30th April Tuesday Update on This is Love

Simmi getting angry and recalling Anant. She takes the color to spoil the portrait. Ishita comes in between. Simmi makes a face and leaves. Raman comes and says you are here, don’t know, since I saw you, its not professional but…. what happened to you. She says colours. He asks her to have veg sandwich. She says I got colour on hand, I can’t eat. He says its fine, I will feed you. He feeds the sandwich to her.

Kaun tujhe …..plays…. They go walking. She smiles seeing him ride a horse. They have a cart ride. He holds her. Mr. Bhalla says Romi did mistake, we can’t cover up for him. A man comes to meet Aaliya. He says call her, I trusted her and asked her to settle it on time. Mr. Bhalla asks what do you mean. Mani comes and asks the man to

come with him. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know what they are doing. Mani gives the money to the man. The man says I gave her 15 lakhs, this is just ten. Mani pays more and asks him not to come here again. The man threatens to tell truth to Bhallas. He goes. Mani says what did you do Aaliya, you should have thought for family.

Ashok comes to Shagun and asks did somebody see my business partner. She says she would be near entrance. She goes after him. She asks what’s going on, we know you don’t know anything without agenda, she hates you, why did you help Ishita, are you fine, do you need something. He gets coughing. Ishita comes and asks are you okay, come with me. Simmi asks what’s going on between them. Shagun says God knows.

Ishita asks why did you come here. Ashok says I m fine, I have to tell you about medicines, I didn’t need to take it to lab, I met a man and he told me its a banned drug, its side effects are very bad. She asks is it a banned drug, what are the side effects. He says person can lose memory gradually if its taken regularly. She recalls Raman. She says you mean Raman is losing memory, I thought he is annoyed, how can anyone forget someone, he asked me if I m married, he forgot me, he is forgetting himself because of his sister, he did a lot for Simmi, he loves her so much, she should have taken revenge from me, why from Raman, he is innocent. She sees Ashok sitting away in dizzy state. She goes to him and asks are you okay. He coughs and bleeds. She says I will call taxi. He says I m fine, I want to do something good before I die.

She says you are not going anywhere. He says I want to repent before death, let me do something good, when doctor told me I have Gallbladder cancer , I was much shocked, I saw my life as a picture, what bad things I did with people, all my mistakes and cheat, I realized I m so lonely, I never kept relations well, it was just for use, that day I thought if I m a very mean man, who has no goodness, someone is needed to help me, someone who doesn’t know evil, that’s you, then I started finding you, but it took much time, what I like about you is your goodness, its your big plus point, the way you keep your family united, you don’t see any bad person with badness, you push him to do good, this is very rare in a person. She cries. He says before dying, I want to apologize to Raman and you, I did much bad with you, when I went your home, I learnt you are in jail. She says you thought this is best way to apologize to me, that you free me from jail, all my hatred and annoyance went away, its big thing you are able to think good, I m thankful that I m close to family because of you. He says we have to work a lot, we have to get Raman’s memory back, we have to save your family. She says we have to save Raman. He asks how will you do this.

She says there is someone, even if entire family is in Simmi’s control, there is someone who will believe me. He asks who. She says Aaliya, I m so sure she will be able to save Raman from Simmi, you get fine soon, I can’t see you this way, I have always seen Ashok as a strong person, we will go to a good hospital and start your chemotherapy, life gives second chance to everyone, you have to help me. He nods. She goes to get taxi.

Shagun and Aaliya see the monuments. Aaliya sees Ishita and thinks how to ask Shagun to leave. She makes an excuse that she got tired. Shagun goes. Aaliya goes to Ishita. She asks is everything fine. Ishita asks why is Raman taking those medicines. Aaliya says Raman was in depression after you left, so doctor suggested this. Ishita says don’t you think its strange, he is losing memory. Aaliya says doctor said maybe he will talk strange things, Simmi and Parmeet got that doctor. Ishita gets angry.

Ishita saying I understood, just don’t let Raman take those medicines, do anything, lie, cheat, whatever, just stop him. Aaliya says fine, but what’s the matter. Ishita says there is something. Aaliya asks how shall I stop Simmi. Ishita tells her plan. Aaliya asks did Simmi do anything wrong. Ishita doesn’t answer. Aaliya says we are going out in evening, you come on time. Ishita says sure, you don’t let Raman take medicines. Aaliya goes.

Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she tell Parmeet about his divorce, who is he to talk in between. She says Mihika asked for 5 lakhs, so I told Parmeet to arrange money, you didn’t get her home. Romi says I admit its my mistake, did you go to convince her and unite us, who is he to say. He gets counsellor’s letter.

Mrs. Bhalla asks him to meeet. Romi says no, I will talk to Mihika. Mr. Bhalla says you have to go, don’t be mad, we will come along. Romi goes. Mrs. Bhalla says we will go with him.
Simmi asks Raman to take medicines, she will get water. Aaliya collides with Raman and makes medicines fall. She says sorry. Simmi comes. Raman says I m finding medicines. Aaliya says Raman forgot, he took medicines with juice. Raman says I m forgetting a lot, maybe I took medicines. Aaliya thinks Raman doesn’t remember anything, this is really serious. Adi and Shagun come. Aaliya asks Adi to take Raman. She asks Simmi to have juice. Simmi likes it. Aaliya says I knew it you will like it, we will buy more. She thinks it happened as Ishita planned, now it will be fun. Simmi starts itching. Shagun asks do you have any allergy. Simmi asks Aaliya what’s this juice. Aaliya says its grapes juice. Simmi says I have allergy with grapes. Raman comes. Simmi tells him about the grapes allergy. He says I will be with you. Aaliya asks him to go. Shagun stays with Simmi. They leave.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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