26th June Wednesday Update on Young Love

Anandi and Payal following Ankita’s car but loses the track. Anandi enquires with someone about the party going on in the farmhouse near by. They say, we don’t know. One man says, I sent juice bottles there and says its name is Silver Orchid. Anandi asks for its address. Saachi is dancing with Saurabh unware of his intentions. Some song plays….Saachi feels drowsiness and says I can’t dance more. My head is shaking and asks him to drop her home. Saurabh asks her to take rest here for sometime. He says, I will take you to the room upstairs. He signs his friends and takes her to the room.

Nandu shows toys to Abhmanyu. Basant comes, Nandu and everyone get happy. Basant asks, how are you all? Sumitra and Ganga take his blessings. Sumitra asks about his father. Basant says, he is fine….Basant looks at Abhimanyu and says prince is very good looking. He asks about Maa saa and Bhairov. Gehna says, they went out and tells about the college problem. Dadisaa comes. Basant takes her blessings. Dadisaa asks him about her jaitsaa.

He says, he is fine. Dadisaa says, I won’t allow that collector to snatch girl’s right. I won’t allow him to build chemical factory. Basant asks her to take care of health. Dadisaa says, it is my Anandi’s dream and I won’t let it break.

Saurabh takes Saachi in the room. Saachi says, I love you from the bottom of my heart. Saurabh asks her to take rest. Saachi says, I am very happy today. Saachi makes round and says life is beautiful. Saurabh offers her a drink. Saachi refuses. Saurabh pushes her on the bed. Saachi gets unconscious totally.

Ankita comes to the party and meets her friends. She tells that she had an argument with her Dad. They tell her that Saachi and Saurabh are having fun. Ankita says, Saachi is not that type. She gets busy with her other friend. Saurabh starts recording on the mobile video. He gets close to her in bed. Anandi and Payal reach the farmhouse. Shiv calls her, Anandi says we have reached the farmhouse and tells its address. Shiv says, I will reach in 10 mins. Anandi enters the party hall and enquires about her. Ankita sees her and hides. Saurabh raped Saachi and shows a thumps u and smirks. He leaves the room after taking his mobile containing the video recording of the crime.

Ganga sings lori for the baby. Jagya looks at her adorably. Ganga praises her son and says he slept early. Jagya places his head on Ganga’s lap and asks her to make his sleep. Jagya and Ganga get romantic as Ganga sings the same lori for him. Ganga is getting close to Jagya. Baby wakes up and starts crying. Dadisaa calls Ganga and asks about Abhimanyu. Ganga tries to calm the baby. Jagya and Ganga smiles.

Saurabh gets down and shows the recording to his friends. They smile. Ankita tells him that Anandi is searching for Saachi. She asks him to run from the back door. Anandi enquires about Saachi. Saurabh leaves from the party. Shiv sees him but doesn’t recognise the criminal. One girl tells Anandi that she have seen her going upstairs. Anandi and Payal rush to upstairs. Anandi asks Shiv to come upstairs. Anandi and Payal come to the room and finds Saachi in a unconciousness state with marks on her face. Anandi and Payal are shocked.

Anandi and Payal rushing to Saachi’s help. Shiv reaches the place and gets shocked seeing her condition. They ask her to open the eyes but Saachi couldn’t open her eyes because of the tablet which Saurabh mixed in her drink. Shiv tells Anandi that she has been given a strong sedative and says we shall take her urgently to the hospital. They get down the stairs and eyes everyone angrily. Shiv and Anandi take Saachi with them to the hospital. Ankita calls Saurabh and tells about Anandi and Shiv coming there.

Ankita says, Saachi’s brother is very angry. Saurabh says, I have many connections. Ankita asks him not to come in anyone’s eyes. Saurabh looks at the video recording and thinks it is a safety guard for him. Anandi and Shiv drop Payal to her home. Anandi looks at Saachi’s dress and thinks why her top is upside down. She gets tears. Anandi prays to Kanha ji for Saachi. Ira calls Anandi and asks, where are you? Anandi says, I am with Shiv. Shiv takes the call and says we will come home soon. They bring Saachi to the hospital. Anandi asks the doctor to check Saachi’s carefully. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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