25 October Friday Update on True Love


25 October Friday Update on True Love

Tapasya telling Chanda she won’t give the tape to her or to anyone else. She knows what’s in that tape, everything!
Chanda starts stuttering – Daddaji… he… everything?
Tej comes in calling Chanda at that point.
He sees Tapasya with Chanda and comes in the room.
Tapasya tells Chanda, if you have any problem with anyone in the house, you can tell me… Tapasya leaves.
Tej asks Chanda why did she come here?
Chanda says, why do you ask me everything? You married her right? She’s carrying the proof of your black deeds, the tape that I had hidden in the cupboard.
Tej laughs and says I have already burnt that proof a long time ago.
Chanda is surprised… she says what? Then what tape was she carrying?
Tej gets worried now… he said you must have said something to her.
Chanda says, Daddaji’s name slipped from my mouth, that’s it.
Tej gets angry and says, what did you do?? Don’t you know this witch? She does 2+2 = 8 instead of 4!
Chanda gets angry and says, why are you getting upset at me? You’re the one interested in marrying Dream Girl, now you’re getting upset at me.
Tej thinks, the water is going above my head now. If I didn’t do something to this Tapasya soon, I will be ruined. Think, Tej Singh, how to get her out of your way!

Vishnu teaching Meethi how to ride a bike. Song in the background.
Meethi’s phone rings and they stop the bike. Damini asks Meethi to come home. She says I’ll be right there.
Vishnu asks what happened? Court has decided? Meethi says yes, and that Yuvi has been sent to jail too. Now can you quickly call me an auto so I can go home? Vishnu says, but you still have to learn the bike.
Meethi says, I don’t want to learn how to ride a bike – but a car… because you don’t have to sit close together in the car.
Vishnu tells her you’re silly, nothing gets through your thick head and they’re both fighting like two kids.

Gunwanti in her house thinking of the judge’s decision of sending Yuvi to 5 years’ jail. She thinks of Yuvi being taken in the police van.
Tapasya asks her, are you feeling bad?? Gunwanti turns around and sees her… Tapasya says, finally you realised this mistake… I wish you had realised your mistake the day Yuvraj made this mistake and came home… then he wouldn’t have seen this day.
Gunwanti says, how dare you lecture me? You don’t have any rights on me or on this family.
Tapasya says, I may not have rights on you – but I have equal rights on this family with you.
Gunwanti says, you’re enjoying all this aren’t you? Your friend Icha must be very happy by putting her own son to jail? You all must be happy.
Tapasya says, you’re probably forgetting that Icha didn’t bring up Yuvraj – you did. The mother who brings up a child is bigger than the one who births a child. All of it is the result of your bringing up.
Gunwanti says, stop it… don’t tell me how to bring up kids. Look at yourself in the mirror then you will know what bringing up is!
Tapasya is about to say something when Amla comes with a cup of tea for Gunwanti.
Tapasya says, she needs cold milk more than the tea, because whatever happened today can also cause heart attack or low BP to her. Tapasya says, I suggest to call the doctor too.
Gunwanti gets angry, asks Tapasya to stop the ‘bakwaas’ and to go away from there.
Tapasya leaves.

Icha sitting in a temple crying and thinking of Yuvraj. When Yuvraj cursed her after hearing his punishment that no one should get a mother like her.
Vishnu comes and sees her from behind.
Icha remembers Yuvraj touching her feet when Vishnu touches her feet and she gets startled thinking it’s Yuvi.
Vishnu says, you’ve come straight to the temple from the court?
Icha says, yes, Mukta got her justice, court has decided but punishment has been given to me. To a mother.
What I did, I don’t regret – because that was right, but I’m sad because of my son… 5 years he will spend in jail and when he comes out, don’t know how he will be?
I have always done good for everyone else – jail kids, basti kids… but my own kids never got good.
Sometimes I feel I did injustice to Yuvi. He was very little when he got kidnapped and to save Kanha I put his life on the line.
I think from that very day, me and my son’s future had been decided.
To save my husband, I killed that man, then I went to jail… and when I came back – I saw only hatred for myself in his eyes and his heart. I had lost everything by then.
Vishnu says, you don’t get anything from the past… the past teaches us something and teaches us a lesson.
Icha says, but as far as Yuvi is concerned, I was never a good mother for him. I left him with people I didn’t trust… on Mai.
Vishnu says, you didn’t do anything wrong Teacherji. You fought for the truth… you did something right.
Icha says, but what I’ve lost for the payment of this truth – how can I forget that?
Vishnu says, that’s okay… but you won’t believe me if I tell you that Meethi came to the temple to pray for you and Mukta.

Icha is surprised to know that.
Vishnu says, she’s not like before anymore. Her anger has cooled down and she smiles a lot.
Icha says, it’s all because of you.
Vishnu says, no it’s not because of me… honestly speaking all the smiles on my face is because of Meethi. One day, Meethi will realise your value and love you a lot. When I had my father, I didn’t have any relation with him, but when I lost him, I realised his importance. I couldn’t spend much time with him. I feel like I should have been with him at least when he died.
Icha asks, how many years has it been since he died? Then Icha remembers something and says, but when you came your father was…
But her sentence is cut off when Meethi calls Vishnu from outside the temple. Both Icha and Vishnu are surprised to hear her voice.
Meethi comes up the steps to see Vishnu sitting with Icha.
Meethi says, do you know this woman?
Vishnu says, I was going to tell you soon.
Icha says, I don’t want to lie to my daughter – I know Vishnu from a long time.
Meethi says, now you will want to say the truth to show off. Just listen, I don’t have any complaint from you… none at all. But with this man I am so angry. He lied to me, just like this woman.
I thought of him as my friend and he deceived me. Whatever you did with me was because of what she must have told you, what she asked you to do, maybe to pay back her debts, right?
Icha says, no Meethi. I know him from a long time ago, but I’m meeting him for the second time today after the day he saved your life.
Vishnu says, this is the truth. When I saw you the first time, I realised you were Teacherji’s daughter… and I met your mother many years ago, in Satara jail. She was our teacher over there. Because of her, my thoughts and my life had completely changed but after jail I never met her. But if I didn’t save you from the fire, I wouldn’t have met her again. I didn’t save you from fire and did everything else for you because of her. I did it because of our friendship. This is the truth.
Meethi says, the truth is that you’re a criminal like her, you’ve been in the jail just like her. The truth of my life has turned into the biggest lie today.
Vishnu again tries to convince her.
Meethi yells “ENOUGH”. If I didn’t come here today, I wouldn’t have caught you red-handed that both of you meet every day sneakily like this. Every thing I say to you, you share it with her.
Vishnu says, you’re misunderstanding me. I don’t meet her daily. She came here suddenly today.
Meethi says, I was the one who came suddenly here… if I didn’t see the two of you together, I wouldn’t have known that you tell her everything I tell you. I request you not to lie to me anymore. If you had to tell me the truth you could have told me in the first meeting that you knew my mom. You know what? I hate you… not just you but her too. I hate both of you. Go away from my life both of you.
She runs away from the temple and Icha cries.



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