22nd May Wednesday Update on This is Love

Pihu hugging Raman and asking him not to send her away. He says no one will send you, you will stay with us. He asks Simmi what is she doing, can’t she ask him before deciding this. Simmi starts drama and asks him to think, they are lucky to have Pihu with them, she can fall in trouble because of Ishita again. Raman says Simmi is right, who will look after Pihu in my absence. He asks Pihu not to cry. Simmi takes Pihu and says don’t cry, we will not go today, I will give you everything, don’t worry. Raman says see Simmi loves you so much, go. Pihu cries and refuses. Simmi pulls her and takes her. Raman feels sorry.

Doctor says you can take Ishita home, but she should take medicines on time. Ishita says I can’t wait, I m dying to meet Raman and everyone,

did Raman not come here. Bala says he is really Khadoos. She asks him not to say this. He asks her to change fast.
Bala gets her home. Amma does her aarti and blesses her. Ishita says my fav food, thanks. Shagun comes and greets them. She gives her fav flowers. Ishita thanks her. She says I will meet Pihu and come. Shagun says don’t go there, I will get Bhalla house, I will get even your Raavan kumar, get ready. Amma serves food to Ishita.

Ishita gets ready. Kiran comes to her and compliments. Ishita says I don’t want to trouble Raman more, I love him a lot. Kiran shows gajras. Ishita says I used to like it, when Raman gave me gajras as surprise. Kiran fixes the gajra to her hair. Ishita says I m very excited to meet him, I wanted to look like his bride. Kiran says you are looking pretty. Ishita says this is Pihu’s fav color. Shagun asks Raman why did you send Pihu to hostel suddenly, she didn’t meet Ishita. He says Simmi took her, she was missing her classes. Shagun says Ishita will feel so bad. He asks did Ishita come home. She says yes, she wanted to meet you and thank you for saving her life. He says even I wanted to meet her. Shagun and Raman come to Iyer house. Everyone welcomes Raman. Ishita comes. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…..

Raman looks at her. Ishita thanks him for saving her life. He says I was feeling guilty, you almost got yourself killed to save Pihu. She says you just went out of your way to help me, don’t know how shall I thank you. He recalls Simmi’s words and says you have one month to leave this house, if you do this, I will accept your thanks, don’t try to meet Pihu again, can you do this. Shagun asks what is he saying. He says I can’t see Simmi hurt because of Ishita, sorry, please if Ishita wants me to accept her thanks, she should leave from here. Ishita cries. Shagun asks Raman what is he doing. He says I have thought it well. He goes. Shagun consoles Ishita. Ishita says why did he save me if he had to do this, I can’t live without Pihu, she is my daughter. She cries. Amma and Kiran worry. Ishita says I will manage, I m a mother, my daughter needs me, you know a mum has much strength. She leaves.

Ishita comes to the school to meet Pihu. The lady says Pihu doesn’t study here, Simmi removed her, you can read her letter. Ishita asks where did Simmi take her. The lady says we got informed that Pihu got admission in another school, sorry I don’t know anything more. Ishita says no one will tell me about her, where will I find her. Ishita requests her to tell about Pihu, she can’t adjust in new place, she has gone through a trauma, she needs her mum. Lady says please go from here. Ishita scolds her. She goes. Lady calls Simmi and says I said everything to Ishita you asked me.

Simmi says fine, your daughter will get admission in your desired college, don’t worry. She says now Ishita will cry for her daughter. Ishita thinks to talk to Raman. Mehta comes to meet Raman. Simmi talks to him. Ishita says I can’t call on landline, Raman will understand if I say Pihu has some threat. Mehta asks Raman to come in the felicitation ceremony. Simmi sees Ishita’s call and disconnects. She says I know why you are calling. She switches off the phone and lies to Raman. Ishita worries.

Shagun and Amma looking for Ishita. Appa hears Ishita’s phone ringing and goes out to see. Ishita enters Bhalla house. She shouts to Simmi and asks about Pihu. Simmi taunts that Ishita was in jail till now. She says I will decide Pihu’s school, I m her guardian, Raman trusts me a lot. Ishita says I know how you treat her, stop this drama, tell me where is my daughter. Raman comes and says enough, what’s this way to talk to Simmi like this. Simmi says she is investigating about Pihu. Raman asks why should we tell you, I told you to stay away, what’s your relation with her. Ishita cries and says what’s my relation…Pihu is my daughter, I m your wife Raman. He gets shocked and slaps her. She gets shocked. He says you are just my investor, how dare you say

this, just stay away from me and my family, get out. Simmi smiles. Ishita cries and leaves. Everyone looks on. Raman goes. Shagun asks Mrs. Bhalla why did anyone not tell Raman, it was a chance to tell him truth. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita always ignites fire here, its good if she stays away. Simmi says you are interfering a lot. Shagun says now I m a stranger to you. Aaliya says just let it go. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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