4 November Monday Update on True Love


4 November Monday Update on True Love

Tapasya asking Gunwanti what she mixed in the milk? I didn’t see you showing so much love and care towards Veer 19 years ago… today, just for a glass of milk you’re insisting so much?
Gunwanti says, what’s it to you?? It’s none of your business.
Kasha Kaka comes and tells Tapasya, Tej Singh is calling you.
Mai says, go and serve your husband… and show this arrogance to him.
Tapasya says, you didn’t answer my question… doesn’t matter, for how long will you hide this secret? Gunwanti closes the door in Tapasya’s face.
She sees the fishbowl in Veer’s room and says if Tapasya brought it, I won’t let it stay here… she’s about to pick the bowl up when Veer stops her and says, why are you taking your anger out on this poor fish? What’s it’s fault? It’s not your enemy.
Gunwanti gives him milk to drink and Veer keeps looking at the glass of milk… Mai insists as always… says I want you to get better as quickly as possible.
Veer takes the glass of milk, drinks it and Gunwanti smiles.

Meethi trying to find a dress to wear. Mukta comes and asks if she plans to run away somewhere? Meethi says, what? Mukta says I’m kidding… Meethi says, I don’t know what to wear?
Mukta says, what does it matter? You’re at home, wear anything.
Meethi says, he got a new job so we’re going out together…

Mukta teases her a little and then helps Meethi choose a dress.
She also takes out ear-rings to match with the dress.
Meethi says, thank you so much.
Mukta says, don’t call me friends and say thank you…
Mukta teases her again and they start having a pillow fight.
Damini comes with two glasses of juice to their room and sees Meethi/Mukta fighting and has a flashback of Tappu/Icha pillow fighting.
She thinks, my daughter had such a friendship in her life and now her daughter has the same friendship too… don’t know what game God is planning.

Divya comes to Nani to call her for food… Nani makes faces.
Divya says, what happened? Nani says, I should be the one asking you what happened?
Divya says, I don’t understand what you’re saying… oh, you mean Meethi and Icha are together… everyone should support them and be happy.
Nani says, why should we bother about them? First that chuhiya controlled our Mukta and now she has that Makkhi in her control too. I don’t care about her. I am only worried about Tappu. Yesterday there was kheer in the house today it’s gulab jamun… no one worries about Tappu. The one who lived on Tappu’s Uttaran all her life is getting all this happiness.
Divya says, after a long time and with lots of difficulty there’s some happiness in this house… after a lot of problem Thakur Sahab has a smile on his face… please don’t jinx all that.
Nani says, oh yeah, I’m the one who jinxes all the happiness of this house all the time! All good about this house is only done by that chuhiya? Divya, what happened to you? You don’t worry about your daughter?
Divya says, I do… I think about her every moment, every hour… but why should Icha be punished for my unhappiness? What’s Icha’s fault in this? I request you not to repeat the past… enough, please.
Divya leaves the room and Nani says, how can I tell you Divya, that just to get that chuhiya her rights back, our Tappu has married that idiot.

Tej comes in his room angry and says, what’s all this drama? He has some papers in her hands.
Tapasya says, read it… oh I forgot, you can’t read.
Tej says, you sold my property?
Tapasya says, what’s yours is mine now. You put your thumbprint on the papers yourself to put half your property in my name.
Tej says it was a 2 crore piece of land and you sold it for 20 lakhs?
Tapasya acts as if she’s astonished. Then says, you didn’t do any good deeds in your life so I sold that piece of land to an orphanage and added some good deeds in your account!
Tej gets really angry and says this deal will cost you a lot one day. I haven’t shown you my bad side yet… if I come down to it, no one can do anything about it… neither you, nor the law.
Tapasya says, first mixing poison with tea, then oil on stairs… now what’s next?
Tej says, just winning 2 times, don’t be too happy… He leaves the room.
Tapasya says, he’s not the one to stay quiet… he will do something for sure. Before he does something, I should do something. There must be some proof against him with which he keeps his mouth shut.

She remembers Chanda and that tape.
She thinks, what’s exactly in that tape? I would need to find what’s in that tape… because now the most dangerous weapon in my hand can be that tape.
She again remembers Chanda stuttering Daddaji’s name when she got nervous… and then remembers what Kasha told her about Daddaji’s death and that Tej Singh wasn’t with them at that time because Veer had kicked him out.
Tapasya says, why did Chanda Didi stop Kasha Kaka from saying something? It looks like there’s a secret behind Daddaji’s death that they’re hiding… and Chanda didi won’t talk about it that easily.
If I make her really angry, or tell her something against Tej Singh, she may spill out everything about that tape. Now Chanda Didi will reveal the secret of that tape to me.

Next morning:
Vishnu comes to Thakur haveli (all suited booted). Icha opens the door and he touches her feet.
Icha looks at him and says you’re not in your usual dress today… oh, you must have gotten the job?
Vishnu says, yes… it’s all your doing!
Icha says, congratulations.
Vishnu says, you talked to him (Veer) that’s why… look at how much he listens to you.
Damini comes and asks Vishnu to come inside.
Icha says, did you tell Meethi or not? She’s probably not at home.
Vishnu says, I didn’t come to meet Meethi today… I have to talk to both of you today. Icha says, yes tell me what it is. Damini also encourages him. They sit down.
Vishnu hesitates in saying it…
Nani is going from there and stops to listen what they’re talking about.
Vishnu says, Meethi and me… actually me…
Icha says, will you keep saying me, me, or say something beyond that.
Vishnu closes his eyes and says quickly, I love your daughter and want to marry her. LOL
Damini and Icha shocked.
Vishnu says, I know I don’t have anything… but I will keep your daughter happy.
Icha says, I know you will keep her very happy. I have no doubts about it… but we should ask Meethi once too.
Damini says, I also think we should ask Meethi once.
Vishnu says, Meethi loves me too. Damini/Icha both smile.
Nani listening to all this.
Vishnu says, we can’t marry without elders’ blessings… and marriage is a decision where the elders need to decide first.
Icha says, Ammo you’re the eldest, if you say yes, I will say yes too.
Damini says, there’s no reason to say no… then looks at Vishnu and says YES.
They’re all happy and smiling. Icha also says YES.
Nani looks angry/upset. She says, she’s 1 year younger than Mukta and that makkhi’s marriage got fixed? This happened once before in this house! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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