25th July Thursday Update on Young Love

Anandi and her family perform the puja. Dadisaa calls Anandi and tells her that Mannu’s operation is successful. Ira says, our prayers are answered. Anandi says, we all are very happy. Jagya looks tensed at Ratan Singh’s parents. Dadisaa disconnects the call. Anandi thanks the God. Ira asks Anandi to give blankets to the poor. Anandi says okay. Ratan’s mom reminds them that Mannu is their grand son. She says, I will take my grandson now itself. Jagya says, Mannu’s recovery will take time. He will be in the hospital and he needs to be taken care of. Ratan’s dad agrees and asks Jagya to treat Mannu and handover to them. He says, we know everything that you signed on the papers. He leaves with his wife Vimla. Jagya asks Ganga to meet Mannu once he is shifted to the room.

Anandi comes to the old age home and looks at a lady sitting outside. She wonders who is she? All the members of the old age home greet Anandi. Anandi asks them to take the blankets. Jagya and Ganga come to see Mannu. Ganga looks at Mannu and thanks Devimaa for saving Mannu. She cries thinking Mannu will go very far from her. Jagya consoles her. Ganga says, how we will live without Mannu? Jagya looks helpless and equally pained. He says, we have to learn to live without him. Ganga cries.

Anandi comes out and gives a shawl and blanket to the lady. She says, I don’t need it. I have a family. Anandi apologizes to her. She says, I am waiting for my son, daughter in law and grandson. She asks for a water. Anandi asks her to come inside and sit for a while.

Ganga feeds water to Mannu. Dadisaa, Jagya, Basant, Sumitra and Gehna come to meet him. Mannu calls her Dadisaa. Ganga says, he will forget everyone in some days. Dadisaa asks her not to think about future. She asks her to think about Mannu’s happiness. Anandi takes Suhasani Gupta inside the old age home. The warden Mrs Jain looks at her. She says, we have been waiting for you.

Anandi says, Suhasani came with her family from Mumbai. Mrs Jain says, her son Arvind wants her to live her at the old age home. He said that he will bring you here. Suhasani says, my family is very loving. Mrs Jain tells her the address. Suhasani says, my son said he will come here. Mrs Jain asks, when he left. Suhasani is shocked. She asks Anandi to take her to the hotel where her son is staying. Anandi nods in a yes.

Saachi and Vivek come to see the house. The owner of the house praises Saachi and says I will be glad to give you my home. He gets a call. Saachi and Vivek likes the house. Vivek says, but it is very small. Saachi says, I can adjust. Vivek asks why, when I can give you a comfortable life. Saachi says, I mean to say we will be out in the day time. Vivek refuses to have that house. Suhasani and Anandi come to the hotel and is informed by the hotel receptionalist that her son is left 2 hours ago. Suhasani says, I will talk to him. Anandi dials the number but the number is switched off. Suhasani is shocked as her belief on her son are shattered.

Anandi makes her sit. Suhasani is shattered and can’t believe that her son can shift her to the old age home. She tells Anandi that Arvind is her only son and tells her story. She says, we have saved our son and let go of the jewellery and everything. She cries. Anandi consoles her. She says, he left his mom. She wipes her tears and says my son can’t do this. He can’t live without me. She says, I have to return to Mumbai. Anandi says, if you wants to go then go but you have to go tomorrow. Anandi offers to drop her till the airport. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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