31st July Wednesday Update on This is Love

Ishita looking around in the darkness. Raman says where did Ishita go. Ruhi shows the car. Raman says Ishita’s car is here, where did she go, come we will find her. Romi asks him not to panic. Ishita calls out Bhavna. Bhavna turns to her and stares. Ishita gets scared. Raman asks the watchman about Ishita. The watchman says she had come here, don’t know where did she go. Bhavna smiles and signs Ishita.

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Ishita asks are you Bhavna, Mihika showed me your pic, I know you have runaway from mental hospital, listen to me, you can take my help, trust me, I will help you. Bhavna gets a stick. She says you have done wrong with Sonakshi, you snatched everything from her, she won’t leave you now. She holds Ishita’s neck. Ishita struggles and shouts for help. Raman,

Ruhi and Romi come there and find door locked. Raman says we are here, nothing will happen to you. Bhavna pushes Ishita and runs away. Raman and Romi break the door. They call out Ishita. They see Ishita. Ishita hugs Raman and says Bhavna is there, she will kill me. Raman says there is nobody here. Ishita says she was suffocating my neck, she has come back. Raman asks who. Ishita faints. He holds her. Ruhi gets water and sprinkles. He makes Ishita drink water. He says Bhavna isn’t here. Ishita says Sonakshi has come back, she said she is inside Bhavna, it wasn’t hallucination, why was Bhavna taking Sonakshi’s name. Raman says Bhavna is mentally unstable, it makes sense as Mihika told her about Sonakshi, we will catch her soon, come, nothing will happen to you.

Adi greets Mani and some men. The man says sorry, we got late, I hope everything is ready. Mani praises Adi. He says I m sure Adi is going to do something big on his own. He asks Adi to start presentation. Adi says its not ready, sorry our graphic designer is on maternity leave, I want her to handle the projects, she is the best, give her one or two days. The man says we have no time, we can’t delay this project, Adi seems more emotional. Mani says Adi, you can give work to some other employee, work can’t stop right, finish it soon, don’t let me down. Adi says yes. Mani leaves along with the men. Mani comes back and asks Adi to take Aaliya’s help. He says Aaliya joined office again, I don’t want you to have another goof up, I know she is expert in this work, I m not saying this as she is my daughter. He goes. Adi says right, just Aaliya is expert, I know nothing.

Raman asks Ishita not to tell anything at home. They come home. Raman says sorry I forgot about Baisakhi. Mr. Bhalla says just see the arrangements, don’t worry. Ishita says I will help you. Mrs. Bhalla discusses things. Simmi looks on and thinks they are acting very normal, what happened with Ishita when we didn’t do anything. Ruhi thinks did Simmi do all that. Pihu asks Ishita what will she wear in party, she wants yellow dress. Ishita says fine, I will get it in morning.

Adi says what happens to women after having a baby, I had to hear all this because of that employee. Aaliya comes and asks did Mani come, did you message Neha. He starts arguing. She says I can help you. He says Mani asked me to take your help, what did you tell Mani. She says no, I didn’t do. He says you never do anything, you came here to keep an eye on me, you forced me to take you in this project. She says you are misunderstanding. He says you just know controlling me. He goes. She cries. Mr. Bhalla says we forgot to order sweets. Ishita says I will do that. Adi comes home. Ishita asks him to come and have food. He says I will freshen up and come. Aaliya comes home. Ishita calls her too. Aaliya says the same and goes. Pihu asks on which song will Ishita and Raman dance. Ishita says we will dance, sit and have food.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to prepare things for making Chole. Raman looks on. He asks how do you manage everything, you forget everything for the family. Ishita says who else will do all this, you are with me, I m sure nothing will happen to me. He says I don’t remember anything. She says you will remember everything soon. They hug. Ruhi sees them. She thanks Mata rani and says you have returned a smile on Ishita’s face, keep everything fine. She goes. Raman gets a call from inspector. He says fine, I will come. He says I will go and meet inspector, he has to talk about Bhavna’s case. Ishita says so sorry, I ruined London trip, now you are running around like this. He says its fine, its my duty to make sure you are always happy, I promise nothing will happen to you. She says I love you Raman. He says I love you too, I m not going, come. He makes her rest and says I have a surprise for you. He comforts her. She sleeps. He thinks to end this madness, he can’t see Ishita like this. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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