28 October Monday Update on This is Love


28 October Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with goons coming inside the temple. The couple hide. Everyone asks them what happened. Goons asks did any girl and guy come here for marriage. Ishita says no, they haven’t come. Goon asks how do you know, I have seen you outside. She says I have seen you finding someone, anyone will get scared seeing you, we came here for our children’s marriage. The goons leave. Ishita says the couple also fled. Amma asks pandit to continue their puja. Kaushalya asks Aaliya did she get the dupatta which they got in Roka. Ishita says yes, its in car. She sees the car unlocked. Neelam says my parents don’t want me to marry Kartik, he is south indian, I m from Haryana, I love him a lot, please help us, drop us to taxi stand, we will go very far, so that no one finds us. Ishita sends

chunri to temple. She drives the car. She drops them to taxi stand. They thank her and go. Goons come there. They catch the couple. They beat up Kartik. The couple gets kidnapped. Ishita shouts to them. She follows the goons.
Shagun calls Ishita. Ishita thinks what will those goons do with them. They think maybe Ishita went to meet Tina. Everyone comes home. Mihika, Romi and Pihu congratulate Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita went to meet Tina. Tina calls Ruhi and asks where is Ishita.

Ruhi asks what, is she not there, I will inform you. Ishita tracks the jeep. She reaches place and asks Vijendra where are they, the couple is surely here. He says they aren’t here, you can come and see for yourself. She looks inside. He says I m letting you go as you are Raman’s wife, else I don’t like anyone who falsely accuses me. Vijendra says she left. Raman comes there. Vijendra says your wife talks a lot, explain her, talk some sense to her, she called me a liar, no one dares to argue with me, the next time if you falsely accuse me, I won’t be quiet. Raman apologizes on her behalf.

Ishita meets inspector and says I feel Vijendra is blackmailing Raman, he may harm that couple. He asks can you describe the couple’s faces. She says yes. He says fine, I will check that place, we will find them, don’t worry. The man says I kept things in car and parked it. Raman asks what things. Vijendra says I will ask you where to deliver it. Raman says there is puja at home, I can’t go. Vijendra says don’t forget, your daughter’s marriage is happening by my money, don’t question much. Raman takes the car keys. He leaves. Police reaches there. Raman meets inspector. Inspector says Ishita came to police station and complained about Vijendra. Raman says I m here since long, I didn’t see any couple, that’s Vijendra, you know Ishita, she likes to help people, she doesn’t like Vijendra, maybe that’s the reason she has complained. Inspector says fine, my doubt is clear. Vijendra says Raman came to meet me as we are doing business together. Inspector leaves. Vijendra says I won’t spare Ishita next time, go home and celebrate Karwachauth, I will call you at night. Raman says I will talk to Ishita. He leaves.

Ishita coming home. Everyone ask where was she, they called numerous time. Ishita looks for her phone. She says maybe its left in the car. Shagun asks where did you go by sending the chunri, is there anything. Ishita says I will tell you. The man says police never came here, you have left Ishita go. Vijendra says we have to make Raman do our work, police went because of Raman, we do such things, stop worrying. The man says we did the work well. Vijendra says Neelam was mad, she wanted to marry out of community, so she has died, Raman doesn’t know that we have kept two dead bodies in his car, he will get caught. He laughs.

Sudha asks why are the men selling shares to Raman, do they want to get bankrupt. The man says Raman promised to return high dividends. She

says Raman is bankrupt, Ishita has sold her jewellery to buy the shares back, what will they sell this time. The man says don’t know madam. She says who is the person who is lending him so much money. Raman comes home and recalls Vijendra’s words. He tries to check the dickey.
Romi comes and asks what happened, you look stressed. Raman says no. Romi says don’t worry, Ishita is fine. Raman asks what happened. Romi says she went missing so family was worried. Raman makes an excuse. Romi says dickey is left open. Raman says I was about to shut it, come. Ruhi asks will Neelam and Kartik be fine. Ishita says no, I think they are in trouble, I feel Vijendra isn’t a right man. Raman comes there and asks Ruhi did you agree for marriage. Ruhi says Karan is loving and caring, I thought to give a chance to this relation. Raman says that’s a great news. He hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla says Kaushalya was saying both marriages can happen in same mandap. Ruhi says okay fine. Raman hugs Ruhi and Aaliya. He says I m so happy, call Tina and ask her to double the preparations.

Mr. Bhalla says your friendship with Vijendra isn’t right, I don’t want him to come in any function and spoil it. Raman says he is my client, lets not be concerned about his personal matters, trust me, there won’t be any trouble, ask others not to overthink. Ishita hugs Ruhi and Aaliya. Simmi says I got the puja items. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to just hurry up. Raman says I convinced dad, I will make a call to Vijendra. Ishita comes to him. She says please tell me what’s your connection with Vijendra, you know what he did. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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