27th June Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa and a gang of school girls come to the site. The supervisor says that this land is given to us by the govt. Dadisaa says, college is needed here rather than chemical factory. That man asks them to go to collector saheb and complain him. Dadisaa says, I won’t allow any work to start here. He asks her to let them start or else…Dadisaa warns him. They get scared by the sticks and leaves. Everyone shout aloud Devimaa ki Jai……..Saachi is sleeping in the hospital, she gets restless as she recalls Ira’s words. She opens her eyes and recalls about the party night. She gets disturbed about Ira’s sayings. Mehra comes to collector and tells him that factory work have stopped as the old lady and some girls stopped the work. Collector assures him that he will solve the matter. Mehra says, it seems old lady is very stubborn. Collector assures that everything will be fine and says if they tries to stop the work then they have to face the police sticks.

Ira is devastated because of Saachi’s rape attempt. She feels miserable being a mother. Anandi and Shiv console her. Ira says, I am guilty of whatever happened yesterday. I won’t be able to forgive myself. Meenu, Daddu and Anoop come there. Ira hugs her and cries. Alok hugs Daddu and cries miserably. Meenu asks her to take care of herself. Anoop asks about Saachi. Ira says, she is alive after the spoiling her life. Meenu asks, what are you saying? Ira says, what I shall say then? Doctor comes and says my belief was right. She was given the drugs which is called as daytrade drugs. She says it can be given in any drink. It unconscious the brain and the human couldn’t know anything what happens to them. Saachi is the victim because of this drugs. Doctor says, Saachi’s blood also had alcohol. Someone raped her without her knowing. Ira is shocked. Shiv asks the doctor to preserve the sample. Alok asks Shiv to get the criminal arrested. He shall not be spared. Shiv nods in a yes.

Anandi says, I will talk to Saachi may be she can remember anything. Anandi comes to Saachi and says I can understand what you are going through. You are not alone. Saachi says, I didn’t do anything like that. I lied to everyone and went to the party. But I took just 1 or 2 drinks. Anandi asks, whether Saurabh was there in the party? Saachi says, so many guys was at the party. Saachi says, I went with Saurabh, but he can’t do anything like that. He loves me very much. Anandi asks her to remember anything. Saachi says I tried but couldn’t recall anything. Anandi asks her to calm down and gives her water to drink.

Anandi comes out and tells everyone that Saachi didn’t know anything. She was unconscious at that time. Alok gets angry and says I will kill him. Shiv says, my blood is raising…..but everything is in police hands. Shiv says, we have to file the FIR. Alok asks him to file the FIR. Ira says, don’t file any FIR, we can’t go to Police. Everyone will come to know about it and Saachi’s life will be ruined. Alok asks her, what is more important….Family’s prestige or justice for Saachi. He will get punished for his sin.

Saurabh is watching TV in his home. Saachi calls him. Saurabh picks the call and asks, where are you? Saachi asks, why you didn’t call me? Saurabh says, I was scared of your brother. He tells fake story that he went to take a drink for himself when Shiv came. He says, that’s why I was waiting for your call. Saachi says, that fridge has bear and alcohol. Saachi says, I have been physically assaulted… You was with me that time. Don’t tell else I will tell to my Bhaiyya and everyone. I won’t leave you. You will go to Jail.

Saachi questioning Saurabh about the night. Saurabh acts innocent. Saachi tells him that her family told her that she has been physically assaulted. She says, you was with me that time. I won’t spare you. You will go to jail. I will tell to my family. Saurabh disconnects the call and sends her MMS of the crime. Saachi couldn’t see the video and starts shaking with fear. Saurabh calls her and asks her to cut her mouth shut else the video will go viral. Saachi is shocked. Doctor asks Shekhars to take Saachi home. She asks them not to make her feel bad as she needs family support now. Shiv goes to get the discharge papers. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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