3rd December Monday Update On Young Love

All heard a kid’s giggling, looking at the door, they saw mannu . Ganga ran towards the door seeing her kid.ganga is super happy n emotional. All came towards her and equally surprised. All wonder how he came here n looked at door. Anandi n shiv are at door step with ghanshyam. Ganaga thanked shiv. Shiv gave credit to anandi that how bravely anandi handled the situations. She did the thing which no one able to do.Ganga wanted to touch anandi’s feet. But she stopped her n said bad times are ober now its time for good times only. Ganga thanked ghanshyam too.

Jagiya asked shiv what exactly happened. Shiv told anandi will say everything. Then anandi explained the whole incident (in FB). All looked shocked. Ds blessed anandi and said sumi told that no one can become like anandi but she thinks no one can even reach near her. Sumi and bhairon were too proud anandi. Bhairon told ganga that now she got her kid, now she has to study well n can become a nurse. Anandi surprised abt ganga’s nurse job. Ganga said how much she will feel good by becoming independent. All are happy for ganga.

Anandi told everyone that seeing ganga she wanted to do the same from long time but cudnt do it. When sumi asked , she said, she wanted to start her “elderly ppl class” again, . Shiv was bit worried n thought that how can he will say that thing knowing anandi is so happy thinking abt her future plans but he has to say it as he cant hide it from her for long. All agreed to it but shiv remain silent. Anandi touched ira’s feet. Ds called everyone for dinner but shiv said he had lots of official works to do at home. Anandi too agreed with shiv n told them that they will come later.

Sumi n ganga had some sweet convo as sumi gave some new clothes. Ds n makhan too did the same. Ganag is overwhelmed. Ds is too happy for ganga n mannu. Ganga took mannu to gehena n nandu. They were very happy too. Nandu was super happy thinking he got his younger brother.

All are having dinner.Anandi shared how happy she is after seeing ganga with her baby and shiv is relived too. CM too asked shiv how he is feeling. But shiv is bit absent mind. He asked anandi y she is not eating. Anandi said she is eating like always.Ira asked shiv who is bit tensed that whats the issue as he is looking very low. Shiv fumbles n said he is bit tired due to the journey. Ira thinks may be shiv still upset with him. Anandi looks at him with a smile n thought she will ease his all tiredness by confessing her love to him n will make it special.

Anandi took a glass of milk for shiv. Sanchi was super happy with anandi’s rescue and called her to talk with her frd abt it. Anandi is bit confused as shiv was waiting for her but she chose to talk to saanchi’s frd. She talked with saanchi’s frd for sometimes and then went to her bedroom. But her smile fades seeing shiv who was laredy slept.

When Anandi enters her room she finds Shiv asleep. She tries to make little noises to check if he is awake, but he is fast asleep. Slightly disappointed, she too goes off to sleep. Shiv wakes up after an hour and feels sorry for pretending to be asleep in front of Anandi. He has something on his mind bothering him, which he needs to tell Anandi but is afraid, that it might shatter A’s dreams. He gets up and sits in the hall getting some flash backs of the dinner. That’s when a female puts her hand on his shoulders. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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