6th December Friday Update on This is Love


6th December Friday Update on This is Love

Raman asking the lady about Ishita. She says I had seen her in the morning, this house is locked since much time, some young guys used to stay here. Bala says I think we should go and check inside this house. Yug says Raman is here. He takes phone from Ranbir and asks Rohan to take Ishita with him, else they will be caught. Rohan says if they have reached, then you guys leave from there, sorry. He says its good that Raman has reached there. Yug says we should leave fast. Ranbir says I will stay back and take the blame. Yug says madam, we aren’t bad, we didn’t have any intentions to harm you. Raman shouts Ishita and breaks the door. Yug, Vishal and Ranbir rush out. Ishita shouts Raman. Raman runs to her. Raman and Bala free her. Shagun comes and gets happy seeing

Ishita. Raman hugs Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein..plays.. He says Parmeet did this. Sh says no, those guys had worn mask. She sees the guys hiding and goes with Raman. Yug, Vishal and Ranbir smile. Ishita comes home. Everyone hugs her. Mihika says Mrs. Bhalla was so worried and went to pray for you. Ishita asks where is Simmi.

Sudha says Ishita has come back, now we are gone. Parmeet says they have no proof against us, just chill. Inspector comes and says stops your drama, now I have a proof against you. Raman says Simmi will come soon, I will tell you everything later. Ishita asks him what’s the matter. Inspector says your aide has accepted the crime, you are under arrest for the crime of kidnapping Ishita.

Sudha thinks Parmeet can trap me. Parmee says I didn’t do anything. Ishita asks where is Simmi, tell me. Raman asks her to have some food first. Rohan says Raman is right. Raman scolds Rohan and Karan. He says Simmi left the house because of them, they were informing Sudha everything, they lied to Simmi that Ananya’s heart got transplanted to Rohan, she got upset and left. Ishita asks how can you break Simmi’s heart. Sudha says Parmeet’s tumour was removed here, he needs medicines in jail, I will get the prescription from nurse. Inspector says fine. He goes to attend a call. She sends the constables out.

She thanks Parmeet for not taking her name. He says its my benefit, you will be getting my bail, if you try to double cross me, I will tell everything to police. She says I will surely help you. Inspector comes back and says enough of drama now. He takes Parmeet. Rohan says Simmi made me realize what’s family and emotions, trust me. Raman says I will get you arrested. Ishita says Rohan isn’t lying, I think he has changed. Raman says he got you trapped. She says he saved me. They get shocked. She says I m alive because of Rohan, Parmeet kept me in chemical factory, there was a gas leak out, Rohan asked his friends to keep it a secret and keep me safe, they took me from factory, they were very nice and took care of me, Rohan knew about the info getting passed to Parmeet, when Shagun and you came to take me, I learnt that Rohan saved me. Karan says I m so proud of you and hugs Rohan. He says don’t take mom’s name. Raman says I will not forgive you but thanks for saving Ishita’s life.

Raman comes to room and sees Ishita with daughters. He says its late, I m feeling so sleeping. Ruhi says his acting started. Pihu says I will give you dry fruit parathas everywhere. He switches off the lights and says you can talk to her in the morning, leave us alone. Pihu says I will sleep next to Ishita. Raman says you have grown up now, go to your room and sleep. Ruhi and Aaliya ask Pihu to come. They leave. Raman says I have sent them, but not to sleep, I m getting to spend time with you, thank God you are safe. She says you did a lot to save me. She hugs him. He says a guy called up to give me info, maybe he got scared seeing Bala and didn’t meet me. She thinks I don’t want you to meet Yug, he looks like our Adi. She says lets not talk about kidnappers. Its morning, Mihika asks Shagun do you believe in horoscope, mine states that someone from my past will be coming back. Shagun says its all nonsense, its not true. Mihika says I m glad that Ishita has come back. Ishita says I m going out. Raman says you won’t be going alone, carry a pepper spray or take any family member. She agrees. She says I want to have coffee made by Mihika.

Yug, Vishal and Ranbir have tea. Yug says police won’t arrest us, we kept Ishita safe. He gets a call. He gets happy and says guess what, I have got a huge order, a company wants to buy Sim for all employees from me. Ranbir asks which company. Yug says Pihu industries. Vishal checks about it and says this company belongs to Ishita and Raman Bhalla. Yug asks is this any scheme to trap us. Ranbir says don’t say this. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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