21st November Thursday Update on This is Love


21st November Thursday Update on This is Love

Simmi crying and thinking of Ananya. She imagines Ananya and goes to look for her. She recalls Ananya’s death and cries. Rohan calls out mom. Simmi runs to him and asks what happened. Rohan shivers. Simmi checks his fever. She says what should I do, Karan get up, nothing will happen. Simmi calls for doctor and says there is an emergency. Raman and Ishita come and ask what happened. Simmi says Rohan has high fever. Ishita says you scared me, he is doing some drama, its okay, I don’t trust him, he is very good at acting. Rohan tries to get up and falls down. Karan asks him to open eyes. Karan runs to Simmi and says Rohan fainted, come with me. Simmi checks Rohan’s fever. Rohan says mom and holds her hand. She cries. Ruhi asks what’s this new drama. Karan saysRohan has high fever. Ruhi says stop all this. He says please call up a doctor or my mum, she will send someone from hospital.

Simmi asks Ishita to check Rohan, he has high fever, he isn’t doing any drama. Aaliya checks Rohan and says he has fever. Ishita checks him too. She says yes, he has fever, but no need to take him to hospital, we will get a doctor and get him checked. Doctor checks Rohan and says symptoms are of dengue, we have to do his blood test, he is out of danger if his fever subsides, call me if you need help. Ishita thanks her. Doctor goes. Simmi says we should call up Sudha. Ishita says Rohan is their mother, we have to call her. Raman says do anything you want. Karan calls Sudha and says Rohan is not fine, come soon. Sudha comes and hugs him. She asks what happened to Rohan. Sudha asks Rohan to see, she has come. Simmi says don’t worry, he will get fine. Ruhi asks why is Simmi having much concern for them.

Raman says maybe she is feeling guilty, she is emotional. Raman says I think Sudha will manage them, Simmi come with me. Simmi says he may need something. Raman shouts Simmi, I said enough. Sudha thanks Simmi for taking care of Rohan. Raman takes Simmi and asks Sudha to leave as well. Nisha comes to Iyer house in nurse’s disguise. She lies to Bala and gets in. She asks Bala to get scissors from medical store. He goes. She asks Appa for her money. He says I will teach you a lesson, I won’t return money. He shouts to Bala. She shuts his mouth and says I deal with goons. She stabs him with a scissor. Simmi cries seeing Rohan and holds his heart, thinking of Ananya.

He wakes up. She asks are you fine, keep this blessings thread with you, you will recover soon, you are down with dengue, you have to take care of yourself and eat well. She thinks I can’t lose my child again, I will fight with the world, but not let anything happen to you. Sudha comes. Karan says Rohan is better. Sudha says Simmi, a dengue patient should have proper food and take good rest. Simmi asks her not to worry. Sudha and Karan smile. Amma comes. Bala says nurse can come to do dressing, don’t say anything that stresses Appa. Amma says don’t worry. He goes. She goes to room and says where is the nurse, maybe she left. She says I had spent that money, don’t worry we will return that money some how. She gets shocked seeing him stabbed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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