23th July Tuesday Update on Young Love

Daddu asking Ira why are you worried. She says Saachi went to meet Vivek. Daddu says yes, she told us where she went and why. She will talk to Vivek about his proposal and we should be ready for her decision. Daddu asks Anandi to bring some sweets, as we should think positive, if Saachi agrees, then we will have sweets. Shiv smiles and asks Ira not to worry as Saachi will take the right decision. Alok says its better if we call her and ask.

Saachi comes home and everyone smile seeing her. Ira asks are you fine. Saachi says yes. I went to fight with Vivek for sending the proposal, but after talking to him, I came to know that he is not doing pity on me, but he likes me as a human. She says he wants to spend his life with me, so my decision is yes. Everyone are happy. Ira hugs Saachi. Anandi says you have taken the right decision. Daddu asks for sweets. Saachi says Vivek and I decided that we will take some time to understand each other. Daddu says that day will come soon. Saachi smiles.

Police arrests Saurabh’s parents for ruining Saachi’s image. He says we have proof against you, we have the witness and you can’t proof yourself innocent, if you want, you can do that in jail. They are sent in lockups. Dadisa calls to talk to Saachi. Anandi talks to her and tells about Saachi accepting Vivek’s proposal. Dadisa is very happy. Anandi says I can understands if tough to save Mannu’s life, he will be far but atleast we can be happy that he is alive. Dadisa says take care and ends the call.

Shiv comes to Anandi and says lets go and visit Dadisa tomorrow, everyone will be happy there. Ira says yes, I was also telling the same. Anandi is happy. Shiv tells everyone that Vivek’s parents are arrested. Saachi is shocked. Everyone discuss about it. Anoop ssays maybe Vivek did not tell them their decision, I m sure they will never accept Saachi as their bahu, then whats the use of this relation, they should be punished. Saachi says we should forgive them.

What will be the difference between us then. She says they are Vivek’s parents and will always be. Everyone are happy with Saachi. Anandi and Shiv come to meet Dadisa. Everyone are happy to see her. Ganga hugs Anandi and cries. Shiv talks to Jagya and gives him help in Mannu’s case. Jagya thanks him. Anandi meets Mannu and says I brought something for my Mannu. She gifts him and everyone are happy.

Anandi tells Dadisa that they are her kids also. Dadisa says gifts were not required, you guys came that’s a gift for us. Ratan Singh is in jail and his friend asks him to get documents signed stating that he will get Mannu. He asks him to get a lawyer and make concrete steps. He says don’t trust Ganga and Jagya. Ratan Singh agrees with him as he can’t be cheated by them.

Daddu and Ira praising Saachi’s hand made tea. Vivek comes. Daddu tells them that he came to talk something. He folds his hand and thanks them for forgiving his parents. He says, it might be difficult for you all. Ira says, yes. It was difficult for us but then Saachi made us understand that it was wrong to take revenge and that’s why we took the complaint back. Saachi says, if you thank me then I will thank you too. Saachi and Vivek look in each other’s eyes. Daddu asks Saachi to get tea for Vivek.



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