi says, I shall go inside. Amol must be with his school friends. Amol prays to God. Shiv calls Anandi and says you are driving well. Anandi thanks him. Shiv asks, when you will take me for a ride. He says, some other time, when your anger goes away. Anandi hugs him. Rajastani song plays……. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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