23rd August Friday Update on This is Love


23rd August Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Pihu asking someone to open the door. Parmeet passes the note to her. She reads…. run from here before anyone sees you, this is Ishita’s address. He breaks the lock. He thinks now Pihu should run. Pihu thinks to run as Ruhi also wants this. She breaks piggy bank and takes money. She packs her bags. She hides from Neelu and goes. Parmeet smiles. Raman thinks of Pihu’s words and drinks. Ruhi asks why is Papa behaving this way with Pihu, what happened to him. She asks Romi to explain Raman, they are deeply sad for Adi’s death. Romi sits sad. Mihika consoles Ruhi. She says I will explain Pihu. Ruhi says she is too young.

Romi asks Mihika to have dinner with everyone, he has a dinner meeting with clients. He goes. Ruhi says Romi is managing everything, he is stressed. Mihika says yes, I should go and check dinner arrangements, don’t know Neelu made something or not. Ruhi says what’s happening. Ishita is on call. She asks broker to find a house nearby. She calls Roshni and asks her to have food on time, don’t get so busy with work. Roshni asks are you fine. Ishita says yes, I m bit tired. She feels sorry to lie to Roshni. She thinks how to say I have gone to see flats again. Roshni asks why did you go out today, what did you have to buy. Ishita says some stuff of clinic. Pihu comes to meet Ishita and hugs. Ishita asks with whom did you come here. Pihu thinks Ishimaa will send me back if I say I have come alone. She says I slipped at home and got fracture. Ishita asks her to come in, did Raman allow you to come. Pihu says Ruhi has taken permission from him, I m hungry.

Ishita says I will make food, come. Pihu says your fridge is empty. Ishita says I was going to order food for myself. Pihu says you were going to drink milk and sleep. Ishita says we will make food. Pihu says you got lonely. Ishita says now you have come. Mr. Bhalla asks for everyone coming for dinner. Raman comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Pihu. Ruhi says he locked her in room. They scold Raman. They go to see Pihu and find her missing. Ruhi and Mrs. Bhalla worry. Ruhi says don’t say anything to Raman, I will find her. Ishita and Pihu make food and have it. Tere dil ka…..plays….. Ishita thinks to message Ruhi and thank her. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Pihu. Ruhi says she is fine, I know where is she, come out and behave normally. Ruhi says Pihu is sleeping. Mr. Bhalla gets angry on Raman. Raman says I will say sorry to her and get her. Ruhi says no need. Raman says her drama won’t work. He rushes and sees Pihu missing. Raman says I told her not to go, I know where she went. Ruhi says Pihu is safe, come with me.

Ishita says we will have mango, the mangoes were waiting for Pihu to come. Pihu smiles. They feed each other. Some men come there and get inside the house. Ishita asks who are you. They throw things. Ishita says I will call police, who has sent you. Raman comes there and creates a scene once again. Ishita sees him. Raman says you have snatched Adi first and then Pihu. Ishita asks did you send these men here. Raman asks men to break the house. They argue. Raman also breaks the things in anger. Ishita hugs Pihu. Raman says Pihu has run from home because of you. Ishita says she came with Ruhi. He says you have shot my son, you are taking my daughter away, how dare you keep this photo here. Pihu says it was my mistake, don’t scold Ishita. He breaks the pics. Mr and Mrs. Bhalla come with Ruhi. They stop Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says if one does a sin, it doesn’t mean we do a sin to teach a lesson to her, every human has to reap the result of his deeds in life. Raman scolds Ruhi.

everyone stopping Raman and scolding Ishita. Raman says her shadow shouldn’t fall on my children. Mr. Bhalla says just go home for my sake, I will get Pihu. Raman goes. They all leave. Ishita cries. Mihika asks Romi where was he, she is worried for Pihu, Parmeet would have broken the lock. She says we should also go, I m just afraid Raman can harm someone because of his anger. Romi says I don’t want to go, this isn’t a house, but an emergency room, something always happens, I m not going anywhere. She says this is our family. He asks what family, you also go to save them, I won’t go. Mr. Bhalla goes to get the car. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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