2nd January Thursday Update on Young Love


2nd January Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa thinking about Nandu while sitting in her class. She thinks what might be going on in his mind. Teacher comes. Dadisaa tells her good morning. She asks what happened to you. Dadisaa says nothing. Teacher asks her to read the essay on my family. Dadisaa hesitates and stands up to read. She starts reading. Her class mates laugh on her. Teacher asks her to continue reading. She makes faces and reads. Teacher likes her essay and claps for her. All her classmates too applaud for her. Teacher says I am proud of you. Dadisaa says I am very happy.

Mandira asks Jyoti, what was Anandi speaking to her. Jyoti says nothing and cries. Mandira beats her with umbrella and pushes her. She falls. Anandi comes and rings the door bell. Mandira opens the door and asks her to relax. Anandi asks about Jyoti. Mandira says she went to her home. Anandi asks when she went home. Mandira lies. Anandi says you said that you will be sending her to school today.

Mandira says she insisted to meet her parents so I sent her. Anandi asks her to take Jyoti out. Mandira asks her to better leave from her house. Shiv arrives the place with Police. Anandi says lets see who complains to police. She tells Shiv that she heard Jyoti’s screams. Puneet comes.

Mandira tells that Anandi is blaming her for buying Jyoti. She says Jyoti left in the morning. Puneet says he dropped Jyoti in the morning. Shiv says Anandi don’t complain without any reason. If she is saying Jyoti is inside then she is inside. Puneet asks Shiv to believe him. Puneet tells Inspector that you can’t search my house without a search warrant. Inspector shows it. Puneet lets them in. Police team searches the house, but can’t find Jyoti.

Constable tells them that they find only a boy. Puneet and Mandira smirk. Puneet tells Shiv that he is telling truth and says your wife hurt us a lot. We don’t expect this from you and asks the Police to leave. They are about to leave when Anandi sees a dress piece stuck in the almara. She stops Shiv and recalls seeing Jyoti wearing the same dress. She opens the almara while Mandira tries to stop her. They find Jyoti inside the almara. Jyoti cries and hugs Anandi. Shiv asks Puneet what you was saying about trust and friendship. Mandira says what is your problem.

Jyoti likes to stay here. Anandi is filling something in her ears. We are giving her everything. Is this a crime. What do she need as we take care of her every need. Puneet is about to say. Shiv says we know, but you have to remember that you are a IAS officer. Police says we are witness here. We have to arrests you and your wife. Mandira and Puneet get shocked. Mandira says you can’t arrest us. You don’t know my husband’s connection. You will be dismissed. You cannot do that.

Inspector arrests Puneet and tells about the charges. Mandira resists. Inspector takes them. Mandira says I won’t leave you Anandi. Jyoti cries and asks will you send you to my home. Anandi asks her not to get scared and tells that she will send her to special govt home where she will be given education and care. She says you will start a new life today. Jyoti thanks them. Anandi hugs her.

Ganga telling Makhan Kaka that Taisa made vegetable dish for Niranjan without chilli. Nandu gets an idea, mixes chilli powder and goes. Dadisaa asks Niranjan about his acidity problem. Niranjan says he is fine now. Ganga gives vegetable dish to Niranjan which is less spicy. Dadisaa asks them to call Nandu. Nandu tells that he is studying and asks them to eat. Jagya comes down to have food. Dadisaa asks them to have food. Jagya thanks Niranjan for his promotion and says your post have been permanent now. Ganga congrats him. Dadisaa blesses him. Niranjan thanks them for their support. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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