3rd July Wednesday Update on Young Love

Saurabh coming home with his brother. His mother gets happy and emotional on seeing him. She says, I am sorry I couldn’t do anything when Police arrested you. Saurabh says sorry. Vivek says, no one will dare to do anything to you. His mom says, that mad girl shall go to jail. She ruined our family’s name. Vivek says, everything will be back to normal and Saachi’s name will be ruined. Saurabh says, Saachi’s name is influential and Saachi is clever and ruthless. If she uses her contact and proves me guilty then….. Vivek says, DNA report will come negative then we will file defamation case on them. Saurabh thinks what to do about the DNA test report. Jagya comes home and tells Ganga that tomorrow is vaccination day for Abhimanyu. Ganga says, I know. Just now he slept. Jagya gets closer to her. Ganga goes to get tea.

Saurabh comes to the Lab and tells the receptionalist that he wants reports of Saurabh Kabra. He declines to give the report. Saurabh bribes him and asks him to agree. He says, switch my report with some other report. He takes the money.

Jagya administers injection to Abhi. He didn’t cry. Jagya praises his son. Nurse comes and shows the report of some patient. Jagya says, we need to operate immediately. He asks Ganga to assist him in the operation. Ganga says, I need to go home as Dadisaa have to go to court. Ganga suggests to leave Abhi in the balwadi. Dadisaa doesn’t agree. Jagya convinces her and asks her to go to court. Ganga leaves the baby at the balwadi in the hands of the caretaker.

Saurabh and his family comes to the court room. Saachi looks at them. Judge comes. Court proceedings starts. Sumeet tells about Saurabh taking Saachi to the party, then mixed something in her drink and then raped her. He says, I want to question him. Sumeet asks, whether it is true? Saurabh says, charges are baseless. I don’t know why Saachi is doing this with me. Sumeet says, Saachi ‘s reputation will malign but she took this step because of one reason. Saurabh took advantage of her innocence, age etc. Vivek says, Saachi is a grown up girl, matured. She is a women. He says, truth is that she went to the party with her own choice. Nobody forced her. He asks Saurabh to tell in detail. Saurabh says, Saachi forced him to come to the party. She was enjoying it and taking drink. I asked her to drop her home but she said she wants to enjoy the party. After sometime she said she wants to rest and I took her to the room. I left the party at 10 pm. He says, my mom is my witness. His mom comes and says her son reached home at 11 pm. I opened the door. Saachi is lying. My son can’t do this shameful crime.

Vivek says, sexual assault and rape is a heinous crime and the rapist should get severe punishment. He says, but Saachi is lying. Previously she accused a doctor and now Saurabh. He requests the judge to waive all charges from his client. Alok talks with Sumeet. Sumeet says, laywer talks like this. Daddu says, he is trying to weaken our case. Sumeet says, we have DNA test report. It will be proved with DNA test. Ira says, do you have faith that we will win. Sumeet assures to win the case. Saachi is disturbed about Saurabh allegations. Saurabh’s mom comes and start accusing Saachi. She asks, what did you get by ruining my innocent son? She speaks badly with her. Saachi is shocked. Anandi asks, what is your problem? She says, this girl is my problem. Anandi says, your son have hurt Saachi’s self respect. He is rapist. Saurabh’s mom says, how can you say that my son is a rapist. Anandi asks her to let court decide in court. Anandi looks angrily at her.

Saachi taking the oath to speak only truth. Sumeet asks her to tell about her friendship with Saurabh. Saachi says, I met him through our common friend Ankita. She says, he made me feel special and that he likes me. He makes me feel comfortable then I came closer to him. Vivek says, you have to give the proofs. Saachi asks him to ask Ankita and her other friends. Vivek says, they may lie like you. Sumeet says, my client didn’t tell anything until now. Sumeet asks her to tell in detail about whatever happened in that party night. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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