4th September Wednesday Update on This is Love


4th September Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with client asking what’s happening. Raman says I will explain. Guard asks Shweta not to call police, Ishita said she is getting help. Raman says I didn’t do anything wrong. The client asks why did the NGO women come then, I know this NGO, its a reputed one. Roshni sees Mrs. Bhalla scolding Neelu. She goes to Iyer house. Amma signs her to come. She gets busy on call and holds a knife in hand. Roshni goes to drink water. She is about to get hurt by the knife. Mrs. Bhalla comes there and shouts to stop Amma. She says you know what could have happened, don’t you have sense. Amma says I didn’t do anything.

Mrs. Bhalla takes knife from her hand and throws her. She calls her stupid. She says neither daughter understands nor mother, I m worried for Raman already, do

you understand anything now. Roshni says calm down, I was feeling uneasy and came here. They go. Amma says I know you are worried for Raman, I can’t believe that Raman has done such a thing. Raman says you know me since many years, you are coming in their words, give me two mins, I will clear your doubts. Raman and clients come to the women. The lady says I will make you wear this garland of slippers. Ishita comes and says make him wear this slipper garland, it will be justice, blacken his face as well. Raman asks do you know what you are saying. Ishita says yes, I m saying the truth, justice should happen, there is one more person who needs to be punished, will you blacken his face. She gets a man there. His face is covered by a black cloth.

She says I want you to punish this man, he misbehaved with me, I went to the mall to shop, I went to change clothes in trial room, he made my video while I was changing clothes, get justice for me, blacken his face first. The lady says wrong happened with you, he should be punished. She gets the black color. She removes the cloth and stops seeing him. Ishita asks why did you stop. The lady says how can I blacken his face, he is innocent, he is my husband. Parmeet says yes Simmi, I reached Raman’s office, media has also come, Raman is soon going to become breaking news, switch on the tv, it will be great fun. Parmeet asks the reporters to go in, the news has to be sensational, go. Simmi asks Mr. Bhalla to see news. He plays news. The reporter says we are going to give a breaking news from Raman’s office. Reporter keeps camera on the table. Ishita asks the lady to do her work, blacken his face. She says your husband made my video, do you want proof.

The lady says stop this nonsense, my husband can’t do this, Raman did wrong, blacken his face. Ishita says Raman didn’t do anything wrong. The lady says my husband is a decent man, he is a lawyer, he is famous. Ishita says it doesn’t matter, justice should be equal, you blacken his face first. The lady says my husband can’t do this. Ishita says I have video, stop thinking now. Mrs. Bhalla worries. The lady says I will not believe any nonsense against my husband. Simmi thinks what’s this drama. Ishita says you should believe him, same way I believe my husband, he is a respected businessman, he is a family man, he has two daughters, he can never do wrong with any woman, I know him well, CCTV footage doesn’t prove anything, Raman went to Tania’s house, he is being framed, maybe Tania took his phone and made the video, how can you blame him, I have faith that my husband is innocent. Raman looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is amazing, you have done a big thing, we couldn’t trust Raman, Ishita believed Raman. They all go to Raman’s office.

Ishita says I respect you all, but don’t you know due diligence, when women go to their bosses and complaint, they also take action without investigation, is this right, we get unfair towards men, justice fails, women like Tania take advantage of this, they use womanhood as a weapon, she is lying, we won’t believe a girl who tells us truth, you were ruining Raman’s reputation today, isn’t this injustice with him, will you be able to restore his reputation, why are you doing wrong, I wanted to call police here and prove Tania wrong, your reputation and Tania’s reputation would have got spoiled, I didn’t wish this to happen. The lady says yes, we get true cases and false cases too, we should not punish any innocent person. Mrs. Bhalla and others come. They praise Ishita. Ishita says I knew Raman isn’t wrong. The lady asks how did you get my husband here. Ishita says Prashant is a great person, being a good lawyer, we were consulting him for Raman’s case, when I told this to him, he agreed to help. Ishita asks Tania to say truth. Tania says Raman planted phone, I m not lying. Raman feels unwell. Ishita says I will prove you wrong, then think what will happen. She sees Raman. They all rush and ask Raman what happened. Tania worries and goes.

Raman waking up and saying I had my meeting… Ishita says relax, the meeting got cancelled, you are at home, you fainted because of low BP. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sorry, I didn’t believe you. Raman says don’t cry, its fine. Pihu comes and asks why is everyone here, dad are you fine. Ishita says he was tired, so he is resting. Pihu shows her trophy and says I won first prize in spelling bee competition. Everyone claps. Ishita says most Pihu is intelligent here. Everyone goes. Raman says its odd to suddenly faint. Ishita says it happens, just relax. She takes his phone and says tell me if you need something. She goes. He thinks of Ishita and gets sad. He thinks Ishita has done a lot for me, I should apologize to her.

Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita. She says you saved Raman. Ishita says we can forget this and make a new start. Ishita hugs her. Pihu takes the phone and clicks their pic. She says wow, what a pic…. everyone smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says I wish this family stay blessed before and after the birth of the baby. Ishita says I need to say something about the baby. Roshni takes her aside. She says I understand your concern, we can talk later, the family is coming close, everything will spoil, give me a chance to win their hearts, I know this family won’t separate me fro my child. Ishita says you talk sweet, I will do as you say, take some rest. Ishita goes. Roshni says who knows if I will be there to see my baby after birth.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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