24th June Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Iyers coming to congratulate everyone. They hit tomatoes at Simmi, Parmeet and Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s this misbehavior. Raman comes and asks what’s this drama. Mrs. Bhalla says just look at us. Raman says we asked you to enjoy the marriage, not to trouble us, what’s this way to hit tomatoes. Bala says we read on internet that hitting tomatoes is a tradition by which both the families have good terms and harmony. He shows the post to Raman. Raman says read this, its a thing of past. Bala says so sorry, I didn’t know. Amma hugs Mihika and congratulates.

Ishita makes a note and writes her mobile number. She sees milk packets dropped at the door. She says one packet is less, it means that man is hiding inside,what shall I do to get him out,

I m sure that man is alive, Parmeet would have hidden him. She writes a note of a lucky draw competition. She asks the girl to slip the note inside the door, its a surprise, just slip this in and run. The girl does her work and goes.
Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi get busy in arrangements. Parmeet says I have to check lights, guests will start flowing it. Ishita says I can expose Parmeet, I just hope this man is alive. Aaliya says I will see how this mehendi happens, plan is ready. Ruhi smiles. Ishita waits in the lane. The people notice her. Ishita says its so cold, why is this man not opening the door, I will just leave, I hops this man gets greedy and contacts me.

Parmeet asks the men to finish work soon. Bala comes and says it looks beautiful, do you want anything, I m going to market. Parmeet asks him to go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi about mehendi artist. Parmeet says now there will be fun in Bhalla house, its Raman’s marriage. Bala blows off the fuse. Lights go off. Simmi asks Neelu to check. Parmeet asks the man what happened. The man says maybe short circuit. Parmeet asks how will function happen, restore the lights. Amma laughs and says Bala superb, we will see how they do mehendi rasam now. Ishita comes home and hears them. She says you think a lot for me, but what will happen doing this. Amma says this marriage shouldn’t happen. Appa asks what happened Ishu. Ishita says nothing and goes. Amma asks Bala to go and see if lights have come. Bala goes to Parmeet and says power is gone, how will you do function, I will get candles, I know an officer in electricity department, he will send someone. Parmeet says the power is back, nice decoration, its Raman and Mihika’s marriage after all. He welcomes the guests.

Bala says you didn’t say your relatives are coming. Parmeet says they are mehendi and dholak artists. Simmi asks Parmeet to manage everything, she will get ready and come. Ruhi says we will find designs for Mihika. They sign Bala. Adi asks Raman do you want any help. Raman says no, I don’t want to come downstairs. Adi thinks your heart is with Ishita. He asks are you sure about this marriage. Ishita says I know you aren’t happy with this marriage, I miss you, just we two look good together. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Raman says I m sure, if you can’t help me, just do, don’t bother me, I don’t know what to wear. Adi says sorry I will help, this will suit you. Raman says it doesn’t matter. Simmi dances. Aaliya shows the cone to Ruhi and says we will swap this cone with shagun mehendi cone. Ruhi and Aaliya dance. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to get Mihika. Ruhi gets Mihika. Simmi and Mihika get seated. Simmi goes and gets the shagun mehendi in a bowl. Ruhi worries. Simmi says this is shagun mehendi for Raman and Mihika. Ruhi thinks Mihika shouldn’t get this shagun mehendi in her hands. Pihu comes. Simmi asks what’s the matter. Pihu refuses to go. She says I want to apply mehendi to Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you don’t know it. Pihu insists.

Ruhi and Aaliya say we have practiced designs all night. Mihika asks Simmi to save her from this vanar sena. Raman comes. Pihu says Dadi is not letting me apply mehendi to Mihika. Raman says Mihika give her a chance, we are marrying for her sake. Mihika says fine, let her apply. Pihu asks Mihika to close her eyes. Mihika asks why. Pihu says I have seen in tv show, bride can see the mehendi once it gets completed. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I have also seen it. Aaliya signs Pihu. Pihu drops the cone. Aaliya swaps it and gives the shagun cone to Ruhi. Adi smiles seeing this.

Ruhi comes to Ishita. Ishita says I m coming for an imp call. Ruhi says give me your hand, Mihika’s mehendi rasam is going on, I got this shagun mehendi for you, just you have right on it. Ishita smiles.

Ruhi saying you are our Ishi maa, you deserve this shagun mehendi. She applies mehendi to her. Ishita says its so beautiful. Mrs. Bhalla insists and applies shagun mehendi to Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays….. Pihu makes a danger sign in Mihika’s hand. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to see, its done. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s this. Simmi comes. Mihika asks shall I open my eyes. Pihu says yes. Mihika opens eyes and sees it. She says its itching, I will clean this. Aaliya says its shagun mehendi. Mihika asks what did she make. Ishita says look at this mehendi, its so pretty, you wrote R, my daughter is so talented, I m so proud of you. Ruhi says I need to go there now. She leaves. Mihika asks is this mehendi of good quality. Simmi says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says I also

got this same mehendi when I applied this to Raman, we don’t have any itching. Ruhi comes there and smiles. Neelu says Parmeet is calling you. Simmi goes to Parmeet.
Parmeet asks Simmi to give instructions if any, he is paying to decorator in advance. Simmi asks the man not to spoil anything, Raman is big businessman, everything should be good. Ishita comes and shows mehendi. She says mehendi is applied in bride’s hand. Simmi asks is this mehendi for Ashok. Ishita says Ashok starts with A, and R is for Raman. Ruhi comes and compliments. Simmi says this is your doing right, you changed the mehendi cone. Ruhi says I remember everything, your favor is getting costly, don’t make me helpless to speak up. Ishita says don’t boss around on my daughter, you can enjoy sangeet, Raman was, is and will always be mine, no one can separate Ishra. Parmeet says its no use listening to her. They go. Ruhi and Ishita laugh and hug.

Simmi removes Mihika’s mehendi. Mihika says its abshagun and cries. Simmi says Ruhi has applied mehendi to Ishita.Pihu and Aaliya compliment Ishita’s mehendi. Ishita thanks them. Ruhi says you are our mum. Aaliya says we won’t let anyone take your place. Ishita hugs them. Adi comes and says did you forget me, I m also in team. He hugs them. Simmi says Ishita’s children did this. Mihika says I will go to Raman. Parmeet says no, Raman has seen Pihu happy, he thinks she is happy with this marriage, he won’t believe us. Simmi says they spoiled the function, they will realize we are ahead of her.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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