25th Oct Thursday Update On Young Love

25th Oct Episode

Location: Laxmibhag Village
The villager says that he understands jagiya’s sympathy but also adds that they are helpless in this situation of ganga, the lady with the burns. He tells him that she’s a balika vadhu and the second wife of thekedaar, ratan singh who married her for a son. She is a desolate and an orphan and a burden on her relatives who married her off at the tender age of 14 years, without finding out the background of the place they are marrying her in, which proved to be a hell for her.

He goes into a flashback when ganga was a cheerful girl, aspiring to be a teacher and teaching girls across the village. Jagiya remembers anandi being in a similar situation. He goes on saying that soon she turned into a living dead when her husband proved to be a monster and made her forget her cheer in life. he says that ganga liked green bangles, jagiya is again reminded of anandi. He asks why does she bear that. The villager tells him that the girl got pregnant when her husband married for the third time. Her family also gave the credit for that to the arrival of the third wife and not on ganga. They decided to keep her till delivery and then throw her out when the baby doesnt need the mother anymore. He asks jagiya to feel the trauma of standing watching her husband going away from here. jagiya is reminded of anandi’s condition on seeing him with gauri. The villager says that she bore all this even without being really connected with her husband and bearing the trauma of seeing her fading away in her husband’s life and her in laws’ family.

Location: Udaipur haveli
meenu comes to give tea to ira to cheer her up. She asks ira the reason of her tension. Ira says that shiv stays out everyay but not in tension, since wherever he went, she knew, about going to london even for his studies. Ira expresses her doubts about the fact that shiv didnt tell them and dadisa already knew of his change in plans and that if it is possible that he is more of anandi’s family now than theirs. Meenu tries to pacify her saying that when she had doubts then they all asked her to be patient and have faith in anandi and not let this situation create a doubt in her mind regarding shiv’s affection towards his family and that they would always have a priority in his heart.

Location: Laxmibhag Village
The villager continues telling jagiya the atrocities that the family gives to ganga. When he says why didnt she try to run away, he says that he tried twice but couldnt go far with the baby, who the family doesnt allow to be with her, except for feeding. Jagiya remembers her colliding while she was running. He tells jagiya that the burns are deliberate and not by accident and that she had been traumatised by her family. He says that she’s just waiting for the right time to run away. when jagiya asks about her relatives, he tells jagiya that they havent bothered to even find out about her since marriage. Jagiya goes over to the window and finds the girl in her foyer with the child, sadness in her eyes and jagiya is grieved to hear this.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa talking on the phone while gehna and sumitra are preparing for the occasion in the kitchen, tells that they would come to the govt residence in the next two hours. Her sons too arrive from shopping. Basant and bhairo are explaining to dadisa that the village is equally excited on knowing that anandi is returning. nandu too comes finely dressed saying that he too is ready for receiving anandi. Nandu says that he’s waiting for jagiya to return to take over the family business. After sending nndu away, they discuss about the implications of anandi knowing about jagiya and how would they plan to keep this secret from her.

Location: On the road in laxmibhag village
While walking aimlessly, jagiya is thinking of stark similarities between anandi and ganga’s life and is in tension remembering his encounters with ganga and her sad story and anandi’s child marriage with him and her wishes being the same as ganga. But he thinks that there’s a vast difference with anandi being helped by god at every step and evn the village and his own family too supporting anandi, but ganga has noone to call her own except for her child.

Location: Udaipur haveli
Dadji has returned back to the haveli and is relating all his fun with his company on new year’s. They are all having a fun, light moment. Shiv and anandi too come in for his blessings. Meenu compliments her on her new saree. Seeing dadaji in a little tension, she asks whats the matter. Anandi offers him ginger tea despite him telling her not to bother. she says that this worked on dadisa too. hearing dadisa’s name, dadaji lights up and allows anandi to go make tea for him. Ira says that first she would have to make sweet for her ritual and she has to do it today only since they are leaving. Dadji is surprised to hear this. Shiv clearifies that he’s joining back. Alok asks what would she prepare and everybody has a unanimous response of halwa. Ira is emotional saying that she should fulfill dadaji’s wishes, for they wont be tomorrow.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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