21st May Tuesday Update on This is Love

Ishita thinking where are they taking me. Raman holds her hand and argues with the ward boys for wrapping her so badly. Ward boy says she is just a dead body, she won’t feel anything. Raman goes to Ishita. She thinks please listen to me Raman, hear my voice. Raman says why are you going, I felt I have a relation with you, I felt like you will make me meet myself. She thinks yes, we have a bond of births, don’t know why we get separated always, don’t send me away. He says I can’t remember my relation with anyone, but I can’t forget you, like you united me with my daughter, I felt you will unite me with my life, you are here as a dead body and I m all alone. She thinks I didn’t know that you feel so much for me.

He says even I m like dead, but difference is I m still breathing. She thinks you never spoke out your heart, I wish to hug you. He says I feel my purpose to live has ended with you, strange, but I feel so. She thinks I wish to be with you, always as your strength, please give me a chance to live for you. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays… He cries and leaves. Bala does formalities. Amma says we will send Ishu as a suhaagan. Appa asks Mani to get Raman.

Raman asks what, you got a syringe there. Inspector says yes. Raman says I also feel she didn’t die by any heart attack, we have to know which drug was injected to her, we are missing a big point, please call and find out the reports. Ishita is laid on the funeral pyre. Everyone cries. Ishita asks everyone to just see her, she is alive. Ruhi cries and asks her to get up, she can’t leave them. Adi hugs Ruhi and cries. Ishita says I m alive, don’t cry, please don’t kill me. Aaliya cries and kisses her hand. Everyone meets Ishita for the final time and cries. Ishita asks Raman to save her. Amma asks where is Raman, he has to give fire to his wife’s funeral. Ishita thinks will this be the end of Ishita and Raman’s love.

Raman asks inspector to hurry up. Inspector makes a call and gets shocked. He says snake venom is found in that syringe, blue coral snake is very dangerous, person doesn’t die by its poison, person gets instantly paralyzed, I think this is injected to Ishita. Raman gets shocked. He calls hospital and says don’t give Ishita’s body to anyone. The nurse says we have released the body. Raman asks inspector to come along. They leave. Pandit says we shouldn’t make the soul wait.

Amma says we will wait for Raman, he is Ishita’s husband. Simmi says why, Raman doesn’t remember anything, Raman can come in shock if we tell this to him. Ishita thinks someone stop Simmi, she wants to put me on fire. Simmi argues with everyone and says its good Raman is not here. Raman calls Bala. Everyone’s phones are kept away. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to let Ishita go in peace. They all cry. Pandit says lets begin the final rites. Raman gets stuck in traffic jam. He leaves the car and starts running over the cars. Appa starts the final rites. Ishita feels she should get atleast one tear. Appa lights the pyre. Raman comes and shouts stop, what are you all doing, Ishita is alive. Ishita thanks Raman saying I m alive. Everyone gets shocked, as Raman throws away the woods. Romi tries to stop Raman. Raman gets Ishita out and lifts her in arms. Mangalam….plays…. He leaves from there. Everyone runs after him.

Everyone asking Raman to stop, Ishita is dead. He says she is alive. Inspector comes and says Raman is right, she is alive. Raman asks for the doctor. Inspector asks did you get anti-venom injection. Raman asks doctor to just hurry. Doctor gives the injection to Ishita. Everyone looks on puzzled.

Raman holds Ishita and asks her to wake up. Doctor says antidote is working. Ishita gets conscious. They all get shocked and happily cry. Raman says we shall take her to hospital first, get the stretcher. He lifts Ishita and takes her in ambulance. Simmi and Parmeet look on shocked.

At the hospital, Raman and everyone wait outside the ICU. Ishita gets treated. Doctor comes out and says good news, Ishita is fine now. They all get glad. Bala asks how did this

happen, when we checked earlier, there wasn’t any heartbeat and movement. Doctor says it was affect of a snake poison, her heartbeat was almost zero, person goes into paralysis state by his poison, but person can hear and feel everything, her heartbeat was very slow, that intern is not at fault who declared her dead, thanks to Raman, he got her here and told us everything in time, Ishita is fine now, everyone can meet her after some time.

Adi cries and hugs Raman. He thanks Raman. Raman says its okay. Ruhi also thanks Raman. Appa stops Raman and thanks him for saving his daughter. Raman says don’t say thanks, Ishita also saved my daughter’s life, you should be happy that everything got fine. Shagun says poor Raman, he doesn’t remember he has saved his wife. Parmeet calls Simmi and says Ishita is alive, she will come home by tomorrow.
Pihu cries seeing Ishita’s pic. Simmi scolds her. Pihu says Ishita is no more. Simmi says she didn’t die, she is alive. Pihu asks really. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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