24th July Wednesday Update on Young Love

Saachi trying to convince Anandi to learn the car driving. Anandi gets worried. Amol comes and says I prepared this L as it is necessary to paste it on the car for learners. Anandi says, I will take you when I learn driving. Saachi says, let’s go. Anandi is sitting on the driver’s seat. Saachi asks her to start the car. Anandi starts the car and starts driving. Saachi gives her the tips. She gets Vivek’s call. Saachi tells Anandi that he wants to meet her. Anandi says, you can meet him. Saachi asks Anandi to stop the car at the signal. A child beggar comes and asks Anandi to give some money. One woman beggar scolds the boy. Anandi looks at her. Saachi asks Anandi to start the car as the signal is green.

Ganga brings cycle for Mannu. She tells Sumitra that Nandu and Mannu left it in the garden. Ratan Singh’s mom comes and holds Mannu. Ganga looks at her and takes Mannu in her arms. Dadisaa asks, why did you come? Ratan’s mom tells, we came to see our grand son and asks Ganga to give Mannu. Dadisaa asks her to see Mannu and go. Ratan’s mom talks badly with Dadisaa. Ratan’s dad says, it means you are refusing to give the child. Dadisaa says, we will give the child when he is fine. Ratan’s mom says, think what Ratan can do? He can refuse even now. Ganga pleads with her. Dadisaa says, they are threatening us fakely. She asks them to leave.

Dadisaa tells Ganga that no one can do anything with Mannu. They get emotional thinking they have to let Mannu go to Ratan Singh’s home. Saachi and Vivek are seen in a car. He asks, are you still worried? Saachi says, I was upset but the way you supported me, I like it. Vivek says, we have to find a good house for ours. Saachi says, you have your own home. Vivek says, my family won’t accept me. I won’t allow you to go. He tells her that he don’t want to see her upset anymore. Saachi keeps her hand on his hand. She gets down the car and looks at Vivek. Vivek smiles.

Nandu says, he will go to his friend’s house for doing home work. Gehna allows him to go. Anandi and Amol are in the car. Amol asks, why you aren’t driving? Anandi says, I will learn later. That child beggar Sonu again knocks on Anandi’s car and asks her to give money. Amol offers his tiffin. Woman beggar scolds Sonu and beats him. Anandi asks Amol to sit in the car and she goes to talk to the beggar. She stops the women beating the boy. She asks Anandi to go from here. Anandi asks, don’t you want your son to study? That women asks Sonu to get money. Some other beggars intervenes and starts threatening her. Anandi asks them to move back. Police comes and runs after the beggars. Amol says, my mom is the strongest. That women beggar looks at Amol and Anandi from far.

Basant tells Gehna about the difference in the money calculations. Nandu comes back from coaching and says my teacher praised me. He asks Nandu, how your shoes are cleaned? Nandu says, I cleaned my shoes before coming home. Anandi tells Shiv about Amol getting the police constable and saved her. She says, I can’t see Sonu’s pain. She says, he is a kid and he needs to study. Shiv says, I will tell Police to stop their begging. Anandi says, they will shift to some other signal. She decides to meet Sonu once again. Shiv agrees and says go with Police team. Anandi agrees.

Basant seems worried. Gehna comes and asks, are you thinking about Nandu. Basant says, he is hiding a lot of things from us. He is going to some other place in the name of cricket. He thinks about the 2000 Rs. Gehna says, our son can’t steal the money. Basant looks tensed.

Anandi asks Amol to get ready for school fast. She says, driver uncle will drop you to school. Amol takes his piggy bank and asks Anandi to give it to Sonu. Anandi says, why? Amol says, Sonu’s mom scolds him for money. Anandi kisses Amol and takes the piggy bank. Amol asks Anandi to get clothes and slippers for Sonu. Anandi smiles. Amol says, lets go to school.

Anandi comes to Sonu, who is begging at the traffic junction. She looks at a wound on his hand and asks if his mother had hit him again. He says, the lady is not his mother. In the mean while the beggar lady comes there and questions Anandi and tells her that it is none of her business.
Anandi replies sternly, that it is indeed her concern, if kids are being forced to beg at an age when they should be studying.

A gang of beggars come to attack Anandi, The police who are in plain clothes come and arrest them. Shiv too arrives. Anandi is surprised to see him and asks him why he is here. He says, he is worried for her, so he came personally to check if she is alright. Anandi smiles.

Sonu, asks Anandi if he need not resort to begging any more. She says Yes , and he along with other kids will now start studying like any normal kid of their age. Sonu is happy and she gives a group hug to all the kids assembled there with Shiv looking amused.



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