4th April Thursday Update on Young Love


4th April Thursday Update on Young Love

Ganga is working in a ward. Bal comes there. Ganga gives him the good news that one of the heads got happy with her work and she gave her children ward to handle. Bal excitedly hugs her. Ganga pushes him back and gets angry. Bal says he just got excited and hugged like he does to his friends. In excitement he forgot that there is a lady in front of her. He apologizes her. Ganga tells him to be in his limit and warns this shouldn’t happen again. Bal says it will never happen again. Another employee comes and tells Ganga that the head is calling her. Ganga leaves. Bal gets annoyed and asks the employee, old man, what is your problem? The employee says, I don’t have any problem, and I won’t let any problem come in this hospital either. He leaves.

Shiv is packing his bag to go out due to work. He tells Anandi, I know I should be here for Sanchi’s wedding preparations, but work is work. He then gives her a cheque and tells her to convert it into money tomorrow as they will need money for marriage preparations. Anandi says, you should give it to maa. Shiv says, you keep it.. she won’t feel bad. She knows you’re very responsible. Shiv then romances with her before leaving, and Anandi feels shy and tries to stop him. His phone rings and he has to leave. Anandi teases him now saying, is that it? Is this your romance? Shiv says he has to leave but he will continue after returning. He leaves.

Anandi receives a call from Dadisa. Dadisa is checking her calendar and tells Anandi if they are sure about the wedding date because according her calendar, it’s not a good month. Anandi says, I was present when the priest found this date. He took a lot of time, so I am sure he checked everything properly. Dadisa says, okay then.. and she hangs. Anandi remembers Jagya’s family priest telling her the better day for the engagement was day after. She calls Jagya’s family priest and asks him to recheck the wedding date. That priest also says that there is no good day in this month for any event, especially wedding. He suggests her they should not have marriage in this month. Anandi gets all the calendar and page information from him.

Bal comes to Ganga’s house. Kaka asks for Ganga. Bal says, she will be coming shortly. She’s very hard working person. Kaka is fixing a table and he needs a hammer. Bal tells him to go to a neighbor. Kaka tells him to take care of Mannu and leaves. Bal sees a groom toy on a table there. He picks it up and says what an attitude. He breaks its leg. He then laughs and says, now you won’t be able to do anything without my support. He takes Mannu and goes somewhere. Ganga returns and gets worried seeing all doors open and not finding Mannu or Kaka in the house. She runs out to search for Mannu. She asks everyone around, but no one knows anything. She cries and then sees Bal throwing Mannu in the air and playing with him. She runs to them and takes Mannu from Bal. She asks with whose permission you brought Mannu here? Bal says, he was pointing at the door so I thought he wants to play. Ganga is very angry. Bal says, one more mistake. Two mistakes in a day.. I am very sorry. Ganga leaves from there with Mannu. Bal laughs and says, I found a weak point.. and now it won’t take me much time to have you in my arms.

Anandi comes to Sanchi’s family priest and asks him about the wedding date. The priest doesn’t know what to say. He says, I checked properly. Anandi then asks which calendar did you use? The priest takes out a calendar and gives it to her. Anandi matches it with the information she got from Jagya’s priest and tells the priest, it clearly says that this is not a good month for a marriage. She asks why did you lie? The priest tells her everything that he told Sanchi not to do it, but she forced him a lot and then offered money. He says, I have a very big family to take care of and I got greedy. Anandi is disgusted and lectures him that because people like him, everyone has stopped believing in religion. The priest is very guilty and promises that he won’t do anything like this again. Anandi is not sure what to do now as she can’t tell the family yet. She wants to tell the truth to Shiv, but doesn’t want to disturb him in his work. She decides to talk to him once he returns, and for now she decides to talk with Sanchi.

A ward boy of Jagya’s hospital is sick. Jagya does his checkup and when going back, he sees the room in which Ganga stayed is open. He goes in and remembers all the memories with Ganga. He then remembers Lal and Anandi questioning him about his relationship and runs out of the room. He asks a nurse who opened the room. The nurse says, it was not cleaned since long time, so opened to clean it. Jagya tells her to lock it and not to open again without his permission.

