1st October Tuesday Update on Young Love


1st October Tuesday Update on Young Love

Gulli crying. Anandi comes to her and asks what happened. Gulli shows her food dishes which are empty. Gulli says, someone threw the food in the trash bin and wonders what to serve everyone. Anandi says it might be Subhadra’s work. Subhadra tells Hardik, when your wife will serve food. Ira calls Gulli and Anandi. Subhadra thinks, nothing is there. Gulli brings a plate and apologizes. Daddu says, he was waiting for food. Gulli serves them sandwiches. Daddu says, it is good for a change. Everyone get the sandwiches. Daddu praises it.

Anoop says it is very tasty. Gulli says, it is just a starter and three dishes will be coming. They serve burger then. Alok says, it is good to try different thing in a week. Then they serve pizza. Daddu blesses Gulli. Anandu and Gulli smiles. Ira asks them to have dinner.

Anandi gets Jagya’s call. He asks her to come there fast. Anandi says, it means Tausaa brought that special sweets for me and asked you to call me. Jagya says, he didn’t say anything. Now he won’t say anything to anyone. He left all of us for forever. Anandi gets shocked and teary eyed. The plate falls from her hands. Jagya wipes his tears. Everyone is shocked and rush to Anandi. Shiv takes the call. Jagya informs him about Tausaa’s death. Shiv asks, how and when? Jagya tells him everything.

A flashback is shown. Shiv is shocked and tells Jagya that he is reaching there. Anandi cries. Ira consoles her. Shiv tells them that Basant died. Everyone is shocked. Shiv tells them about his accident. Gulli cries and says we have to reach there. Shiv says, you can’t go there as Dadisaa asked you to stay here. Daddu says, newly married woman can’t go. They leave.

At haveli, Gehna cries. Jagya informs Dadisaa that Anandi and Shiv will be reaching here. Dadisaa asks about Bhairov and Sumitra. Jagya says, they couldn’t believe it. They can’t come till next week because of bad weather. Lal Singh says, we can’t wait longer as his body is wounded. Dadisaa says, Bhairov can’t even see his brother for the last time. Some woman asks Dadisaa to let them take their son for the last rites. Dadisaa says, it is God’s wish and cries. She asks her son to take her with him. How can I live without you. Gehna and Nandu cries. Jagya hugs Dadisaa and cries.

Subhadra gives ginger tea to Hardik. She sees him speaking with his american friend and says you should have married her instead of villager Gulli. Hardik says, I can’t believe this. He says, I can’t leave Gulli. She is my wife. I love her. Subhadra says, you can’t handle her even for a year. Hardik asks her not to speak like that for Gulli. Gulli comes and hears them. Subhadra leaves and tells Gulli that she will make her leave from the house. Gulli comes to Hardik and thanks him for loving and supporting her. Hardik says, thanks not required. I am your husband. They have a hug. Gulli praises him and promises to win Subhadra’s heart.

Basant’s dead body awaits for the final rites. Anandi, Shiv and their family come there. Anandi runs and falls on Basant’s feet while crying miserably. Dadisaa consoles her. Anandi hugs Gehna and cries. Shiv gives the pot to Nandu. Shiv, Jagya hold Basant’s body and takes him for the last rites. Gehna cries inconsolably. Dadisaa looks on with teary eyes.

Basant’s last rites. Nandu performs his father’s last rites and cries. Panditji asks him to give fire to his brother. Nandu refuses. Panditji asks Jagya to help Nandu. Nandu cries and says no. Jagya makes him understand to give the agni. Nandu gives fire to his father’s dead body. Jagya then gives the fire. Sad music plays. He hugs Nandu and gets teary eyed.

Saurabh comes home and looks for Saachi. He comes to her room and sees her nighty on the bed. He thinks of a plan and smirks holding the nighty.

Anandi is in the kitchen looks sadly. Ganga comes there. Anandi tells her that sugar is not there and asks for the bog box. Ganga tells her the direction. Anandi takes out the sugar. Anandi says, bahu’s can’t work now, only daughters can take care of house at this time. She asks about Gehna. Ganga said that Dadisaa sent Taisaa for bath. Anandi says, she will give tea for Gehna. Ganga says, I will come with you.




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