2nd January Thursday Update on True Love


2nd January Thursday Update on True Love

Akash asks her to relax. He cups her face and assures her that he is with her. Now I wont leave you alone and go anywhere. You don’t need to be scared anymore.
Meethi is crying now. I am missing everyone…I want to talk to them.
He wipes her tears and says they will go to that new booth bhaiya had told about, first thing in the morning. Meethi says…he only talks big.
Akash holds his ears and assures her that he wont go anywhere from now. She asks for a promise. He kisses her hands and promises her. Maiyya enters in the scene now.
She hugs her and both say I love you to each other.
Maiyya makes them aware of her presence.

Maiyya tells them that tomorrow they will be making pickles, papad & spices at home. Meethi asks if they make all this at home always.
She nods in a yes and adds that all the ladies of the house and some ladies from nearby homes to join in & they all sing & dance and enjoy as well. We do it every year before holi. You too come and join us…you will also learn it.
Meethi nods yes…this way she will learn their tradition as well. Maiyya compliments her that she is very intelligent. Akash too says that they used to have so much fun in the childhood.
Maiyya tells them to come downstairs and join everyone for dinner. They both nod & she leaves after glancing at Akash.

Rathore comes rushing and asks if what he has heard is….? Jogi completes for him…it is true indeed. The doctor allows them to meet Tappu but only one person should go in at once. Divya was about to go but Jogi tells her to let Rathore meet Tappu first. She nods in a yes. He thanks her and goes in.

Rathore enters & Kaun mera is playing in the background. He has flashback of all their happy moments that they had spent together in the past. He is pained to see Tappu in such condition & is about to put his hand on hers….stops first then puts it and sighs.

She wakes up and asks how he is. Rathore holds her hand in his and say…he isn’t lying in the ICU. Are you in pain? She nods in a no. He asks if she is alright now. She nods yes and manages to smile.
Rathore tells her that I had made a promise to you that I will never look back in our past. I tried to stop myself from thinking about you but you and our memories kept coming in my mind all the time. (Kisses her hand). I don’t know how many times I lost you. Did you think that I will let you this time? You really scared me…why do you trouble me so much.
Tappu says…not more then you…
Rathore goes…do I? Tappu nods in a yes. She says…but what could happen to her as she is a Rajput’s wife. He says what would have happened to this Rajput if he would have lost her.
Tappu says…you are this much upset with me?
He says why I would be upset with you.
She replies then why did you take Mukta far from…. He shushes her and says no one took anyone or anything away from you…no one. He kisses her forehead. I like that spoilt, stubborn and angry Tappu. In the past when you used to get ill, then I used to surprise you and you used to recover asap.
A flashback is shown where Tappu had a stomach ache but she gets all happy & excited after seeing passes for her favorite designer’s exhibition.
He asks her what should he do now…do think and tell. But right now, I have to leave. He gets up but she joins her hand in his this time. Female version of Kaun mera is playing in the background.
She has flashbacks of her wedding day. He caresses her head and she closes them.

The monitor starts slowly beeping now and Mukta enters. She cries and apologizes to her mother. She says that she loves her and that she should get well soon now and come back home.
Rathore again gets up to leave but Tappu holds his hand again. Tappu smiles as Mukta hugs her.
The monitor beeps continuously now and Tappu has trouble breathing. Rathore tells Mukta to go and get the doctor and he stays with Tappu.

All preparations are going on in full swing in the aangan of the house. Maiyya keeps a watch on what everyone is doing. Meethi is sitting idle next to Kajri.
Maiyya spots a widow mixing something and instructs her to mix it well as she cant smell it till now.
Pavitra comes down carrying something and taunts Kajri to make two different types of dough’s. kajri nods and gets down to work.

Maiyya asks Meethi if she would like to help as well. Kajri is doubtful of her intentions while Meethi happily nods. She is asked to cut the mangoes to make pickle.
She is not able to hold it and cut (without the cutter) and both younger massi’s smile looking at her.
Meethi asks if she did any mistake. Why are they laughing at her?
Maiyya tells her if she will do it like this then it will take at least a month’s time to do this job. She goes to her to teach her how to do it properly and fastly. She asks Gomti to get the cutter.
Gomti hands her the mango cutter and Maiyya exhibits how to cut by cutting one mango and Meethi watches it intently.

