17th April Wednesday Update on Young Love

Bhairo is leaving for work, but Dadisa stops him and tells him to take dinner with him as he will return late. They are waiting for Sumi to bring it. Sarpanj and other villagers come there. They take Jagya’s side and say this time when Jagya returned, he is not like how he used to be. He has really changed. They request Jagya’s family to accept Ganga saying they should agree with Jagya if he wants to spend his life with Ganga. Sumi comes and says, we know everyone worries a lot for our family, but some matters are our personal matters and it will be better if you don’t interfere in that. Dadisa supports Sumi and tells the villagers not to feel bad but it’s their personal matter and they can’t take anyone’s advice in that. Whatever decision has to be made, they will have to make by themselves. She then says, but whatever decision we make, villagers won’t have any problem. Hospital will run as it has been running.. Jagya will still be there. Sarpanj and the villagers apologise Jagya’s family and leave from there.

Sumi is angry and says, what magic that Ganga did on everyone that they are taking her side. She puts lunchbox there and leaves in anger. Bhairo leaves for the work.

Bhairo comes out and recalls Jagya’s words about Sanchi’s conversation with her friends, and then the villagers coming and speaking in Jagya’s favour. He then says to himself, these many people can’t be wrong.. nor voice from my heart. Many people got hurt by what Jagya did, but I don’t think his intentions were to hurt anyone.

Jagya is at a mandir and he talks with a priest. He says he will do all the arrangements. He then receives a call from Bhairo. Bhairo says, I want to meet and talk to you. Jagya says, I will come wherever and whenever you say. Bhairo asks where are you right now? Jagya says, in a mandir.. Bhairo says, you wait there, I am coming.

Mannu seems in a bad mood. He is throwing all his toys down. Ganga picks them up and puts back on the sofa. He again throws them down. Ganga says, is this a way to play with toys? Lal’s wife comes and says, seems like Mannu is angry. Ganga says, don’t know what happened.. after doctor sahab left, he started behaving like this. Lal’s wife cheers Mannu up saying he should be happy as Jagya won’t leave him any time again as he became his father. She teaches him how to say Bapusa (Father). Mannu says it and smiles.

Anandi is preparing breakfast for someone in the kitchen. Ira comes and says, if you’re done, then I want to make breakfast for Sanchi. Anandi says, it’s ready.. I made her favourite breakfast. Ira says, you don’t need to trouble yourself for Sanchi. I will manage.

Bhairo meets Jagya outside the mandir. He says, I heard you’re living at Lal’s house. Jagya says, yes… he forced me a lot so I couldn’t say no. Bhairo says, do you remember what I said to you when you returned after doing your MS course that I am proud of you.. you proved us wrong and you’re really changed now. But after what happened in hospital other day, it affected my trust on you. Right now forgetting what you did and everything else, I came to ask why did you do this? You said you were changed, then why this new Jagya acted like old Jagya? Jagya says, it’s my bad luck that decision that I made for my family’s good.. became the reason for their sorrow. He continues, I was never ready for the marriage, but when everyone forced me a lot, I said yes. Then Sanchi’s rishta came. If you remember, I was shocked at that time because I never thought like that Sanchi. Bhairo asks, then why did you say yes? Jagya says, for everyone’s happiness and promise that I made to Anandi. You all liked Sanchi and I had told Anandi whenever I marry, she will choose life partner for me. When Anandi and her family came with Sanchi’s rishta, I thought Anandi chose Sanchi for me, so I couldn’t say no. But trust me, I just found out that Anandi didn’t choose Sanchi for me. He then tells him about his and Anandi’s conversation in the restaurant. He continues, And I already told you all what Sanchi thinks and said about our family. After all that, Sanchi said everyone that she lied and just said all that to her friends to save herself from them teasing her, but I can differentiate when someone just says like that or means it for real. Whatever Sanchi said that day.. came from her heart. She wanted to marry me, but she had no respect or love for our family. If I had married her, then you all would be in more pain.. and Sanchi’s life would have got destroyed as well. I didn’t realise this when I heard Sanchi talking to her friends.. whenever I spent time with her, I found her very different. She wouldn’t be able keep our family happy.. nor herself.

Bhairo says, I agree that Sanchi is different, you two are no match, and you did the right thing by refusing for your rishta with her. But I still don’t understand one thing.. why did you fill Ganga’s maang? You doing that made everyone think that you’re the culprit.. and you broke rishta with Sanchi, just so you can get married to Ganga.

Dadisa is on the terrace. A kite falls there. She looks at it and remembers Jagya’s childhood memories. She says, before taking such a big decision.. you could have at least talked to me once. I could have helped to solve your mess, but You never gave me chance. I had thought that I will never be sort of forgiveness to give you, but now I can’t find it even if I search for it. The wound is very deep.. on top of that my age.. dont know what will go first.. me or this wound?


jagya says i didnt just fill her maang by getting emotional.. there is only one reason for it – which is i love ganga. i want to spend my entire life with her.. there is another truth.. i didnt have anything like this in my mind to do that.. but after how everyone treated ganga when we returned from Mangalore…. i only thought of this one way. When i thought who that will be with whom i can spend my life.. only one face came in front of me.. ganga’s.. ganga really loves our family and has respect for everyone.. if u trust me then have a trust on my decision too.. i did what was best for our family.. when doing that i didnt think about hurting anyone else. Yes.. if i did wrong to anyone, then its ganga.. didnt ask her whether she wants to marry me or no .. right now she doesnt even know if she is a wife or no.. that is why i m getting married ganga in this same temple.. to complete my incomplete responsibility.. but look at my luck.. tomorrow we will get married but no one from our family will b there to give us blessings.

He continues, despite becoming each others.. we will live an incomplete life.. without our family.This was my truth. You tell me whether i m right or wrong.. bhairo is quiet for a moment.. and then hugs him. He says, you’re not wrong. i have full faith in u.. and I am proud of u as well.. You listened to your heart. and you had no wrong intentions. Then how can you be wrong? My blessings and trust are both with you. Jagya gets emotional.

Ira is trying to make Sanchi eat the breakfast, but Sanchi doesn’t eat. Ira says, everything is your favorite. Sanchi says, nothing is my favorite anymore. I don’t want to eat. All other Shekars come there now. Mahi says, we have decided that we won’t eat anything if you don’t eat.. so we all came to you with our breakfast. Anandi says, little, but you will have to eat something with us. Ira tells Sanchi, everyone came here for you. Daddu tries to make Sanchi eat in his funny way, but Sanchi still doesn’t eat. Shiv puts his hand on Sanchi and leaves from there. Daddu still doesn’t give up and says a shayri to cheer Sanchi up. She finally gives a small smile. Everyone then feeds her, starting with Daddu. When Anandi comes, Sanchi says, no bhabhi.. I don’t want to eat now.. I am full. She hugs Daddu and says, I am troubling you all a lot, right? Daddu says, not at all.. we all feel bad seeing you like this.. start going out.. if you don’t want to go out with others, then I am here.. daddu and granddaughter will go out.. I am still young. Sanchi smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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