1st May Wednesday Update on This is Love

Ishita asking Raman will he not buy anything for family. He says Simmi will manage. She asks him will he not take anything by himself. He says I will take Hungarian cheese for mummy. She laughs and says you take strange things for family, you are very cute. He says I like talking to you, come. Mani pays the money and says Aaliya’s loan is over now, stay away from her. The man says you explain her to control her habits. Mani says I will see that, you just stay away. He leaves. The man goes to Parmeet and hands over the money to him. He says it happened as you said, Mani paid double. Parmeet says Aaliya will come to take loan again, my wife and I will make sure of this, don’t worry. The man goes.

Ruhi asks where are Ishimaa and Raman. Aaliya says you can call him Papa.

Ruhi says like work like name. Adi says he calls me manager, he doesn’t remember family, since Ishita went to jail, his state is such. Ruhi says he did bad with me, he made Nikhil out of my life, he asked Parmeet and made me out of office, he could have asked me directly to leave, I would have left. Aaliya says he doesn’t know what he is saying. Ruhi says he was fine before, he accepted son and bahu, and made daughter away, Parmeet didn’t let me meet Raman, he was kicking out of the house, I m staying in the house as a stranger, I m staying as a PG, is this my life, what did Raman do for me, if he has no interest in becoming my dad, I have no interest, stop this emotional blackmail, don’t try to change things, its a waste of time, I understand my fate doesn’t have love, I m used to it, so stop trying. She goes.

Aaliya stops Adi. She thinks I remember Simmi and Parmeet didn’t let Ruhi meet Raman and made her out of office, so these problems got created, I have to tell this to Ishita. Ishita and Raman reach at some place. She asks for a coin. He asks what are you doing. She says I m making a wish, its said that wish gets fulfilled at this place. He jokes. She says belief is important in life. He says fine, do it. He looks at her and thinks why do I feel I know her since many years. She makes a wish and throws the coin. He says if you have belief, I will try, I also have a coin, I will join my belief to yours. He makes a wish and throws coin. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…. They leave and have a city tour.

Romi sees Mihika’s pic. He says I wish Raman was here, he would have helped me, I miss you Bhai. Mr. Bhalla gets angry seeing wine bottle and scolds him. Romi says I m not drinking wine, I was just cursing myself for that night, it was all because of wine, you won’t believe me, my track record is bad, will Mihika believe me. Mr. Bhalla says children may do many mistakes but parents try to rectify it, I will also try, I need someone’s support to explain Mihika. Romi says Bala is ready to support us. Mr. Bhalla says Bala won’t be enough alone, call him and tell him that we want to meet. Romi thanks and hugs him.

Raman and Ishita have a talk. He asks what do you like in veg. She asks him to say what will he like to have. He says palak paneer. She recalls his words and asks do you like it, what else do you like. He says chole with sambar, strange, don’t know why. Adi, Aaliya and Ruhi join them. Ishita says this lunch is from my side. Raman looks for medicines. Ishita asks what are you finding. Simmi and Shagun come. Simmi says Raman is finding pills.

Raman says I have headache, give me medicines. Simmi says Adi told me that Raman is here. Aaliya thinks why did Adi call Simmi here. Simmi gives medicines and says its very imp. Ishita recalls Ashok’s words. She says I have to talk to you, its work related, shall we go out and talk. Simmi says we can go later. Ishita says its imp, please come. Raman asks Simmi to go. Aaliya takes Adi out and asks why did you get Simmi and Shagun there. He asks what’s the problem. Mani calls Adi and says I paid 15 lakhs, I wanted to end this, you have to talk to Aaliya. Adi says fine, I will talk to her. He ends call. He asks Aaliya why did she do this, the man reached home to get money, everyone would have known it, stop behaving like kids. She says sorry, I realized my mistake. He asks her to stop it. He says I m fed up of you, you can’t leave this bad addiction. She says I m sorry, listen to me, you can’t treat me like this, fine I will understand you don’t love me. He says I don’t love you. She says fine, lets end this. He says you want to end this. She says yes, this stupid relation, it has no understanding, we both will be happy by ending this. She goes.

Ishita says I know you are giving medicines to Raman, by which he is forgetting everything. Simmi smiles and says I know, I m intentionally giving this to him, so that he never thinks of you. Ishita gets shocked. She says you are hurting him, why are you doing this, mark my words, I won’t let this happen with Raman. Simmi asks will you tell everyone, you think everyone will believe you, entire Bhalla family listens to me. Ishita scolds her. Simmi says you killed my daughter. Ishita says you are doing this for Parmeet. Simmi says don’t take his name, what are you talking of love, you are a murderer. Ishita says take revenge from me, hurt me, what did Raman do. Simmi says I m taking revenge from you by hurting Raman, I want this. Ishita feels disgusting. She asks what happened to you, I m warning you, end this matter else, that family which respects you will spit on you, they will kick you out of the house. Raman comes and says stop it, what’s this way to talk to my sister, you are threatening her.

Raman asking Ishita is she threatening Simmi. He says you are our investor, it doesn’t mean you talk to my sister like this, we have to cancel this deal if you talk such, you have to apologize to her if you want this deal, my family is my strength. Ishita says I don’t want to end this association, I m sorry. He says I m sorry, but please, next time. She says I will be careful. He goes. Simmi laughs and taunts Ishita. She says I hope you understood my brother is in my hands, I just let him remember the things that I want, you both got separated forever. Ishita says we have old record, we always come close, whoever comes in between, our love breaks every wall, we have a companionship of seven births, our love can’t end because of you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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