22 October Tuesday Update on Young Love


22 October Tuesday Update on Young Love

Ira bringing tea for Daddu and Subhadra. Subhadra tells her that she is very happy today as Anandi is coming. She gets Vaid’s call. She thinks why did I give my number to him. She disconnects the call. He calls again. Daddu asks her to give the phone. Subhadra picks the calls and goes away. She asks him why did you call me? He says I made new medicines. Subhadra says she will call him when needed. She awaits for Anandi so that she can feed her drugs.

Gauri comes to the hospital to meet Jagya and thinks to wait in his cabin. He sees his photo frame in his cabin and caresses it. She says I will confess my feelings to you today. She says Anandi came in between us. Her behavior seems strange. Why she interfere in home matters and why she takes Ganga’s side. Ganga listens to her. Gauri continues that it is good that Anandi left. Ganga thinks she can’t tell anything to Gauri. She greets her. Gauri asks her about Jagya. Ganga tells her that he will return in the evening. Gauri leaves from his cabin and thinks she didn’t get a chance to express her feelings to Jagat. Ward boys places dadisaa’s family photo pics in the wall. Gauri doesn’t see it and leaves in an auto.

Daddu asks Shiv, when Anandi is coming. Shiv says he didn’t get her reply. Anoop and Alok pull his leg and laugh. Ira supports Shiv. Anandi comes back home. Everyone is happy. Anandi takes everyone blessings. Shiv asks how are you? Anandi says she is absolutely fine. Subhadra tells her that she missed her very much and asks her not to go to her mayka often. Subhadra says we will celebrate Gajra Chaturdashi. Anandi is surprised. Meenu makes an excuse that they didn’t celebrate last year. Daddu asks, when we had celebrated last year. Alok says, we haven’t. Subhadra says we will celebrate it happily. Ira tells Anandi that they want to check on Subhadra and that’s why acting.

Ganga tells Jagya that she got tired after surgery that’s why came home in nurse uniform. She asks him, are you fine. Jagya says he is fine. He gets up from bed and tells her that he loves her a lot. Ganga says, I can see in your eyes. They have a hug.

Gauri writes love letter for Jagya and then thinks to confess her feelings directly to Jagya. She proceeds towards his room. Jagya holds Ganga’s face and is about to kiss her. Gauri opens the door and sees them together. She gets shocked and calls Ganga. Jagya and Ganga are shocked too. She shouts Ganga, how dare you. She holds her hand and asks her to leave the house. Jagya tells her that listen to him once. Gauri says, you are betraying your family. Jagya shouts it is enough. You said much. Don’t tell anything against my wife. She is my wife. I married her. Gauri is shocked. Dadisaa and Gehna come out and hears everything. Dadisaa tells that this shouldn’t have happen.

Shiv comes to his room and signs Anandi to come outside. Subhadra comes to her room and opens the laddoo box. She puts the drugs inside the laddoo. She puts extra medicines and thinks to see its effect on Anandi. She thinks Anandi will eat special prasad before Gajra Chaturdashi and then…………….

Gauri gets hysterical and breaks the things in her room. Jagya knocks on the door. Gauri cries badly recalling Jagya’s words. Jagya asks her to open the door. She opens the door. Jagya tells her that he wants to talk to her. Gauri says, it doesn’t make a difference now. Jagya says he doesn’t want to hide his marriage with her, but Shivani hide it and then they have to continue acting. Gauri says she don’t want to listen.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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