16th September Monday Update on This is Love


16th September Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita saying baby doesn’t have any fever. Mihika says 103… we should get him checked by a doctor. Raman says we can take him. Ishita takes the baby. Mihika says why does the baby cry in your lap always. She takes the baby from Ishita and goes. Simmi goes and calls Parmeet. She says I have added bitter juice in gripe water bottle. Amma says they will come soon. Mihika comes home. She says baby doesn’t have a fever, don’t know why thermometer showed 103 fever, doctor asked us to give gripe water. Amma says I will take baby to my house. Ishita says I will pack bags. Mihika goes. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to be upset, baby is close. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla not to worry, she will ward off bad sight. Bala comes home and asks did the baby sleep. Amma says yes. Door bell rings. Bala goes to check. The lady says my son won’t come to your class, return the money. Bala says he was average student, he gets good marks now.

Mrs. Bhalla comes. The lady says its because of Swati Shukla, she is a Godwoman, she changes lives of people, she changed my son’s life. Bala says you should teach your son to work hard. The lady says Swati did a miracle, my son used to stay unwell, he is fine. He says fine, I have no problem, I will return money tomorrow, look what you have done, you woke up the baby, the baby is ill. Ishita says I have got gripe water for him, he will be fine. She feeds the gripe water.

Baby cries. Mrs. Bhalla says he is still crying. Amma says doctor said he is fine, but he is crying. Bala asks the lady to go. She asks them to take baby to Swati Shukla, she will cure the baby. Ishita says we don’t believe in all this. Mrs. Bhalla says she is right. She takes the lady with her. She asks is Mata ji powerful. The lady says she is well educated, she can cure people, she doesn’t take money, you can just take the person or his pic to her, she will tell the problem and solution, I will give her address. Parmeet looks on and smiles. The lady says go today itself. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. She comes to Swati.

Swati says you are worried for your grandson, give me his birthchart. She checks and says he doesn’t have parents, he has been crying since last night. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Simmi says my mum went to meet Swati, did you explain Swati. The lady says yes. Simmi gives her money. The lady goes. Simmi says how can you be so cool. Parmeet says we are doing this for Ananya. She says we did good to involve this lady. He says I know, wait and watch, mummy will do anything to make Ishita out. Swati says I can see a woman, who is always around, she loves the baby a lot, but a bad spirit is also around. Mrs. Bhalla asks what, evil spirit. Swati says humans are bad, its not a spirit. Mrs. Bhalla asks who is the bad spirit, tell me. Swati says someone from family, your grandson will fall more ill, even doctor can’t cure him. Mrs. Bhalla worries.

Swati says the murderer is a woman, her name starts with I, is there any such person in your house, this can be the person who must harm him. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is my bahu, she can’t do this, she protects her children. Swati says you think I m lying, your bahu killed your grandson. Mrs. Bhalla says that’s true. Swati says Adi is a restless soul because of Ishita, he has come back as your great grandson, he can’t survive if the bas spirit is around, the baby can’t protect himself, you have to protect him. Mrs. Bhalla says do something, please save my child. Swati says mantras won’t work, you need to decide who is more imp, Adi or Ishita, if you don’t take right decision, you will lose your grandson again. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked.

Simmi says Swati didn’t call, it means mummy didn’t come in our trap, she will never go against Ishita. He says have patience, she will not want to lose Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says do something, please save my child. Swati gives a bottle and says give this medicine to that bad spirit, she will get away from Adi’s life, don’t worry, you are doing this for the sake of the baby. Mrs. Bhalla goes. Swati calls Parmeet. He asks did Mrs. Bhalla come in your words. Swati says yes, she will save the baby, she will use the poison to kill Ishita. He asks will that medicine work. She says yes, this chemical won’t be traced in blood test, we Godmen and women make people so scared that they get ready to do anything. Simmi asks what happened. He says our work is done, we have to make sure that mummy ji doesn’t back out, that medicine is going to kill Ishita.

Ishita saying we thought maybe the baby is crying because of medicines or toys, we changed the medicines and got a new batch, room is cleaned with disinfectant, will you come back, everyone is missing him. Mihika says of course. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of Swati’s words. She sees Ishita with baby. The baby cries. Ishita says he is crying again. Mihika says maybe he is hungry, I will feed him, feeder is kept inside. She takes baby with her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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