4th December Tuesday Update On True Love

Nani’s usual knee-pain act ;Veer asks Nani what hapepned on which Nani tells him about her knee problem ;Just then Tapasya enters the house(she came back after meeting Mr.Rathod) when Veer asks her where she went on which Tappu lies to him saying that she went for her regular check-up ; Ichha too comes there to see whats going on ;Veer then tells Tappu that if she had informed him then he would hv gone with her ;Nani sees this as another opportunity and tells Veer that even tomorrow Tappu will hv to go to the doctor for another check-up and so he can go with her tomorrow ;Tappu sees that Ichha is standing there and so she acts all nice and tells Veer and Nani that she will manage herself or else she will take Nani with her but Veer doesn’t need to come with her ;Hearing this Veer tells Tappu that fine its her wish and goes upstairs with Ichha ;Nani is confused and irritated and asks Tappu why she did this but Tappu goes inside without giving Nani any reply and poor Nani keeps wondering whats wrong with Tappu …

In the bedroom,Veer tells Ichha that how Tappu is so unpredictable since everytime she forces him to come with her but now she is fine going with Nani ;Ichha quietly listens to Veer without giving any reply and does her work ; So then Veer asks Ichha whats the matter ;Ichha says nothing on which Veer tells Ichha that he knows that she doesn’t like the fact that he is talking so much about Tappu and his baby ; Hearing this Ichha remains quiet and tells to herself that “I m not worried about my problems…but I m worried about u because I can’t see u in pain and I dunno how u will react when u will come to know that this baby is not yours” ;Veer then sees that Ichha is still quiet and looking all worried and so he further tells Ichha that if he is spending time with Tappu…feeding her or giving her medicines ,then he is doing all this for the sake of his baby ;

Veer further tells Ichha that he is well aware of Tappu’s mood swings and how she can all of a sudden do something extreme like hurting herself or going to the disco which might affect the baby and so he is making sure that Tappu does not do anything because of which something happens to the baby’s life ;Ichha is still quiet when Veer also tells Ichha that she only wanted him to take care of Tappu and so he is doing all this for her only ;Finally Ichha smiles thus indicating to Veer that she is not angry on him .. Then there is a song scenario between Veer and Ichha where the song tum hee hoo is palying in the background while Veer-Ichha both r doing a romantic slow dance ;Finally lights go off and they both sleep in each other’s arms …

 At Jogi’s house ,Divya and Jogi r shown hving typical husband-wife talks with each other ;Divya has brought a gift for Jogi when Jogi tells Divya that he will soon get a bigger gift from someone else on which Divya is confused and asks Jogi who is that person ;So then Jogi tells Divya that soon our Tapasya will b giving us a small little gift in the form of her baby ;Divya is very happy to hear this ;Jogi then tells Divya about how in her absense he missed her orders ;Both hv a typical husband-wife cute nok-jhok .. Next morning ,In the bundela house,Nani bumps into the servant who was carrying the dustbin in her hand because of which all the waste-papers from the dustbin fall on the floor ;Nani blasts the servant for keeping her eyes closed while walking ;Just then Tappu comes there and sees the wrapper of the tablet (which Ichha had mixed in Veer’s milk) among the other waste papers ;So then Tappu quickly picks up the wrapper to see the name of the tablet. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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