27th August Tuesday Update on Young Love


27th August Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Shamer asking Dadi whether she gets deep sleep . Dadisaa says, I couldn’t sleep now a days. He asks her to open the eyes and return to the present. Jagya and Ganga look on. They come inside and greet Shamer Bhai. Dadisaa says, I don’t know what I said. I get lost while speaking. Shamer says, I will come to meet you again. Dadisaa says, I feel good to talk to you. Ganga recalls seeing Shamer in the hospital. Jagya goes to drop him. Shamer tells Jagya that your dadi needs treatment which should be immediate. He says, I tried to help her which was needed for her soul. She couldn’t forget the murder she committed. That incident left a mark on her brain.

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Jagya recalls Ganga’s words and tells you are right. You are special to understand human emotions. He tells that Dadisaa wanted punishment, but court freed her. She couldn’t forgive herself. Shamer says, she will be relieved when she gets out of the trauma. He asks him to show him to a doctor. He says, I will come and try to help her. Jagya thanks him and says we have full trust that you can bring her out of pain. He calls him beta/son. Jagya gets emotional and touches his feet. Shamer blesses him.

Peon brings tea for Shiv. Shiv says, I didn’t ask. Rasika comes and says I ordered it to get refresh. Rasika adds sugar in the tea. She asks about Anandi. Shiv says, she is fine. Rasika praises her luck. Shiv says, I didn’t understand. Rasika says, everyone knows that you take care of Anandi’s family. She says, my husband Narendra never take me to my mum’s house. She says, my story is very sad. Shiv says, I don’t understand that your husband doesn’t allow you to go. She says, I don’t know when I meet my family. Shiv says, I will talk to your husband. Rasika says, please don’t do it. I have to face his anger. Shiv is shocked to know that he raises his hand on Rasika.

Rasika says, everywhere a wife has to bear the torture. She says sorry. Peon comes and informs Rasika that her husband came. Rasika gets shocked and the tea cup falls on his hand. She goes to meet him.

Ganga asks Mannu to have milk. Jagya comes and asks Mannu to have milk. He asks Ganga to make him run so that he gets hungry. Ganga tells Jagya that Mannu doesn’t eat these days. She asks Jagya, can Shamer Bhai help Jagya. She says, Dadisaa felt relieved after speaking to him. He tells Ganga that he is impressed with him.

Vivek comes to Saachi and brings gift for Saachi. He says, we are going to Kullu Manali for an outing. Saachi asks, how did you think of an outing? Vivek says, I can understand your condition. That’s why I thought to go somewhere with you. Saurabh knocks on the door and says can I come in.

Saurabh says, I want to talk to you for a min. He says I don’t know what to say. He says I am repenting for my sins. I have realized that I was wrong when I was in Jail. He says, I got a chance to spend you with all. I want to gather the memories and bear the punishment. I was very close to you. I feel secure in this house. He emotionally blackmails Vivek. He asks him to hug him once forgetting his crime. Vivek hugs him hesitantly. Saurabh thanks Vivek. Vivek tells Saachi that they shall postpone their holiday plan. Saachi looks tensed.

Rasika scolding her husband. He says, sorry. She asks did you brought my blouse. He says yes. He gives her tickets. Rasika says, lets go. Narendra asks, did you tell your boss that you are going out. She says, I myself is the boss. Saurabh talks on phone about girls. Rakhi comes. Saurabh disconnects the call. Rakhi asks, until when you are here? She says, I want everything to be happier like before. She asks him to understand and maintain the dignity of the house. Saurabh looks angrily at her. Rakhi leaves. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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