17th December Monday Update On This is Love

Everyone is smiling and complimenting Adi. Mr. Bhalla fixes a diamond brooch. He says when you were born, we could not gift you anything, I decided to give you diamond brooch in your marriage, this is our love. Mrs. Bhalla blesses and hugs Adi. Bala comes with Shravan. He says this jacket is not fitting Shravan. He compliments Shravan. Shravan says jacket is tight, I gained weight. Ishita says then keep button open, you look good, none will see jacket. Raman asks Ishita to go and get ready. She says I m groom’s mum, I was making other ready, where is Roshni, did she not get ready. Adi looks at Romi. Ruhi says don’t know. Ishita says I will go and get her. She asks Roshni to get ready for sangeet. Roshni asks what will I do there.

Ishita says you will enjoy there,
stop feeling awkward, you have to be there, what about the new clothes I got for you, I will feel bad, get ready, cab is coming. Aaliya asks Mani is he ready. Mani says yes. He sees Aaliya and smiles. He says my Aaliya is going to get married, I m going to see you as bride. She hugs him. Shagun says stop emotional drama, tears don’t look in bride’s eyes, her makeup will spoil. She gifts bangles to Aaliya. She asks where is your engagement ring, go and wear it. Aaliya checks for ring. Shagun comes and says relax, you think well, where did you keep it.

Aaliya says wait and checks the table. She says did the ring go with beautician, wax strips were here. Shagun says we will pick it on the way. Aaliya says no, reach the venue, Ishita will panic, I will go and get the ring. Shagun asks her to leave soon. Aaliya calls Gagan and says I will come along with you in sangeet, police will come and arrest Adi. Gagan asks him not to interfere, and tell venue address. Ashok tells him address. Gagan ends call. Ashok says O want Gagan to teach a good lesson to Adi, he killed a man, he can’t celebrate happiness.

Aaliya thanks the lady. The lady says sorry, don’t know how ring came with our things. She compliments Aaliya. Aaliya thanks her and wears the ring. She gets Shagun’s call. She says finally I got the ring, I m reaching in 15 mins. Gagan asks the men to find hotel by maps. He sees Aaliya and thinks she will take me to Adi, I will see how Adi celebrates his sangeet.

Raman welcomes the guests. Mani and Shagun come. Ishita and Raman ask for Aaliya. Shagun says she had to change hairdo and went to salon, she is on the way. Mani asks Shagun to relax, Aaliya will come. The man says its good you did not invite Ashok, he said I took bribe from you and gave you this contract. Raman asks him to enjoy party. Ishita asks Raman not to think about Ashok. Raman says he got strange these days. She says leave it, our son is getting married, enjoy this moment. Raman says I think you are right, see Adi has come.

Adi greets everyone. Everyone smile. Ruhi says Aaliya is on the way, she will come soon. Roshni hears this. Aaliya comes there. Roshni sees Gagan coming after Aaliya, and gets shocked. She thinks what is he doing here. She says Gagan already did bad with them, if he knows Adi is remarrying, he will kill them, if he takes me to Khandpur then, Gagan can trouble them, I have to do something. She looks for Adi.

Romi asks the men to be careful and not let anyone come inside without invitation. Roshni looks on. The lady stop Gagan. Gagan says I don’t need invitation. Roshni tells guards about Gagan. Guards argue with Gagan. Gagan says its imp for me to go inside, I will raise hand then it will be a fight, its not needed here. Roshni says Gagan is not leaving, I have to tell Adi to be careful.

Ishita, Ruhi and everyone compliment Aaliya. Aaliya and Adi see each other and smile. Ruhi and Mihika tease Aaliya. Mihika asks Aaliya to come, sangeet is today. They go. Aaliya says sorry, I got late. Adi says I m ready to wait for you always, if you look pretty like this. Bala welcomes everyone in sangeet.

Adi and Aaliya get seated. Bala says sangeet will be different, this is a competition, old generation versus new generation, old generation will dance on new songs and new generation will dance on old songs, welcome Raman and Shagun for their performance. Ishita cheers for them. Raman and Shagun perform on Tamma Tamma….. Everyone clap.

The ladies compliment Raman and Shagun. Ishita says amazing. Everyone praise their performance. Mrs. Bhalla says we will win. Adi says yes you guys danced well. Aaliya says Adi I m scared. Roshni looks on. Mihika reminds Aaliya about her friends. Aaliya asks Adi to come. She meets her friends. Roshni sees Adi. Romi gets Roshni away and asks what’s your problem, why are you after Adi. Roshni says I have to talk to him. He says no need, its Adi and Aaliya’s sangeet, stay away from him. Roshni says how to tell Adi about the problem, how to reach Adi, Romi is also keeping an eye on me, Devi Maa show me some way. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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