20th March Wednesday Update on True Love


20th March Wednesday Update on True Love

Rathod telling to himself that he came in wrong time but veer tells him to come and sit in. Rathod says veer that dey adopted a child and invites dem for the name ceremony. Rathod asks abt iccha and the child. Veer tells him that the baby is dead. They both leave. Rathod will be angry on tappu as she didn’t tell him abt veecha’s baby. Tappu says sry by catching her ears. Chanda says mai that even iccha is good she lost her child and tapasya is not like that and she is very happy with her baby. Do you think thhat iccha will go to the name ceremony of Rasya’s child…Mai angrily goes away from there saying her to ask that to iccha only. Divya is getting ready to go to the name ceremony with the gifts with the help of rohini. Pushkar comes and tells them that he cant come as he is not feeling well. Divya tells rohini go stay with him.

Tapasysa calls veer and apologises for coming at the wrong time and veer tells her that how can u be so insessitive..You know we lost our baby..Tapu shouts at him that sh is apologising him for coming at the wrong time and it is not that evrytime what she does is wrong. And she asks him if they are coming to the ceremony..Veer replies that they r not coming and aslo tells her to inform rathod. Veer tells abt the rasya’s baby name ceremony to iccha and tells her that they are not going. Iccha convinces him to go.

Rasya inviting all the guests..Jogi and divya comes and tappu asks abt pushkar and rohini.Veer and baba comes and Rathod tells that he felt happy.Veer tells jogi iccha told me to tell u that “Himmat karne vaalo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti” Veer takes the baby into his hands and baba tells that he likes kids.Nani tells Veer that ur baby might be in ur hands now.Priest gives a thread and tells rathod to tie it to the baby.Rathod ties that thread with veer’s help.

The ceremony starts and priest tells 5them to keep a name with ‘y’ and rasya keeps his name as yuvraj . Iccha is in the garden with muktha and chanda brings milk for muktha.Chanda tells iccha that i didn’t like tappu coming here giving the invitation card…Nani then comes there telling chanda that u like to put fire btw dem…she tells iccha to cme for the ceremony as she feels tapu as her sister and iccha denies.Nani asks her to cme atleast for jogi who always took care for her. Daddaji asks abt kasa and chanda to mai and she says him that kasa went to bring kanha from the school and chanda is doing seva for muktha.Chanda comes there and mai asks her if iccha has made u aaya for muktha ..

They listen some sound . Kanha breaks the T.V and daddaji tells kasa to see if anything happened to kanha.Nothing happened to kanha and daddaji goes from there.Maii scolds kanha for doing like that and she asks him how did this happen but he doesn’t give any reply. Iccha comes to the ceremony with nani and nani goes to meet tapu.Veer is shocked and he asks iccha. Iccha says him that i came here for my papa.She meets jogi.