23rd September Monday Update on This is Love


23rd September Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita running to the nearby village. She doesn’t find anyone and shouts for help. She sees a temple and sits crying. Raman waits for her. Ishita says how shall I save them. Simmi cares for Pihu. Pihu gets conscious. A lady comes and says I m not able to identify you, did you come for yatra, all the villagers went for yatra. Ishita says the entire village is vacant, my family members are stuck. Bala says Raman and Ishita’s car met with an accident, they will be fine, don’t worry. He says inspector we will go to nearby village, they would have come there to take help. They leave. Parmeet looks on and says I have to do something that makes them lose their way. The lady gives remedies to Ishita for help.

She says I will send villages to help you. Ishita thanks her and runs back. Raman says I m not able to reach Simmi. Ishita says Pihu would be hungry, why are they not answering. Pihu says I m hungry. Simmi says you got stuck because of me, so sorry. She cheers up Pihu. They cry. Pihu says Ananya died because of me. Simmi says I know you didn’t do that intentionally, sorry to blame you and Ishita, I was mad, Parmeet filled hatred in me, I know Lord would not forgive me, sorry. She hugs and cries.
Pihu asks her not to waste her energy by crying. She says I m happy to get old Bua back. Simmi says I love you a lot. Ishita says you are hurt, you can’t go, let me go. He says if anything happens to you… tell me if you find anything wrong, I will pull you back. She enters the pit and falls down. He runs to her and shouts. She says I m fine. Parmeet sees villagers and asks is everything fine. The villagers say some woman came to village to ask for help. Parmeet says she got help and went, police had come to help them, you can see them, many people were there. Shagun and everyone arrive in the village. Shagun gets shocked and says Parmeet is here.

Mani says he is here, what are they talking to villagers. He says he will know about Raman and Ishita. Ishita shouts Simmi, Pihu… She looks for them. Simmi and Pihu shout to her. Ishita asks are you fine, there are big boulders here, I will try to move. Simmi says no, find some other way. Ishita says villagers will come with help. Simmi says we will wait here, go and get help. It starts raining. The water gets inside. Ishita saks what happened. Simmi says water is filling in, do something. Raman worries. Pihu screams seeing a snake. Ishita asks what happened. Pihu shouts snake. Ishita asks snake? Raman asks Ishita what happened. Pihu says save me. Ishita says don’t move, nothing will happen, he won’t do anything. Simmi says its poisonous snake, I will hit stone. Ishita says if he gets scared by stone, he will bite, he will find a way and leave. Simmi and Pihu pray. The snake stays.

Ishita and everyone praying. The snake goes. Raman calls her out. Ishita says everything is fine, Simmi and Pihu are okay, stones fell down and it has become a wall now, don’t come here, if people come, they won’t see us, you have to be there. Raman thinks to leave a sign for people to come. Raman falls in and says what would I do there, where are Pihu and Simmi. She says that side. Parmeet sees Shagun and everyone coming. He gets worried and runs away. Mani and Bala catch him and slap. Bala beats him and asks where are Simmi and Pihu, where is that cave, what did you do with Raman and Ishita. Parmeet says I didn’t do anything. They fell in cave and got help from now. Ruhi tells villagers that Parmeet is their enemy, he is a liar, help us in finding our people. The old lady asks what are you doing here, go and help that woman, find her, she was so injured when she came to me, go and find out. Ruhi says they are my family, tell me. The lady says she came to take help, she said they fell there at the mountain side in a deep cave. Mani says we should go there and find them.