Maiyya now hands it to Meethi saying its her turn now.
Meethi starts but the mango keeps twisting and she is unable to cut it. Maiyya holds her hands now. Kajri is worried to watch it. Meethi cuts the first one successfully (though she isn’t happy with the way Maiyya is doing it) and while cutting the second one, she gets hurt in her finger. She screams in pain….blood is coming out of her finger and Kajri tries to soothe her pain. While all the 3 sisters watch in glee.

Meethi trying to cut the mango but it keeps twisting and she is unable to cut it. Maiyya holds her hands now. Kajri is worried to watch it. Meethi cuts the first one successfully (though she isn’t happy with the way Maiyya is doing it) and while cutting the onion, she gets hurt in her finger. She screams in pain….blood is coming out of her finger and Kajri tries to soothe her pain.

Maiyya asks Pavitra to get turmeric paste for Meethi. Pavitra first dips her hands in chilli powder and then takes some turmeric paste. She applies it on Meethi’s finger who shouts back in pain…chillies. She runs from there while Maiyya asks her to stay back and that it is turmeric only.
As she leaves, Pavitra happily shows her hands to everyone and says…chillies! Maiyya comments that the city girls cant bear even a single cut. If they get hurt even a little, they shed tears equivalent to rivers.
Then she asks Kajri to concentrate on her work…who complies. she tells Gomti that it is a tradition….she will have to learn to work hard.

The doctor has summoned Jogi Thakur in his cabin. Seeing the doctor hesitating, he tells him to share whatever he wants to he has enough willpower.
The doctor says that he doesn’t want to keep him in dark. But in reality, her condition is still very critical. She has very rare chances of survival. Jogi gets tears in his eyes thinking of his words. He says but she did gain consciousness.
The doctor replies that is why I allowed you all to meet her one by one…..before something happens to her. He is crying now. What should they do now? Please save my daughter…what will happen to my daughter now doctor? The doctor assures her that they have done all what medical science is capable of. Jogi repeatedly begs him to save his daughter.

Meethi is crying in her room. She has flashback of when Anni had made her favorite food for her. She calls out…I miss you and cries. Akash enters their room now.
Akash asks Meethi why she is crying. She is going hysterical as she wants to go back home right now itself…she is missing everyone. When Akash asks the reason why not after some days. She replies that everything here is so odd and scary. I don’t want to stay here…let’s go righ now. Maiyya who was witnessing all this tells Vishnu (aka Akash) to let her go…there is no need for any explanation. Meethi stops in her tracks and Akash goes mum.

She starts her drama. The new bride isn’t happy here….you take her back to her home.
Meethi tries to clarify that she dint mean to hurt her. She is just missing everyone. Maiyya says you are having so many problems in staying here with us. We are villagers and illiterate too. Son, this place isn’t meant for her. Take her back. I had thought that when my Vishnu’s wife will come here, I will shower all my love on her and will also teach her all the traditions.
Akash glances at Meethi while Maiyya continues….I had forgotten that people from cities feel suffocated here. We gave you so many trouble…you had to take water form well, had to cut onion and what not. You go from here…I had forgotten that you city people wont feel happy here in the village. You are from a big family…you should go back.
Meethi apologizes for her mistake and says that she dint mean it that way. You all are after all her family only. Actually, I was missing my ma, papa, anni and everyone that’s why I said so. I dint mean to hurt you…please forgive me.
Maiyya smiles and says…I will give you mother’s love. You have increased my son’s life & happiness that is why I was teaching you everything on my own.
Meethi again asks for forgiveness….she was getting emotional.
Akash was silently observing everything and smiles at Meethi.
He tells her that he dint knew all this. We will return home today only. Meethi says no, they have stayed for so many days…she can stay back for 2-4 more days.
He hugs her while she is silently crying in his arms.
Akash thinks and laughs in off….2-4 days?? You wont be going back ever now. The pains and tears that you have given my mother you will have to pay for it. forget about going back.

Iccha & Veer in their room. Veer leaves to take care of Baba after telling her to take care of her health.
Mai enters now and taunts Iccha…is that Tapasya still alive or..? she has sinned so much…would she get liberated so soon?
Iccha gasps in horror. How can she say something like this? That girl married Tej Singh only to reunite me & Veer. She saved all of us. She even revealed how he had murdered daddaji for his property. And here you are praying for her death? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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