19th June Wednesday Update on Young Love

Bhairov asking Dadisaa, did Jagya tell anything? Dadisaa says no, he just said that he wants to talk to everyone about something important. Jagya and Ganga comes down. Bhairov asks, what is the matter? Jagya says, I want to legally adopt Mannu so that I can give my name to him, and for that I needs Ratan Singh permission. Everyone are shocked. Dadisaa says, why his permission is needed? Jagya says, it matters to law and his permission is important. I met the lawyer and this is no other way out. I have to meet him and take his written permission. Sumitra says, you will not go to meet him. Dadisaa declares that you both will not go to that devil Ratan Singh. Jagya says, I agreed with both of you but it is about Mannu and his future. If Ratan Singh’s name is connected with Mannu, then he have to face so many troubles. We have to talk to Ratan Singh for his future. I will go alone to meet him. Bhairov gives him permission to meet Ratan Singh and asks him to take the lawyer with him. Dadisaa is still hesitant and not convinced. She says, we have to do this if they is no other way out.

Anandi gives tea to Shiv. Shiv asks her to sit. Anandi says, I have to wake up Amol and tells about the yesterday’s night incident. She says, will we able to take care of him? Shiv says, ofcourse. Anandi says, he is emotional and sensitive and we have to make him happy. Shiv nods in a yes. Anandi says, I am going to Amol. Anandi gives milk to Amol after he freshen up. Shiv enters the room wearing puppet on his hand. Amol smiles. He asks Amol to finish the milk fast. Amol drinks the milk. Amol laughs as Shiv talks like a puppet. They have a lovely time together. Anandi and Shiv smile looking at Amol.

Ratan Singh gets angry seeing Jagya. Jagya says, I came to get your signature on the adoption papers of Mannu. It is written that you don’t have any objection. Ratan Singh laughs. Jagya says, it is important for Mannu’s future. Ratan Singh asks him to cut the crap. He says, I don’t want to talk to you and asks him to send Ganga to meet him. Jagya says, Ganga won’t come and asks him to talk to him. He says, court gave Mannu’s custody to Ganga and asks him to sign on the papers. Ratan Singh refuses to sign on the adoption papers and goes gaga over Jagya’s achievements. He says, I would have show you what I can do, if I am not here. Jagya asks him to think about Mannu.

Ratan Singh asks, why you are after my son, now Ganga gave birth to your son leave my son. Jagya asks, how do you know? Ratan Singh says, I knows everything and asks him to return Mannu. Ratan Singh takes an oath to kidnap Jagya’s son. Jagya asks, how dare you? Ganga prays to Devimaa for Jagya’s safety and says he went to meet that devil Ratan Singh. She says, Jagya is the devta and he went to meet him for Mannu’s future. She says, Jagya loves Mannu very much like a real father. She requests Devimaa to help Jagya succeed.

Jagya says, lawyer was right and I didn’t want to force you but I am not having any other way to agree you. Lawyer says, if you don’t sign on the papers then you have to give 25000 Rs monthly to Ganga as a alimony. If you sign on the papers then Jagya will take care of your responsibilties. It is your decision now. Ratan Singh says, do you want to scare me? It is a nonsense. Lawyer says, every lawyer will give you same opinion. Jagya says, lets go. He won’t understand. Ratan Singh asks them to stop.

Shiv is getting ready for office. He hugs Anandi and tells Amol that your mother will give you a bath today. Amol is hesitant to remove his clothes, Anandi says, mother knows everything and she takes care of the child. Anandi gives him bath. Amol happily enjoys the bath. Anandi says, my son is a good boy. She then massages his body with baby cream. Amol asks, how I am looking? Anandi says, very handsome. Amol asks, like Papa? Anandi says, more handsome than Papa. Amol smiles.

Ganga is thinking in the kitchen. Dadisaa asks, why you came here. Ganga says, I was boiling milk for Mannu. Dadisaa says it is burnt. Ganga says, I was thinking. Dadisaa says, Ratan Singh can’t do anything to Jagya and asks her not to worry about Jagya. Sumitra says, I will make tea for you. Dadisaa says, I had it just now. Sumitra is worried for Jagya. Dadisaa says, Jagya will come home happily. Ganga asks, why you came to the kitchen. Dadisaa says, I just came. Ganga says, even Dadisaa is worried but not showing her fears. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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