16th May Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa saying she has prepared something special and that is Papaya’s dish. Everyone gets elated to see it. Dadisaa serves Jagya and Ganga. She says anyone can eat except pregnant ladies. Everyone eats it and compliments Dadisaa for preparing the delicious dish. Ganga hesitates to eat, Dadisaa asks her to eat. She takes the first bite and says she liked the dish. She tells Mannu didn’t have food and says she will go and check on him. She makes an excuse and leaves.

Shiv recalls about the past happenings about his identity and parents. Anandi comes and says she knows what is going on in his mind. She asks him not to keep himself away from everyone. She says everyone is caring and worried about him. She says you have planned to celebrate maa and papa’s anniversary but what happened to you now. They have fulfilled their duty as your parents. Don’t you feel to talk to them.

Shiv says he can’t make his heart understand it. He gets only one question, whether maa knows about it and if now, then who knows about it? Why she stopped us from adopting a child? If I am adopted then why she didn’t tell me. Shiv is determined to know about his parents. Anandi says we will find the answers to your every questions and asks him to behave normally with everyone. Shiv says he can’t be normal until he finds out the truth. Shiv says Sarla might know the truth and says they will go to meet Sarla in the morning.

Ganga feeds the Papaya dish to the cow and asks for forgiveness from Devimaa. Gehna sees it, Ganga says she didn’t Papaya dish and that’s why…. Gehna says you should have told Maasa straightaway that you don’t like the dish. She says she is understanding. She says you didn’t do a mistake and asks her to come to have tea. After Gehna leaves, Ganga feels bad as she has lied to Gehna about not liking papaya dish. She promises that she will asks for forgiveness after fulfilling their wish.

Saachi comes to the restaurant to meet her friends. Ankita tells her that her friends knows about her and they are cool about it. Some guy named Saurav comes and Saachi looks at him. He hugs all the girls one by one including Saachi. He asks Saachi’s name. Saachi tells her name. He says he has planned some surprise for them and Saachi to hang with them. Saachi agrees.

Jagya helps Ganga in keeping the stuff above the almara. They have an eye lock. Jagya slips from the stool and Ganga gets hurt in the process. Jagya asks her to eat medicines but Ganga thinks it is bad for her baby and refuses to eat it. Dadisaa comes and scolds Jagya. Ganga says she will apply the turmeric oil and will be fine. Dadisaa praises her and says she has massage oil. Jagya agrees.

Shiv and Anandi come to Sarla’s house. Sarla is shocked to see them. Shiv says they need to talk to her. Sarla says she has to go for some work. Shiv says we will not take your enough time. He asks, why you called my mom and asked for forgiveness. Sarla says she misunderstood and told her that she gave birth to still born baby. Shiv tells her about the information written in the register. Sarla says she did a mistake and that’s why called Ira to rectify her mistake. Shiv says it is a matter of my identity. Shiv says I can send you to Jail. Anandi says it is a matter of his identity and he is pained. He wants to find his parents. Sarla says you came to the wrong door and asks them to go. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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