6th August Tuesday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa calling Anandi and asks her about Amol’s kidnapping. Anandi says, we are searching for him. Dadisaa gives her strength. Anandi says, I am very scared now. We will search for Amol and asks her to pray. Dadisaa says, I will go to temple and pray. She goes to the temple. Sumitra looks tensed. Tinku asks the people about the address of collector’s home. One postmen tells him the address but Tinku didn’t memorize.

He take out one rupee coin and recalls Amol’s words. He prays to God. He sees his hand and find the number erased. He redials the number and it is Anandi’s number. He informs her about Amol being kidnapped by Amma, a lady beggar who runs the child beggar racket. Anandi recalls about the woman threat. She tells Tinku that she will reach soon. Dadisaa comes to the temple and prays for Amol. One woman comes and says you solved our problems. She tells about the agreement with the vendor for their harvest. Dadisaa looks tensed.

Anandi is in the car with Alok. She calls Shiv and says informs him about Tinku’s call. Shiv says, I will reach there. Anandi and Alok come to Tinku and shows him Amol’s pic. Tinku tells them about Amma. Amma takes money 5 lakhs rupees from someone and asks everyone to sit in the car. She says, I will come in a while. Amol prays to get unite with his parents.

Amma digs out some jewellery from the ground. Tinku shows Amma’s car to Anandi. Anandi informs Shiv about the car details. Amol sees Anandi’s car. Amma closes his mouth tightly. Shiv comes from the front. Amol is rescued by Anandi and Shiv through Tinku. Anandi hugs him and cries. Amol hugs them. Shiv and Anandi drops Tinku in the ashram. Tinku thanks her for saving him. Tinku then thanks Amol and extends a hand of friendship. Amol shakes hand with Tinku and smiles.

Everyone is happy to see Amol back home. Meenu says, everyone of us was afraid. Amol says, I was scared at first. He tells then he remembered Maa’s words. He then saw Shiv on TV. He says, I know that I will be found by my parents. Everyone smiles. Daddu says, he will join the army and make us proud. Anandi says, I will inform Dadisaa. She calls Dadisaa and says we got Amol. Dadisaa is happy and thanks Devimaa. She informs everyone at home. Basant says, they are relieved now.

Dadisaa tells them that she was tensed since morning. She tells about the vendor and farmer’s agreement. Basant says, this is not right. Farmers will be at loss. Dadisaa says, vendors are cheaters.

Saachi tells Vivek that she might have gone mad if she was in Anandi’s place and praises Shiv too. She says Amol is very lucky to have them. Vivek says yes. Saachi says, I too got attached to him emotionally. Vivek holds her hand and asks her to let the hairs open. Anandi combs Amol’s hair. Amol says, that woman planned to make me beg for her. She took revenge as we freed sonu and other boys. Shiv asks him to forget it. Amol says, I am very happy today. You have freed Tinku and other kids. They will go to school and study. Anandi and Shiv look lovingly at him.

vendors telling Dadisaa that they have made an agreement for 3 years. Dadisaa says it is not good. It is betrayal. You have made the agreement for 3 years on the same rate which is not right. They ask, who gave you the right to speak on their behalf. Farmer woman says we have given her right and tears the agreement papers. Vendors gets angry and asks the farmers to sell the harvest to the Panch members. All the farmers thank Dadisaa for saving them. Bhairov talks to Dadisaa and says how we will sell the farmer’s havest. Dadisaa says, we will sell it. Basant says, we didn’t sell the harvest until now. Dadisaa says, now we will start it. Bhairov says, our responsibility will increase. Basant agrees.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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