Lal Singh comes to Jagya and gives him some good news. Jagya now has to leave for Udhaipur for that work. He calls Sumitra and informs her about it. Sumitra tells him to tell Sanchi that she misses her a lot. Jagya says, I am going there for work and I will be back by evening. I am not planning to go to her house, so please don’t tell anyone. Sumitra says, fine.

Anandi comes to Sanchi with money that Sanchi gave to the priest. Sanchi asks what’s that money for? Anandi tells her, you gave this to the priest to make him change engagement day and give fake wedding date. She asks her, why did you do this? Sanchi says, first time I gave him money because I wanted to stop Jagdish from going to Mangalore with Ganga. And second time I gave because I can’t wait too long to marry Jagdish. I love him a lot and I did this for him. She further says that she doesn’t believe in all this, some random people looking at calendar and then calculating something and then give a date. She says, there are many people who don’t follow all this and are still happy. For example, my friend. Her family always keeps all the functions on Saturday or Sunday so everyone can attend them. I bet they don’t even know what a “panchang” (calendar) is. Anandi says, I respect your thinking, but if you really believe in yourself, then you could have told this to entire family and they would have understood you. Why such betrayal? Sanchi says, because I am not selfish. I love them and I care for them. I don’t want to hurt their feelings and I want them to feel that everything is happening the way they want.

Sanchi then says, for me the “shubh” day will be when I get married to Jagdish. And about money, the priest didn’t have that money in his destiny, so you can keep it and use it to help poor people. One more thing, I hope you will keep supporting me like before and won’t tell anyone about this because I know you also care about this family and you know very well how hurt they will get when they find out about this. Bhabhi please, that is all I can say. She receives a call from her friend and leaves from there.

Anandi is in confusion what to do now.

A designer, Pinki (guy), is at Sanchi’s house. He’s choosing dresses for everyone. When he chooses for Daddu, Daddu doesn’t like it and says, no thanks.. I will wear my kurta. I will look joker in this. Daddu then asks, look Pinku beta. Pinki corrects it’s Pinki. He asks the designer, what kind of name is this? usually girls name is Pinki? Pinki says, correct, but I believe in equality.. and it’s current demand that there should be no differences between girls and guys. so I kept my name Pinki. Alok teases Daddu and tells him to look at Pinki’s work and asks him to try that kurta.. he will look good. Daddu says, if you like it, then you wear it.. you will look like Meenu and Ira’s sister. Pinki tells Daddu to trust him and try at least saying It will suit him a lot. Daddu looks at his clothes and different shoe in both legs and says, trust? I can’t trust you.


Sanchi then asks him to show dresses for her. He shows them to her and she loves it. She goes to try them out. Daddu whispers to Alok who brought that piece (the designer) here. Alok says, Mahi. Daddu says, let him come.. I will take his class.

Sanchi comes out in one of the dresses and asks everyone how she looks. The designer makes some adjustments. Daddu makes Sanchi sit and tells her how fast she grew up and now she will be leaving them in less than a month. Sanchi says, no one will take your place. My family was this and will always remain this. Sanchi sees Anandi coming there and says, I mean I will respect everyone in Badi Haveli, but I won’t forget you all. Sanchi is afraid that Anandi might tell the truth to everyone. Ira asks Anandi, where were you? Pinki brought such nice dresses for Sanchi. Why don’t you help in selecting dresses for Sanchi? Anandi recalls her conversation with Sanchi and says, what’s the need to tell Sanchi? She knows very well what’s good and bad for her. Let her decide what she wants. Anandi has to leave for some work. Ira tells her to be back fast as they have a lot of work to do for marriage preparations. Anandi says, she will be back fast. She leaves.

Ganga is working. Bal comes and says, lunch time. Ganga says, I am busy with a patient right now. I will eat later. Bal says, you always stay busy.. you should get best employee award. He asks her to come as he has ordered special lunch for him. Ganga says, I told you na.. I will eat later. Bal leaves. He says in his mind, very difficult to trap her, but if you want to take out the butter, then you will have to bend your finger (a saying in Hindi).CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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