16th December Monday Update on This is Love


16th December Monday Update on This is Love

Karan saying I love you, I can’t see you like this. Sudha says I love you too, but I want Rohan out of jail, I will confess my crime, I can’t see him there. He says I have taken care of that. He shows bail papers. She says but he has refused to get bail. He says I will convince him, I love him a lot, have some food please. She says I love you Karan. He says I love you too mom, please come. He thinks I won’t let Rohan play with our name and position. Ishita says relax Raman, minister won’t be upset with you. Minister comes. Raman apologizes. Minister says its okay, you were doing it because of drugs, nothing to worry, I m feeling too acidic since morning, I will be fine when I take medicines, I wanted to talk to you about imp project, you are a brilliant businessman,

can you help in this. Raman says sure, we can talk about it later when you are fine. Minister says its just stomach ache, I m fine.
Yug gets ready and says we shall go. Vishal says we can’t find that girl. Ranbir says yes, all the girls will be south indian in that south indian temple, how will we identify her. Yug says yes, her photo is in my heart. Vishal says don’t get emotional, I have a friend who is sketch artist, if we make that girl’s pic with her, it will be good. Yug says great, call him. He describes Aaliya and smiles. Ek ladki ko….plays….. He sees the sketch and smiles. He says she is the one, until I meet her, I won’t be at peace. He hugs the man and thanks him. The man goes. Ranbir says we have to go to temple to find her, come.

Raman says you look unwell. Minister says its acidity. He gets medicines. Ishita says its a stroke, get these medicines, his health is really bad. Ranbir says we have asked pujari also, there is no clue about that girl, this is last temple, if we don’t find her, we are going home. Yug says no, we will find her. Vishal says the pujari is new here, he knows nothing. Yug says its a big temple, we need to spread out, go there. Vishal sees a woman and goes to see her face.

She slaps him. The women gather and scold him. He says I m a decent kid. Yug comes and says sorry. He slaps Vishal for teasing women. He says women are like Devi, respect them. Kiran comes and doesn’t see Yug. Kiran asks the matter. The lady says a guy was teasing, his friend was good and took him. Ranbir goes to get sketch. Yug says sorry, I did this to save you. Ranbir says I m tired now. Yug says now we will go to south indian restaurants, its going to be fun. Vishal asks how will we find her. Yug says I have got the form for you, and I had eaten 200 rasgulla in competition for you, we will find her, we are fit and strong. Vishal and Ranbir agree.

Doctor checks minister and asks who has given tablet to him. The man says Ishita has given it. Doctor says good work, she saved his life from stroke, call me if there is anything. Minister says you saved my life for the second time, you bravely came between me and Raman, you could have got shot. She says no, I m sure he can never hurt me. He says you can ask me for help anytime. Raman says I need a favor, a woman has troubled my family a lot, she is a reputed lady, you know her well. Ishita says I request you to get Rohan released, take the case back. Minister asks why do you want to save him. She says Rohan is a nice guy, he didn’t know about drugs, someone else was behind it. Minister asks are you sure. She says yes. He says fine, if you say, I will ask my assistant to withdraw the case. He goes.

At cafe, Shagun asks what, you want Rohan to get bail, why, he deserves this. Aaliya says I know you are angry with him, he didn’t do anything, trust me, I have seen changes in him, he looks after everyone, he didn’t return with his mom, he is living with us to help, he helped Ishita and Raman too, he was very wicked but he changed. Shagun says tell me one thing, are you missing Adi. Aaliya says of course I miss Adi, but he did wrong, I feel bad, he will always be a part of my life, but I don’t want to think of him, I don’t want to be hurt. Shagun thinks Ishita said right, I think past should be in the past, I can’t let Aaliya meet Yug, maybe Aaliya wants to make a new start with Rohan, I want to encourage her. Aaliya asks what are you thinking. Shagun says lets go and smiles. Raman asks why didn’t you let me say about Sudha. Ishita says I found out that Sudha’s manager is behind this, I have no proof against Sudha, what could we do, manager would never blame Sudha, she is very intelligent, she will bribe him and ask him to take blame, how could we prove this, its imp to save Rohan, he has changed, he is living at Amma’s house to prove that he has changed, he really loves Aaliya, we have to find proof against Sudha. He says fine, you reform him, I will handle Sudha.

Vishal and Ranbir complaining to Yug. He asks them to have fresh lime soda if they have upset stomach. He calls out waiter. He imagines Aaliya and smiles. He holds her hand. Ek ladki ko dekha….plays… Everyone laughs seeing him holding waiter’s hand. Vishal and Ranbir stop him. They scold him and ask them to come, its so humiliating. They take Yug. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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